Putin/Russian=Trump/GOP type governance PERILOUS to wellbeing, health & safety of People & Planet

PEWHASOP (.org) Update, April 2022, By JPL, aka GBF

Probably not doing our updates as often as we should, but rest assured, as time marches on, so do we. What has happened the most in the last few months is the emergence of the Putin-Russian unprovoked attack of the sovereign nation of Ukraine. As those genocidal atrocities began, including all the “false red flags of war” that Putin and his Russian sycophants made up as reasons for prompting the war, it clearly reminded US of the parallels in USA with the path of the Republican Party who are steadfastly moving closer to autocracy, as they too are using fake reality and lies as a basis for destroying our democracy. The atrocities (genocide) being committed against the nation of Ukraine and its people by Putin/Russia demonstrates the perils of autocratic/authoritarian type government, versus a true democratic republic representative type government (i.e., a government of the people, by the people, and for the people: PPP). With our planet Earth now undergoing a CLIMATE CATASTROPHY, it is more important now more than ever, that there be worldwide cooperation between nations to address this existential problem, which is not going to be solved by the oligarchs of the world like Putin and others of his type (Trump, etc.). Representative type government (democratic republics) can be complicated and oftentimes cumbersome, but people should have a say so (by voting for their representatives) on how their society and civilizations are run, with the majority certainly favoring that it be done  in sustainable manner to Protect the Environment, Wellbeing & Health And Safety/security Of the Public (PEWHASOP.org). Consequently, we would be remiss in not meshing the two stories together, because both involve the onslaught of democracy: one on the global stage (western liberal world democracies versus autocratic regimes like Russia, China, etc.); and the other being the onslaught of our democratic republic by Trump and the GOP right here in the USA.

The message (e.g., mission/vision) of CommonGoodUnited is very basic and fundamental (strive for betterment of common good of humanity & planet), so viewers may question the need or reasoning for expending the energy in this effort? Our purpose here is not slamming political parties, although there are plenty of reasons to do so for the GOP, but it should be recognized that both of the two major parties in the USA often seem to lose focus of the fundamental purpose of our republic as set forth by our founding fathers in our Constitution. Our democratic republic is capitalism driven, both domestically and globally, and that is not going to change; and government is a part of it, for the primary purpose to assure that the forces of capitalism are executed in a fashion that takes into consideration possible beneficial (& neutral) and adverse impacts of marketplace measures on people and our environment. That really is not asking too much is it? Entrepreneurs, businesses, corporations and individuals can, and should, have incentive based goals as reasonably achievable of increasing their wealth (for themselves, family, community etc.), but coupled with that, is the need for a populous representative government to establish and enforce controls (laws/regulations) so it is done in a manner that is protective of the common good of humanity and planet. The legal and regulatory framework should be done specifically in such a way that it is protective of the environment, and wellbeing & health/safety of the public. Professionals (e.g., engineers, doctors etc.) have to swear to an oath/code to follow those basic principles, so why shouldn’t private business entities?

So you might be thinking that all of this is something you already knew, right? But you must realize, now more than ever, that this is a constant struggle that plays out between what is good for: (A) the expansion of power & greed & wealth of individuals & business entities; and (B) protection, preservation and improvement of society/civilization and our environs (=Earth). Today (& in past), even though maybe not typically saying it out loud, those in group A are pushing for autocracy because by doing so there will be fewer governmental controls protecting people and planet (they want to reduce their bottom line costs with no concern for the detriment to people or environment, and limitless profit margins); and those is group B want to have (or continue to have and improve) a representative democracy to be protective of people and their environment. We have all seen what happens when the direction of our societies move to, or closer to, the principles (or lack thereof) of the autocratic group A. For example, do you think Putin/Russia’s priorities are geared towards the betterment of the Russian people and their environment? (ans = NO). Or are their priorities structured primarily to benefit the oligarch Putin and his fellow Russian oligarchs? (ans = YES). Look at Russian’s economy under the Putin regime: it is heavily dependent on the energy (oil & natural gas) and defense sectors. This narrow source of GNP (gross national product) revenue has worked out quite well for the Russian oligarchs in past couple of decades, but it puts the Russian people and their nation in a highly vulnerable economic situation that could push them into a major economic recession or depression, if one or two parts of this undiversified economy falls apart or decreases significantly, which could easily happen to them in foreseeable future. And Putin, the autocratic oligarch (called a kleptocrat), who is making all these critical decisions in last few months regarding the slaughtering of Ukrainians and destroying their homes and community infrastructure systems (hospitals, schools, power plants, etc.), with no one in the Russian government (parliament, public ministers etc.) daring to discuss or question his judgment on these matters. The Putin’s loyal sycophants (butt kissers, like President Trump had) all refuse to outwardly question Putin’s reckless decisions, because they fear retribution to themselves or families for doing so, such as being poisoned or sent off to Siberia for the rest of their lives. Putin operates much like President Trump did when he was in office (remembers what DJT said: “only he alone has all the answers & solutions for everything”). The consequences of a Russian autocracy are plainly evident on the world stage, as we all see daily how Putin is orchestrating the slaughter and destruction of Ukrainians and their nation, which is exactly what has occurred in past world history (Russia under Stalin, Germany under Hitler, Italy under Mussolini, Japan under Hirohito), and is ongoing in other autocratic nations worldwide, or soon will be, or should be anticipated by those living under an autocratic government. Just don’t ever forget, that Trump was always complimentary of Putin (and still is, calling him “savvy” & a “genius” on how he is handling Ukraine genocide), just as he (Trump) was always cozying up to and aspiring to be in similar authoritarian positions as other members of the ADC group he belonged to (Authoritarian/Dictator Club, including Xi of China, Kim of N Korea, Modi of India, etc.). Could there be another evil world PACT/AXIS in the formation stage right now (Russia-China-India) like in pre-WW2? Maybe you think it is farfetched? India’s possible role in all of this isn’t talked about much, but keep in mind they are a very significant economic world power, and like Trump, Modi is an autocrat pledge for the ADC (like a pledge in a college fraternity: “you have to first prove you can be one of them”).

With Trump as president in 2016-2020, the USA has already got a taste of autocratic/kleptocratic type government. Just as Putin reaps financial gains (for self & other oligarchs) as a Russian oligarch while serving as Russian president, President Trump was doing the same thing for himself, family members and his GOP Crony Crooks. Examples include the Washington DC Trump Hotel, and it was reported recently that his daughter Ivanka & husband Jerod (both serving in Trump Admin w/no qualifications) made up to $640M while in the White House. Granted, that autocratic form of government has not formally been proposed/approved/adopted by the GOP, nor is it flagrantly touted by GOP yet (although it’s obvious they’re going in that direction), but it should be clear to the US citizenry, that the Republican Party (w/ or w/o Trump) is moving towards autocracy. The latter is evident by GOP’s many actions and talk to fulfill their dominance over all three branches of the federal government by any measures (including Insurrection; Jan 6 Capitol Riot/Coup Attempt), and if achieved at this point in our history, it (control of all branches of fed govt) will in essence be the formation of a US autocracy, which will not be easily reversible for decades or centuries. The GOP already has dominant control of the judicial branch (6 to 3 conservative dominance of US Supreme Court), and with all the unConstitutional anti-voting rights laws and election subversion measures passed in GOP controlled states since Jan 6 DJT-GOP Insurrection/Coup Attempt, it is highly probable, that the GOP will likely take control of the legislative branch (US House & Senate) in 2023 (w/Nov ’22 elections), which could very well lead to GOP finagling the system for a presidential win (with Trump or some other autocratic leaning GOP contender, like FL Gov. DeSantis or TX Gov. Abbott) in November 2024.

So it’s fair to say right now on Easter Sunday, that the US is at the “Advent of Autocracy”. There are, however, legitimate reasons and means by which President Biden and the current US Congress can take action in response to the latter described drastic unConstitutional GOP voting suppression/purging & election subversion measures, that would consist of the US Congress calling for a vote against the GOP state public officials who have committed these unConstitutional acts or US insurrection. And in addition to the latter, regardless of whether the US congressional vote passes in favor of denouncing the aforementioned insurrectional actions of state GOP public officials, President Biden may then, having the authority to do so, issue an emergency Executive Order to administer the federal elections in those GOP Constitutional violating states.  What it comes down to, is that the violating GOP states (acting like a Confederacy) as members of the union of the United States of America, must abide by the federal Constitution (it supersedes state & local constitutions) as it relates to equal voting rights for all US citizens. See the specific US Constitutional amendments in link below that were immediately drafted and passed after the Civil War for preventing the recurrence of insurrectionists (Confederacy) in any of the union/United States from operating outside of the federal Constitution which supersedes the individual state constitutions, just like the state constitutions supersede the constitutions of the state’s local/county jurisdictions.


It really is important that readers take all of this very seriously! Think about how Putin controls all those in the Russian government with no one there daring to debate or even discuss his decisions and thought process thereof (i.e., parliament, judges, public ministers, military, intelligence, etc.); and if there is any state/provincial or local government within Russian’s boundaries that does anything he objects to, those heading up those state/local governments immediately have a target on their back. And if you were previously in the Soviet Union prior to its dissolution in 1991 (e.g., Ukraine), after which your sovereign nation formed an independent government (democratic republic or other form of govt), it is likely that Putin/Russia will be coming after your nation and people to pull you back under their jurisdiction and control, whether you like it or not (e.g., Ukraine).

So now think of Trump in the US in 2025 as a Putin type GOP autocrat after he gets reelected in November 2024 after all kinds of unConstitutional state GOP shenanigans (state anti-voting rights laws/election subversion). So now Trump will start scheming to grow his oligarch financial account to take over land in Canada, Mexico, Greenland, or maybe he’ll have “HIS” Military and generals go down to oil rich Venezuela, which he said in his previous presidential term, was “right in our backyard, and is RIPE FOR THE TAKING (i.e., having political turmoil, etc.., and was vulnerable)”. Or maybe Trump will prompt his GOP Crony Crook state governors to take over adjacent Democratic states with the US National Guard troops, or bring in a private militia paid for and contracted by the US government (or with DJT’s mega supporter funded oligarch account) as run by his buddy Erik Prince (brother of Betsy DeVos, his former Education Secretary) from W Michigan who owns the Blackwater Company (or whatever it’s called now), who had big contracts with George W Bush & VP Dick Cheney during the fake-WMD-prompted-Iraq-War. So if you think about all of this for a while, maybe you’ll surmise, that the continually downward evolving GOP (w/ or w/o Trump) in their caveman thinking is not going to do the USA any good, and on the contrary, it is going to send US into a state/fate similar to that experienced in Italy (Mussolini/fascism) and Germany (Hitler/Nazism) in the pre-WW2 era, which is very frightening. Many innocent civilians died at the hands of the Fascists and Nazis of that time because they didn’t fit their criteria of religion or race, or they just happened to be rightfully occupying land in sovereign nations that the Germans and Italians wanted to conquer and take over.

If you are my brother or sister (literally – have many), and you are supporting the GOP, with or without Trump, now in 2022, and plan to in 2024, you might as well go spit on your father’s grave, and maybe engrave a stone to put next to his tombstone, telling him that his service in the US Army in Italy in the battle (came to shore in 1943 at beachhead S of Salerno) that rescued the City of Rome from German occupation, and drove the German military out of Italy, which led to the defeat of Germany and the suicidal death of Hitler hiding in a bunker (like Trump did in DC/White House during George Floyd/BLM protests), “was not the patriotic thing to do in your opinion, and had nothing to do with the preservation of freedom and democracies in the US and NATO member countries”. If you could talk to your father/USA immigrant from Commune of San Piero Patti, Messina Province of Sicily, Italy, you could ask him if he was involved with, or observed the killing of any of his native Italian brethren in WW2 who were among the Black Shirt Mussolini followers or in the Italian Fascist military who were the enemies of the USA, NATO, Freedom and worldwide democratic republic nations (that’s small “d”, not Democratic US political party – take a civics and history lesson RAPIDO). Oh, and by the way, did you know that you had a great uncle on your mother’s side from northern Italy (Cismon del Grappa, Province of Vicenza, Italy), brother to your great grandfather, that was murdered by a Black Shirt Mussolini/Fascist supporter because he stated at a local business establishment one night that he was “neutral” on supporting Mussolini and Fascist Party (stabbed and killed on his way home that night).

So besides all of the above, you may wonder if oligarchs/kleptocrats like Putin and his Russian yacht sailing oligarch buddies also exist here in the USA? Yes, of course they do. After seeing Facebook CEO Zuckerberg prance into the White House to have conferences with President Trump when he was in office, is it really too outlandish to say that oligarch Zuckerberg paid the president a visit? And what about other hugely economically powerful individuals located in the USA such as oligarchs Bezos of Amazon, or Musk from Tesla/SpaceX/Neuraling/The Boering Company? The US oligarchs list goes on and on, similar to Russia in many respects, and it includes other BEHEMOTH corporations that affect our daily lives, like Google, and the entertainment/news media corporations that control the airwaves/internet. And of course, included in these mega entertainment/news corporations is FOX News that is in essence a propaganda machine for Trump and the GOP in general. We have anti-trust laws (beginning w/1890 Sherman Anti-Trust Act) that have been in existence well over a century, that, as amended can impose penalties of $100M against corporations and $10M against individuals (both are pocket change to mega corps & billionaire individuals involved), along with up to 10 years in prison, but the US DOJ has mostly taken a “hands off” approach in pursuing Anti-Trust prosecution against corporations and individuals for multiple decades, which is true with a lot of white collar crime in the USA (e.g., such as 30-50,000 Leaky CRIMe plants that pollute our drinking water supply sources in violation of 1980s RCRA laws – see www.YouReapWhatYouSow.org or ask US Secretary Granholm, former MI AG & 2-term MI Gov. who plainly saw Whistleblower disclosure in yr 2000 on such a plant, as stated at time “’LACKS’” adequate environmental safeguards”).

Of course the issue of Leaky CRIMe plants, is a big subject in itself, and even after a ½ century of violating this law on hazardous waste conveyance, storage, treatment of highly toxic cancerous substances in huge mega volumes at these Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments (many CRIMe’s tied to automotive OEM supply chain), it clearly demonstrates that neither political party (GOP or Dems) put much importance on it, and it always takes the back seat decade after decade to other hot issues (now climate change, COVID pandemic, Russian Ukraine slaughter attack, etc.), and besides, the politicians look at it as a kryptonite issue that if brought up in their campaign, they will lose for sure on business/economic/employment grounds because it forces businesses to clean up their act and abide by the law (is that asking too much?), and not exploit people and the environment for financial gain; plus, these politicians are tied into the LOBBYIST GRAVY TRAIN which they ride on along with various appointed government bureaucrats, external professional consultants/contractors to govt, etc. (people move back and forth between being elected and appointed govt public officials, and from public to private sector and visa versa, and so while riding the train, they keep the lie and cover-up going for their own personal financial benefit and career – e.g., in order to buy a new Grand Holme, who wants to investigate and prosecute a flagrant illegal polluter when you’ll be running for a higher office in several months or a year or two? – Give California credit however, because they have recognized the Leaky CRIMe problem, and they have dealt with it properly because they have much higher regard for public health & safety and the environment than all the other states). 

Getting back to the prevalence of oligarchs/kleptocrats’ problem – as mentioned, it not only exists in Russia, it also is prevalent in the USA. It’s a case of market based capitalism in our civilized society in the USA being way out of whack. It relates to general makeup of corporations also, and how they operate predominantly with the mindset of maximizing profits at the detriment to almost everything else if they could get away with it. But of course, that’s not entirely possible, because usually they are obligated to deliver a quality product to the customer on time and, of course, within budget. But how they treat employees, the environment, and the surrounding community is a big variable, that is open to exploitation of all of the latter, unless there are some kind of levers or controls that keep the corps in line, either through government laws/regulations, workers’ unions, etc. As time has gone on in the last half century, many workers unions have disappeared or have been weakened, and almost likewise, there have been fewer new environmental laws and regulations, or there has been back-sliding or weakening of these environmental laws & regulations, and the lack of enforcement thereof. And consequently, because of the latter, the surrounding communities to Leaky CRIMe plants have suffered, because unless people are dropping dead (it takes cancer a long time to rear its ugly head), there is no sampling or testing around the CRIMe plant if the neighborhood is served by centralized public water system; however, it is still important that those CRIMe plants are not leaking because in an insidious, gradual, accumulative manner, all those leaky industrial plants are still discharging pollutants to the soil and groundwater below the plant, which finds its way down gradient polluting surface water in ditches, creeks, streams, rivers, and lakes, or just to a nearby groundwater aquifer, which is then being used by a home owner (domestic well) or by a public waterworks system, which has to deal with all the contaminants that combine together (and continually increasing in concentration) with other contributing CRIMe plant violators/ polluters who are doing the same thing. So the point is, it’s a problem that shouldn’t be ignored for a half century or more (& the next half century), when laws/regulations already exist that should be strictly enforced, and not be allowed to be skirted around by slick/slimy lobbyists/attorneys working for greed (their own & that of their clients) and not the common good of society. The public has to deal with all the after effects of the gross negligence by owners/operators of CRIMe plants and elected/appointed public officials who ignore the problem (worker health/safety big issue also), and the bottom-line corporation practices/mentality to solely satisfy shareholders to maximize dividends/profits by minimizing labor and environmental control costs. And the very BIG corporations also are forever increasing consumer prices, especially if they have very little if any competition. The point being made herein, is that capitalism is out of control in many respects, and as a consequence, there are plenty of oligarchs and monopolies & monopsonies gorging themselves on US and world wealth, while causing the US economy to be out of kilter and off the rails, resulting in ever rising inflation, huge income inequality between the top earners and the rest of society, and making modern day life unaffordable for huge swaths of the population (causing huge increases in the cost of living, and drastically increasing the number of people living at or below the poverty level). While a monopoly involves a company that sells a good or service, a monopsony involves one that buys a good or service (including labor). During the past several years, legislation has been drafted and proposed by various lawmakers from both political parties, but no significant changes in the anti-trust laws have been passed yet. The rest of this article covers the discussion of what could and has been proposed by US legislators to improve anti-trust laws and make them more enforceable.

In February 2021, at a time when US companies had engaged in more than $10 trillion worth of mergers and acquisitions since 2008, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) announced a bill, as summarized below, aimed at “making sure those deals don’t harm consumers or halt competition.”

It’s not unusual, especially in the tech industry, for big player to acquire a popular peer (e.g., Facebook buying Instagram, Twitter buying Vine, Uber buying Postmates; or in February 2020, a district judge allowed T-Mobile, with a premerger equity valuation of more than $50 billion, to acquire Sprint for $30 billion and gave control of the national wireless market to just three carriers.). 

Government shouldn’t only be wary of monopolies, but monopsonies too. Again, while a monopoly involves a company that sells a good or service, a monopsony involves one that buys a good or service (including labor). Both evoke concerns of predatory pricing (too high if there’s only one seller and too low if there’s only one buyer), stagnating wages and high barriers to entry for fledgling companies. 

While competition and vertical integration have been a recurring concerns in the ever-consolidating entertainment industry — the most high-profile example in recent memory being AT&T winning a trial after the DOJ challenged its $85 billion purchase of Time.

The bill submitted by Klobuchar amends the Clayton Act to lower the threshold from forbidding mergers that “substantially lessen competition” to those that merely “create an appreciable risk of materially lessening competition.” In some situations — like mergers valued at more than $5 billion or those that would give a company a market share of more than 50 percent  — it shifts the burden from the government needing to prove there is risk of harm to the company needing to prove there isn’t any.

It also establishes the Office of the Competition Advocate within the FTC and proposes civil penalties for antitrust violations of up to 15 percent of the company’s U.S. revenue or 30 percent of revenue of those “affected or targeted” by the unlawful conduct.

In order to enforce the changes, the Antitrust Division of the DOJ would receive $484.5 million and the FTC would receive $651 million.

No attempt will be made here to evaluate the merits thereof, but following the Anti-Trust legislative submittal by Senator Amy Klobuchar and the Democratic Party, GOP US Senator Josh Hawley also proposed an Anti-trust bill to the US Senate in April 2021 as given in link below:


Additionally, given below are excerpts from an article published in The Atlantic, dated 02/25/2021, entitled “ Ban All Big Mergers. Period – A simple law would stop the U.S. government from rubber-stamping corporate consolidation”, By Robert H. Lande and Sandeep Vaheesan ( https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/02/ban-all-big-mergers/618131/ ):

As evidence mounts that corporate consolidation and concentration raise prices to consumerseliminate jobsdepress wagesmarginalize independent businesses, and breed economic and political inequalityDemocrats in Congress, possibly in collaboration with some Republican colleagues, appear poised to crack down on monopoly and prevent further consolidation. At the top of this agenda should be a law that simply and unambiguously prevents all megamergers—which we would define as transactions in which the acquirer and the target each has more than $10 billion in assets.

“…the Sherman Act was designed to be a comprehensive charter of economic liberty” that aimed to provide “an environment conducive to the preservation of our democratic political and social institutions.”

The history of consolidation in the oil industry is revealing and suggests that an ExxonMobil-Chevron merger is not far-fetc.hed. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the FTC permitted very large oil and gas corporations to merge on the condition that they sold off gas stations, refineries, and other assets to “preserve competition” in markets where they were head-to-head competitors or in a position to exclude rivals.

The tolerance of mergers has spread corporate concentration and its attendant inequality into virtually every corner of the economy: health care, airlines, cable TV, and now the internet, where Amazon, Facebook, and other sprawling new monopolists reign. A small clique of executives and financiers makes key decisions in our economy. Many figures across the political spectrum are now urging a return to the kind of antitrust enforcement that once helped preserve a variety of independent businesses in every community.

Under the legislation we propose, a future merger between Chevron and ExxonMobil would be plainly illegal. Even if they agreed to sell some assets to a third party—as many merging companies do—the two oil titans would not be able to get their transaction past the antitrust authorities. The companies probably would not even contemplate such a combination in the boardroom.

Senator Elizabeth Warren called for tight merger restrictions for companies that have more than $40 billion in annual revenues. In a fall 2019 presidential-candidate debate, she said: “We need to enforce our antitrust laws, break up these giant companies that are dominating Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Oil; all of them.”

Poems After DJT-GOP Jan 6 Coup Attempt

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(#1) GOP HERD REDUCTION PLAN (By JPL, aka GBF, 10/18/2021):


Don’t be a DUMB ASS!

Running out of time

Day coming near & FAST!

Running out of time

Don’t want 2nd Civil War!

Running out of time

Don’t want 3rd World War!

Running out of time






They’re surely CORRUPT


Please don’t now FAIL

Duty says they get JAIL

Democracy is at STAKE



Will be our NEW BAPTISM




History it does REPEAT

There’s always a MISCREANT

Benito & Adolf both KNEW



For them only they FULFILL

They ignore COMMON GOOD

Their end comes if we STOOD

Careful not to wait too long

Must now listen to our song


Voting Rights they PLUNDER

Lightning it follows THUNDER


Is warning to our SOLDIERS

They’ll follow our POTUS

When they get his NOTICE

Abe & Franklin they did RISE

To clear WARNING in their EYES




It is each day that we PRAY

We ask Dear God DON’T DELAY

Humanity & Planet at STAKE

HARMONY we wish to MAKE

To fulfill human rights & NEEDS

And avoid suffering & MISDEEDS

New generations must survive

For this we must strive

Act now & they’ll be alive

Come year Twenty Ninety-Five



Aye Yai Yai

Oh my my

Time does fly

We don’t know

Ying Yang Yo

Time runs low

Ain’t no glee

If US not free

Time does flee

Beyond the fray

Clown does play

Time won’t stay

He’s pure insane

The Orangutan

Must stop pain

Not being a fuss

Must Protect US

And now Save US

__________________________6/6 GBF


(#2) DECEMBER 13 Good Luck

(By JPL, aka GBF; 12/13/2021):

Thirteen does not mean sad

Ain’t No time to be mad

A time to discover

Perhaps a new lover

Or it’s time to reveal

What others do conceal

Much better than a six

That’s related to prix

One & three equals four

Oh & there is much more

Six repeated times 3

Tells US time to flee


But through it we must stay

Lest the goons turn US gray

Near now is 2 & 2

We are red, white & BLUE

And prefer what is true

They will suppress & purge

Gives commander the urge

To be there to oversee

And avoid their dishonesty

Past guy as House Speaker

Couldn’t get much bleaker


13 day is our luck

Progressing from the muck

We must avoid lunacy

Brings forth autocracy

If two two they do win

Two three will come too late

They stand at flaming gate

Two four decades do bring

An everlasting sting

Pray Prez & Congress Dems

See basis that oath stems




(By JPL, aka GBF; 12/23/2021):

Demagogues they always come and go,

But while here death & destruction grow,

Many aspire to their twisted path,

Willingly done to avoid their wrath,

Such sick behavior is glorified,

Feelings absent towards those who’ve died,


One thinks that history it will teach,

Ignorance and evil past its reach,

Great leader with forces they could end,

With fortitude & courage they send,

Strong desire to uphold foundation,

And keep intact our Constitution,


To save our precious democracy,

That encourages diversity,

For We the People from sea to sea,

Please avoid autocracy We plea,

Either way death & destruction occurs,

Pray & hope our great Union endures.



(#4) 2021-2022 HOLIDAY SEASON

(By JPL, aka GBF; 12/25/2021):

It is that time of year for happy cheer,

With our friends & family we embrace,

Together we dine & drink wine & beer,

Sitting together with gifts to unlace,


What we truly wish for cannot be wrapped,

The world we live in is a complex brew,

High above us human gases are trapped,

With animal markets diseases grew,


Diverse melting pot becoming so vast,

Yet homogeny forces still object,

Quickly forgetting freedom fights of past,

And instead ignoring after effect,


So the holidays are not dark or bright,

Nor is the world full of love without hate,

Really hard to say past year was alright,

And not expecting new year to be great,


Anti vaxxing problem is so vexing,

Plus we had government insurrection,

Trump’s failed coup attempt it was perplexing,

He tried hard to destroy our foundation,


Democratic republic almost lost,

This was merely first of a practice round,

Must see what enemy within will cost,

Excuses for these actions won’t be found,


Voting Rights Plunder his party achieves,

Next lining up false slate of electors,

The Constitution our nation believes,

Says time is now to put behind steel doors,


Rebelling U.S. treasonous traitors,

President forces must administer,

In states violating rights of voters,

Autocratic options are sinister.



(#5) New Years Eve, Dec 31, 2021

(By JPL, aka GBF; 12/31/2021):

Thirty-one is our luck

Must crawl out from the muck

Must avoid lunacy

Brings forth autocracy

If two-two they do win

Two-three will come too late

They stand at flaming gate

Two-four decades will bring

An everlasting sting

Pray Prez & Congress Dems

See basis that oath stems


(#6) New Years Day 2022

(By JPL, aka GBF; 01/01/2022):

Two-two now arrived but don’t be blue

GOPer Voting Rights plunder in view

We always have Commander in Chief

And Military to stop our grief

Fake dominoes abroad they defend

Now toppling here we can’t pretend

Republican New Confederate

These state officials are what we fret


(#7) 2021-2024 USA Constitution Collapse

(By JPL, aka GBF; 12/30/2021):

Twenty-One, -Two, -Three, then comes -Four

Autocratic opening door

First Trump’s attempted Congress coup

Next came Voting Rights wrecking crew

Which gives seditionists House rule

And their state electors will cheat

Bringing democracy’s defeat.



(By JPL, aka GBF; 01/06/2022):

January 6, twenty twenty-one,

Then president Trump still crying he won,

Filling mindless mob with his hate & lies,

Stirring anger seething forth in their eyes,

Trump’s Crony Crooks rouse MAGAs for the hour,

Plan to stop peaceful transfer of power,


Confederate flags they brought as their spears,

Stabbing police as elector count nears,

It was the Capitol dome they must reach,

Quickly breaking windows completing breach,

Days before Congress reps showed them the way,

To chamber where House action would play,


Clearing their path through halls they desecrate,

Smearing the walls after they defecate,

With glee Trump watching all this on TV,

Feeling proud for having created this spree,

It was clearly his planned Insurrection,

Coup attempt failing like his election,


Losing twice to get back into office,

Not following legitimate process,

His party now conjuring other schemes,

Seeking to fulfill autocratic dreams,

Realizing now they’re the minority,

They choose fight now against diversity,


Many states violating voting rights,

Ignoring Constitution in their fights,

Pretending states not bound to U.S. laws,

Instead use own statutes with many flaws,

Besides voter purging and suppression,

Now Electors biased for election,


They have path now for election midterms,

Bringing new Speaker when Congress adjourns,

By twenty-four they will have all branches,

And gone will be democracy’s chances,

In eight years Trump will get autocracy,

Odds rising for this world emergency,


Soon will be up to executive branch,

We hope and pray he will take a strong stance,

If fed voting rights fails in the Senate.

It will destroy nation’s founding tenet,

We don’t want repeat civil or world war,

Because with it comes misery and gore,


Fed elections in violating states,

Are what executive order abates.

Now reaching the point that options are few,

Something to ponder while in the pew,

Our great hope now is in our President,

And Armed Forces during this embroilment.



(#9) Time Stopped Again During USA “democracy” Renaissance (By JPL, aka GBF; 01/20/2022):

Our country is now at critical stage,

Importance now is manner we engage,

Politeness not a high priority,

When red party stripping equality,


Our founders created detailed premise,

Checks and balances to ward off menace,

It is now time to employ those safeguards,

Or saving republic not in the cards


We must protect our justice & freedom,

To avoid reverting to a kingdom,

Unequal now is gerrymandering,

Senate filibuster blocks law making.


Red party cares not about common good,

Corporations now have personhood,

No limits now on business donations,

Elections based on financed promotions.



The Republican New Confederates,

Ignoring our Constitution tenets,

Using Voters’ purging & suppression,

And Electoral College subversion.


We’re now at point for autocratic rule,

What is to stop that which will be cruel,

This situation has happened before,

It took drastic steps and began a war,


To an oath all public officials swear,

Constitution & Union they must care,

This applies to federal, local & state,

To do otherwise, chaos they create,


To reverse suffrage for progress achieved,

Backward thinking shouldn’t have been conceived,

Abe acted to save our democracy,

The Union won and ended slavery.


So now as mega entertainment corps,

Brings US so called news that warps,

We must just pray & hope our President,

Remembers the Abe Lincoln precedent.



The Republican New Confederates,

Ignoring our Constitution tenets,

Using Voters’ purging & suppression,

And Electoral College subversion.




(By JPL, aka GBF; 01/20/2022):

As we get older justice is clear
For rich not poor it’s always near
We keep wishing things will be equal
Just fairytale and so magical
To report CRIMe plants to state AG
Who had delegated authority
And Constitution obligation
First priority was re-election



(#11) Looking Way Yonder

(By JPL, aka GBF; 01/20/2022):

Most of US tend to look way YONDER

For those things we hope may be FONDER

Often times much better to LOOK NEAR

To those we should realize are MOST DEAR

So important now more THAN EVER

Powerful people NOT SO CLEVER

Too bad for US they HOLD the LEVER

Which could END things FOREVER


(#12) Machiavellian Manchin

(By JPL, aka GBF; 01/21/2022):

Machiavellian Joe Manchin

Sitting on his yacht with big fat grin

Tells US no worries on voting rights

Was so full of filibuster frights

Says with government, voting just fine

Just ask coal baron friends sipping wine

Or his daughter rich on EpiPens

Now celebrate with GOP friends


(#13) SINema CINEMA:

(By JPL, aka GBF; 01/21/2022):

SINema CINEMA where art thou?

Those Dem votes at polls forgotten now?

Your acts against People as traitor

Will work against you in disfavor

You now belong to UglyGOP (.com)

A deep dark red stain you cannot flee

Along with greed that envelops you

Forever more you’ve lost true blue


(#14) NINE SHORT MONTHS to Election

(By JPL, aka GBF; :02/20/2022):

What happens between now and election?

And what are chances of intervention?

Will GOPer (goaper) confederate states prevail?

Won’t that cause our democracy to fail?


Seems Constitution no longer applies?

In Trumps’ and Republican Party’s eyes?

Unlawful odds stacked against Dems now great,

GOPer state officials dooming our fate,


Twenty-two win will strengthen their deceit,

And lead to twenty-four big Dem defeat,

This won’t be solved now in congress or courts,

And will be different than days of forts,


So what lies ahead for US we ask?

It is certain to be humongous task

State laws for our federal election

Must all adhere to the Constitution


To purge & suppress votes is illegal

Contrary to being fair & equal,

Must prevent Electoral subversion

So there is no autocratic conversion



(#15) USA Stopped at the Crossroads

(By JPL, aka GBF; 01/21/2022):

Because of covid, we’re doing way too much thinking,

And mostly whining, and perhaps not enough drinking,

Just thinking this is all just going to work out fine,

Maybe you should just stop drinking all that beer & wine,


And just when we decided we better imbibe much less,

We find out that our votes the GOPers plan to suppress,

So now we are on course for autocratic type rule,

Being led by big corps, super rich, & the cruel,


Democracy and freedom will be gone for long time,

And anyone who objects will be accused of a crime,

So lesson to be learned is not to vote for a clown,

And if you do, the next thing he will want is a crown,


Because of this, many dying as we show a frown,

Must recognize that racist male WASPs bringing US down,

Basic problem is disregarding the common good,

If only big corps and ultra rich knew where we stood,


For democratic government, people meant to rule,

With decisions and leaders chosen by majority pool,

And electors for states should represent people’s choice,

Rather than forced to vote for the state’s biased voice,


Corporate personhood is total nonsensical,

It was horrible decision by our judicial,

It skews the elections in favor of corps and rich,

And throws US and We the People in a deep ditch,


All in our diverse makeup should be equally counted,

It is unlawful to segregate groups so votes discounted,

All citizens count equally as one qualified vote,

Depriving this basic right creates a kingdom’s mote,


Which for gains made in our history, turns back the clock,

And creates tremendous unease and strife in the flock,

So now USA at crossroads has suddenly stopped,

We now seek Prez emergency EO to be propped.



(#16) 9-Month Count Down democracy Prayer

(By JPL, aka GBF; 01/21/2022):

GOP Confederates they have employed,

Their sure Hook or By Crook election ploy,

Which certainly has gotten the Dems annoyed,

And has brought super wealthy tremendous joy,


Constitution demands equal protection,

Which includes equal voting rights for the public,

And states suppressing votes is violation,

Which is sedition act against republic,


So Congress new fed voting rights law has failed,

No vote against state insurrectionists yet,

High level Insurrectionists not yet jailed,

As days nearing fall election we all fret,


With advent of autocracy coming near,

The options to prevent it now are so few,

Autocratic rule in twenty-four we fear,

It is now up to President and his crew,


Must plan to admin fed elections this fall,

An act needed for voting rights to restore,

To organize this undertaking must not stall,

Please do this to save our nation we implore,


Putin’s Ukraine actions with GOP friend,

Also ploy to distract from internal need,

Autocrat-Dictator Club, let’s not pretend,

Put saving democracy here first, we plead,


As we look back to hard choices Abe had made,

We pray daily that God will guide our POTUS,

His strength and fortitude both fulfill his grade,

And will save and strengthen the freedom for US.




(By JPL, aka GBF; 01/27/2022)

Republicans good at throwing the dice,

In combination with not playing nice,

Dems however try to accommodate,

Which typically short changes our fate,


Bullies often dominate for quite long,

But hopefully in end, they end up gone,

That might just simply be wishful thinking,

Especially now when land is shrinking.



(#18) TIME Ticking, Lives Flicking

(By JPL, aka GBF; 01/20/2022):


TIME coming near

Most of US fear

TIME it has stopped

Worst must be cropped

TIME running out

Who has the clout

TIME to restore

Don’t close the door

TIME then to heal

We must congeal

TIME soon for calm

Soothing oil balm

Verse 1/6:

GOPers plunder our voting right

We hope POTUS will take on fight

Constitution they violate

GOP so full of hate

Verse 2/6:

Must not impede Majority

We want to be equal & free

Male WASPs desperate as tide turned

These racists now feel they are spurned

Verse 3/6:

Democracy works against them

From this autocracy will stem

By Hook or Crook tactics they launch

To oppose this, Dems will be staunch

CHORUS (Time, Time, Time…)

Verse 4/6:

So now we sit in awe and wonder

What will it take to stop plunder

To avoid sounds of manmade thunder

This big storm cause to crawl under

Verse 5/6:

Abe knew how Civil War began,

The cause was slavery back then

After war, Ku Klux Klan emerged

And Jim Crow to allow rights purged

Verse 6/6:

GOPer states now reverse suffrage

Suppress votes that FOX encourage

Our hope now is POTUS Order

To avoid massive disorder

CHORUS (Time, Time, Time…)


(#19) Putin’s Expanding Tangled Web

(By JPL, aka GBF; 01/31/2022):

Don’t think Putin & Trump aren’t still cajoling & talking,

And maybe Russian troops on Ukraine border is balking,

It’s as though former Soviet Union is now stalking,

Back in Moscow at Kremlin, Putin & Sergey chalking,


They have future visions of creeping Russian tentacles,

That kleptocratic oligarchs foresee as pentacles,

Small GNP and disgruntled masses are spectacle,

Because of their large nuclear military, we’re skeptical,


Most autocrats often align with others of their ilk,

Putin was nurturing ugly Trump party with his milk,

This is menacing potential partnership that will bilk,

World must be cautious of these spiders, and their web of silk.



(#20) Price of Trump & GOP INSURRECTION

(By JPL, aka GBF; 01/30/2022):

So now it is becoming clear on how it all began,

On Trumps’ & his GOP crony crooks’ coup attempt plan,

Recruit fraudulent GOP electors from the states,

And get VP Pence at Capitol to mimic Trump’s traits,


Vice President Pence then wisely chose to not accept the lie,

As MAGA rioters chant “hang Mike Pence” in halls nearby,

Trump’s coup attempt was precisely planned seditious event

Now soon comes Insurrectionists’ criminal indictment,


Those indicted must be expelled and denied public office,

POTUS should get military ready to be cautious,

Need Emergency EO to admin fed elections in states,

Because these GOPers the Constitution they violate.



(#22) rUSsiA’s DYNAMIC DUO

(By JPL, aka GBF; 02/02/2022):

Hickory Dickory & dock,

So damn quickly does moves the clock,

While Trump preparing his flock,

Without EO will be a crock,


GOPers are tightening the vice,

We all know they aren’t very nice,

And they’re good at being precise,

They prey and do it for Dear Christ,


Putin serves as Trump’s true partner

Forces staged on Ukraine’s border,

Will bring chaos and disorder,

Hoping the pawns will just scatter,


Dems trying to be so civil,

Tough to do against the evil,

Dealing with snakes and the weasel,

Don’t pretend they won’t be lethal,


Both of them have zero scruples,

Are devout Trumpism pupils,

Always seek Him for approvals,

Working as His true disciples,


Plan is new Soviet Union,

Two guys in sacred communion,

For greed and power, not human,

Exploit earth is their conclusion,


Two plan to work in unison,

Target those near revolution,

The resources is their solution,

No regard for the pollution,


Trump said Venezuela was ripe,

And in US backyard to swipe,

So for future this pair will snipe,

And next will be with all their might,


There is an umbilical cord,

Found in new East Euro accord,

Germans ponder, can they afford,

Must not forget Ukraine’s seaboard.



(#22) Stopping & Cropping Seditious GOP by Blue in Twenty-Two

(By JPL, aka GBF; 02/06/2022):

If Congress Democratic CaucUS & POTUS don’t come THROUGH,

Our US democratic republic will quickly unglue.

It’s the US Constitution that holds US TOGETHER,

And there’s no denying the fact that it’s a FRAGILE TETHER.




(By JPL, aka GBF; 02/04/2022):

We have little choice but to accept this our present time,

In years past there has always been prevalence of much crime,

USA mostly thought of nation of law & order,

Now greedy & powerful claim they’re protecting border,


Assault artillery gives much power to lower tier,

So now sinister wealthy do partner with them for fear,

Using that as they push people’s emotional buttons,

Expanding their wealth & estate is goal of these gluttons,


The wealthy male WASPs are leading insurrection & coup,

Along with Christian zealots, are racists making up crew,

Their hate runs deep, are misogynists & xenophobes too,

While violating laws, it is evil they pursue,


ChorUS: (As immigrants of past, …)

We are in a day when evil has a facade of good,

They’re all bunch of gas lighters claiming they’re misunderstood,

They have FOX and other propagandists telling their lies,

All this happening, as autocratic rule on the rise,


The Trump and GOPer’s ways are not anything Christ would condone,

And we are not a Christian republic and there’s no thrown,

We are immigrant diverse nation & are all equal,

We must prevent going backwards to civil war sequel,


We plead now for Congress & President to act fast,

For what GOPers are doing to US, we are aghast,

GOP state officials passed anti-voting rights laws,

Violating US Constitution oath, which was last straw,


ChorUS: (As immigrants if past, …)

Congress vote pass, or not, on state GOPer seditious acts,

And then time for POTUS & Military to tact,

What is needed is Emergency EO to react,

In response to clear & present democracy attack,


We do think POTUS admin of fed elections we need,

At least in GOPer Constitution breaking states, we plead,

Do this until our election voting rights are restored,

For common good of humanity & Earth we implore,


ChorUS: (As immigrants if past, …)


As immigrants of past we sailed to this our great land,

Through the ages, we came to understand where we stand,

We strive now for justice and equality for all,

Learning from our wrongs & rights of past, and we stand tall,

“A” Verse

We know we’re an experiment and don’t want to fail,

This will not occur if our justice system prevails,

Through this all the guilty high & low must go to jail,

In accordance with French gift, Madam Liberty scale,

“B” Verse

We now prepare the sails and cargo for next voyage,

Where it brings US forth as written here in this passage,

Will never be something that is completely certain,

But make it through now, there will be delay in curtain.

“C” Verse



(By JPL, aka GBF; 02/06/2022):

One thing for sure about this site

Is that it creates lot of fright

It also does keep US thinking

And leads US to excess drinking

Let’s not fret on things we can’t change

Some things not meant to rearrange

Money is ultimate power

Puts dummies on top of tower

La Fine

Re: Commencement of Leaky CRIMe Plant Citizens’ Sample & Test Program (CSTP)

ATTENTION Michigan EGLE (Environment, Great Lakes and Energy) Lansing Headquarters and Grand Rapids District Office: Materials Management Division (Waste Compliance Enforcement Section), Environmental Investigation Section, Remediation & Redevelopment Division and Water Resources Division,

PayPal Donation Link: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=AHH32GGSRLEWJ

Re: Commencement of Leaky CRIMe Plant Citizens’ Sample & Test Program (CSTP)

ANNOUNCEMENT: After over 20 years of State of Michigan ignoring the leaky CRIMe plant problem (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments), we are now going to initiate the “Citizen Sample & Test Program (CSTP)”. And we are not asking local and state public officials (elected & appointed) for your permission, we are simply telling you we are proceeding and doing what you all should have been doing for the last half century since RCRA & HSWA passed in 1976 & 1984 respectively. The former Michigan DEQ, never hesitated to clamp down harshly on Ma & Pa gas stations and dry cleaners under the 1988 UST program (Underground Storage Tanks), forcing many of these small businesses with noncompliant USTs into bankruptcies. While at the same time, when it came to larger “lobbyist protected” OEM supply chain leaky CRIMe plants (e.g., electroplating plants, leather tanneries etc ), they were all given a FREE PASS by MDEQ falsely based on some cockamamie attorney interpreted concocted inapplicable RCRA hazardous waste exemption/exclusion [40 CFR Section 261.4(a)(1)] intended for POTWs (and not CRIMe plants), that MDEQ naively were led to believe gave these plants with leaky underground pipes and tanks carrying hazardous wastewater full rights to freely pollute the land and water with no subsequent investigations and consequences.

We will start this Citizen Sample & Test Program (CSTP) with Leaky CRIMe plant in vicinity of 1648 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI, 700’ east of Grand River, that the MI AG (Granholm) was first made aware of in March 2000 (and State notified repeatedly thereafter). Next to be sampled/tested will be the Leaky CRIMe plant in vicinity of 4260 Airlane Dr SE, Kentwood MI, on Plaster Creek at a site which once was a “greenfield space” which has since turned “brown”. What will be obvious from test results from samples collected down gradient of either of these two sites, will be the presence of toxic chemicals that make up the “chemical fingerprint” (which ain’t rocket science) of the CRIMe manufacturing processes conducted at these two facilities. Keep in mind, that there are hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of highly suspected leaky CRIMe plants like these scattered throughout Michigan yet to be sampled/tested, and across the US there are upwards of ten thousand or more of these highly suspected leaky CRIMe plants that have been ignored by regulators for the mere reason that the area where they are located is publicly served by central water. The latter should not be adequate reason to let these CRIMe plants continually and freely pollute the surrounding land and water. Now getting back to the Monroe plant, don’t be fooled by the nice fancy painted metal facade on this plant – this is a very old plant with antiquated below-grade old pipes, sumps and tanks used to convey, store and treat hazardous process wastewater. Prior to 2000, leakage from this plant (hexavalent chromium etc.) was evident in a well located on the west side of plant, coincidentally installed while a UST (gas) was being removed off the property. Underground highly contaminated aquifer flow from this location flows directly to the Grand River just 700 feet to the west through a highly porous granular geologic formation (virtually acting much like an open conduit), which happens to be the upper reach of the planned and imminent Grand River commercial/recreational Restoration Project that is being touted as a “full-body contact” recreational surface water linear park for wading, swimming, kayaking, etc. Those downstream from this project, including the public at large, and the three public waterworks (Grand Haven, Grand Rapids & Wyoming) with several drinking water intake structures near the mouth of the river out in Lake Michigan, better take heed to the pile of toxic chemicals coming their way when all the dams are removed in the Grand River Restoration Project, which will certainly be releasing many tons of toxic industrial chemicals that have accumulated for over a century on the river bottom behind these several dams. Michigan has never given the Leaky CRIMe plant much attention, because centralized public water is available, and detrimental effects of cancer caused by the toxic leakage (e.g., leakage into areas where children play, like basements, ditches, streams, contaminated ponds & in groundwater sprinkler irrigation systems) takes decades to occur and you all know full well it is difficult to impossible to legally trace this dreaded disease back to the exact source.

So in the near future, when the groundwater test results are available from the CSTP, we will first share those results “live” at a regularly scheduled County and City Commissioners’ meetings so they can be heard out loud by concerned citizens and be part of the record, with the purpose of making it less likely that a public official sworn to protect the public’s wellbeing and health & safety will be able to put this information in the “circular file” or “recycle bin” or bury it deep in the government archives. It is often said, “If you want to get something done, sometimes it’s best to take matters into your own hands” rather than relying on those who are elected or appointed and sworn to perform those functions.

For anyone, anything and anytime, there are always consequences for your actions and inactions. An example of the latter would be someone (infant, toddler or adult) dying from cancer caused by Leaky CRIMe plant pollution. The latter is, and was, well known, and could have, and should have, been prevented if lobbyists, consultants, attorneys, public officials (latter and big corps are all on big conveyor belt where they continually swap jobs) and regulators didn’t let and enable CRIMe plants to arbitrarily contort exemptions/exclusions to falsely allow them to freely pollute our environment. For all of the aforementioned Leaky CRIMe plant enablers, think of all your actions/inactions as analogous to the recent high rise building collapse in FL: On any given night when you go to sleep after local and state public officials have repeatedly failed to enact and/or enforce building structural safety regulations (and condo assn boards fail to act on bldg repair recommendations), you reach over for your “very old To Do List of the morally and ethically right things you should be doing” and in the process you knock over your glass of water that shatters as it hits the tile floor, after which the whole building suddenly collapses from under you. Because of your procrastination, deliberate or otherwise, the list never got done.

People have been bamboozled into thinking that the hazardous waste (HW) pollution problem in the US has been solved in the distant past by the laws previously mentioned, which resulted in the creation of 4000 EPA licensed HW TSDFs (Treatment, Storage & Disposal Facilities) that now properly receive, store, treat (and recycle) and dispose of all the HW generated at some forty to fifty thousand CRIMe plants operated throughout the US. The latter includes about 20,000 metal finishing/electroplating plants in the US. The off-site TSDFs that manufacturers ship their HW to (in solid and liquid form) must meet strict requirements on conveyance, storage and treatment of the HWW (hazardous wastewater) they receive from the CRIMe plants, yet the CRIMe plants themselves do not meet these strict requirements for the high volume of hazardous process wastewater they treat at their industrial sites. The EPA permitted and enforced requirements that the licensed TSDFs must meet for HWW received, include: (a) all conveyance and storage systems must have secondary containment with a leak detection system between the primary and secondary containment (i.e., must have a “tank in a tank”, and a “pipe in a pipe”); (b) the latter systems must have continuous automatic monitoring for tank/pipe liquid level or pressure with an automatic alarm and shutdown system to prevent primary or secondary containment overflow or spillage/leakage; (c) surface water and groundwater must be routinely sample and tested around the site and at the property line for purpose of contamination detection and early notification on whether any groundwater contamination has occurred so corrective action can be taken immediately, and adjoining property owners can be notified of the problem; and (d) must perform extensive facilities and site inspections and monitoring reports, subject to EPA regulatory review.

THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE TOTAL OF ALL THESE CRIMe PLANTS IN THE USA TREAT A LOT MORE HAZARDOUS WASTE (in gallons or tons) COLLECTIVELY THAN ALL THE EPA LICENSED TSDFs, YET THE CRIMe PLANTS ARE NOT MEETING ANY OF THE ABOVE REQUIREMENTS. How much more? We don’t know, but it could be a hundred thousand times more or greater. Additionally, the design and construction of the TSDF (performed and overseen by professional engineer), and the preparation of an operational plan thereof, is strictly reviewed for compliance to all the applicable EPA regulations. Whereas, in most cases across the US, there is no government entity that does the same for CRIMe plants when they are first constructed or modified/expanded (i.e., no regulatory review or requirements by the local, state or federal government relative to compliance with applicable hazardous waste RCRA or HSWA regulations). Some will say that the CRIMe plant must meet the CWA (Clean Water Act) requirements through the local POTW through their sewer CWA NPDES discharge permit for their discharge to the municipal sewer after first treating the HWW. But the problem with that, is that a Leaky CRIMe plant (say 10 to 15% leakage), more often than not, is not getting all the HWW generated from the manufacturing production process to the sewer because 10% or more of this process HWW is leaking to the soils and groundwater below the plant from these leaky buried tanks and pipes. Others will say that the CRIMe plant has to get a building permit from the local building inspector. But the problem with that is that the City building inspector only cares about how many parking spaces do you have, have you met handicap requirements and minimum requirements for fire safety, electrical and HVAC requirements, etc.  So as you can see, this is a major loophole, and please don’t think that all these CRIMe plants are doing good at self-regulating and they have just been getting better and better and more compliant over the years even though there is less and less CRIMe plant regulatory enforcement and inspections, because in fact, a lot of them do plant construction/modifications without using a licensed professional engineer, and instead use in-house engineers, who aren’t college educated in engineering, and only got the title of company engineer because they got promoted to that position after being a plating technician, electrician or a plumber. On the point of underground leakage (also overflow spillage) from CRIMe plants, the quantities of HWW leaked to the environment in total over the years can be very substantial. For example, if a moderate size plater produces 100,000 gallons per day (gpd) of HWW from its manufacturing process (which would not be unusual), and has even 5 % leakage, that’s 5,000 gpd of HWW being released to the soils and groundwater. Annually with 330 production days, that amounts to 1.65 million gallons per year. Let’s say that half the CRIMe plants in the US that aren’t compliant (due to lack of state & federal regulatory enforcement) with the RCRA/HSWA hazardous waste laws have a similar amount of HWW leakage to the environment. First of all, realize that these CRIMe plants and their attorneys claim, through a warped interpretation of the regulations, that they are exempt from hazardous waste RCRA/HSWA laws because of an exemption/exclusion in the law for domestic sewage, which was intended for POTWs only (and not CRIMe plant HW generators) so municipal wastewater plants could accept sewer discharges from these hazardous waste generating CRIMe plants after they have treated HWW on-site. Again, if half the CRIMe plants in the US are leaking a similar amount of HWW to the environment as given in the prior example of a moderate plater, that would amount to annual leakage of HWW to the environment of 33 billion gallons (1.65 million gal X 20,000 CRIMe plants). Keep in mind that this is for toxic chemicals (hexavalent chromium, PFAS/PFOS, etc.) that have health concentration standards that are in the parts per billion or parts per trillion range (i.e., just trace amounts can cause cancer, especially to most vulnerable population, such as pregnant women, unborn, infants and toddlers).

So, in summary, I have no doubt that there is a steady faucet flowing from leakage from CRIMe plants that has been occurring unnoticed for half century, and is insidiously and accumulatively polluting our land and water resources, including the degradation of our drinking water supply sources, such as in the Great Lakes Region. This is a BIG HUGE PROBLEM that has knowingly (by perpetrators, and local, state and federal governments) been going on for over a half century and is negligently being ignored. The reason this problem I have described is not being detected, is because these CRIMe plants are located in areas served by centralized public drinking water systems and nobody is sampling and testing the groundwater around these plants for contaminants emanating from the CRIMe plant because nobody is drinking that contaminated groundwater directly and NOBODY IS DROPPING DEAD (the health effects of carcinogens often takes decades to appear in the human body). Realize that the hydrological system is all interconnected, so all the polluted groundwater from the tens of thousands of leaky CRIMe plants is now (or soon will be) collectively flowing together through all the aquifers, ditches, creeks, streams and rivers, and is insidiously accumulating in the lakes or aquifers we use for our public drinking water resources. You may ask: who would ever pay for the sampling and testing around a CRIMe plant? Certainly, the CRIMe plant won’t, and likely the local or state government won’t because they don’t want to upset local or state employment or the economy, and the politicians who represent these jurisdictions don’t want to get involved because they know for the same reasons stated, it would hurt their reelection potential. And the other thing that keeps local, state and federal public elected officials from supporting a sample and test program for these suspected leaky CRIMe plants, is that don’t want to upset the automotive OEM “just in time” supply chain from parts suppliers. Additionally, the property owners around the leaky CRIMe plant are hesitant to sample and test because they don’t want their property values to go down. So who does that leave to support and help finance the CRIMe plant sample and test program? The only possibility is the chance that philanthropists and the general public (small donations) will (and have) contribute to a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion, management, administration, financing and implementing of such a program based on a priority system starting with those CRIMe plants that are suspected the most of having antiquated and poorly designed, constructed and maintained HWW conveyance, storage and treatment systems. In other words, if a CRIMe plant LACKS adequate environmental safeguards, leakage and pollution to the environment is occurring and those plants should be targeted in the Leaky CRIMe Plant Sample & Test Program.

If Michigan and other states cared enough about the public’s wellbeing and health & safety, they could end the Leaky CRIMe plant problem if they took action similar to state of California. After repeatedly noticing that the worse kind of HW violations in their state (Class I violations) were almost always associated with below-grade pipes and tanks carrying hazardous wastewater (HWW), CA decided to outlaw the existence of buried pipes and tanks for conveying, storing and treating HWW. It’s the obvious answer and the RIGHT ANSWER for ending Leaky CRIMe plants, and should be mandated in all the states. CA defines HW Class I violations as acts that are done Willfully, Intentionally, Knowingly and Negligently, and are often associated with CRIMe plants that are Chronic and Recalcitrant Violators and the violations they are committing represent a Significant Threat to human health or safety or environment due to volume of waste, toxicity of waste, and proximity of at risk population (e.g., pregnant women, infants, toddlers). And Class I violations enables the violator to benefit from noncompliance economically by either reducing costs or competitive advantage. So Michigan how do you get out of this Leaky CRIMe plant predicament? You adopt a program like they have in CA by: (a) first make it mandatory that these CRIMe plants not be allowed to operate unless all pipes and tanks carrying HWW are clearly above grade (not buried or below the plant floor or ground anywhere on site) with secondary containment and are readily visible for inspection at anytime, including mandatory hourly inspection reports be kept and available, and any evidence of leakage of pipes or tanks or overflowing/spillage from tanks must be reported immediately when observed; (b) in lieu of latter hourly inspections, CRIMe plant may install automated continuous monitoring devices with automated alarm and shutoff systems that activate shutoff when there is detection of possible or pending (high liquid levels in tanks, low pressure levels in pipes) leakage or tank overflow/spillage; (c) there be leak detection systems for pipes and tanks with secondary containment, such as a “tank in a tank” and a “pipe in a pipe”, so it is clearly evident when the primary pipe or tank has failed and is leaking; and (d) CRIMe plants have environmental monitoring systems surrounding the plants within their property lines, including for surface water as applicable (stormwater ponds, etc.) and most definitely, for groundwater, including groundwater monitoring wells, so early detection and notification of contamination of surface/ground water will be known, so public may be immediately advised that chemical contamination is migrating and needs to be stopped and contained.

Fortunately for YouREAPwhatYouSow.org  (Realty Environmental Action Proponents) and its parent organization, CommonGoodUnited.com (COMMONGOODUNITED INC) we have had plenty of support for our overall programs, and especially for the CSTP (Citizen’s Sample & Test Program), which has brought us to a point where we can now start bringing Realty to the public in the form of real test results so they can begin to learn how serious the Leaky CRIMe plant problem is, and how badly it has been swept under the manufacturing Lobbyist fulfilled rug.

Expect Voting Rights Plundering in GOP Controlled States to Result in Marshall Law Declaration by POTUS and U.S. Military Oversight of Federal Elections in 2022

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UGLY.network (now transitioning to uglyGOP.com) was created in response to Donald J Trump entering national politics, which brought the already BAD & UGLY Republican Party (GOP) to levels of UGLINESS never imagined, which were prompted by the GOP’s fear and recognition that there has been a pronounced shift in US demographics that created a New Majority in the nation made up of what was previously the “minorities” consisting principally of “urbanites” made up of people of color, including African Americans, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans and various other ethnic or religious groups of varying ancestral origins and backgrounds. The post election GOP Autopsy Report delivered in 2013 after Mitt Romney’s defeat to Barrack Obama, warned the WASPy (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, anti-Semites) Republicans that they needed to diversify and broaden their appeal in order to remain a dominant political force. But they declined this advice, and instead have clearly gone down a path now from BAD to WORSE, as the Trumpian GOP is now shifting to ever more racist, and now fascist tendencies as touted at their 2021 annual white supremacist annual CPAC meeting. The Autopsy Report also pointed out to the GOP hierarchy that they needed to broaden their appeal by being more inclusive and respectful of women, which they also ignored, and instead have continued down their misogynistic path of having old male WASPs in leadership roles. In so many words as spouted out by the main stream GOPers at CPAC, the direction of the Republican Party is now transitioning far away from their touted “Conservatism” views/values that favor free enterprise/private ownership and socially traditional ideas, to instead towards predominantly FAR-RIGHT AUTHORITARIAN, ultra nationalism DICTATORSHIP, combined with FORCIBLE SUPPRESSION of opposition, and generally STRONG REGIMENTATION of the broader society and economy as a whole.

Now, all the GOP controlled states are passing Voting Rights Plunder legislation so when the next federal elections occur in 2022 & 2024 (primaries beginning soon) they will be able to suppress and/or cancel the votes from the targeted demographics who have become the majority in the nation. The GOPers say it is their objective to have “quality voters”, which means WASP voters, who are all in favor of the GOP’s plan for the US to become an autocracy with the Republican Party in control, now being referred to as the GOP Advent of Autocracy. What they are doing in their Voting Rights Plunder is totally against the basis of the U.S. democratic republic, which is founded on the principle of representative government, that is of, by and for the people, with each US citizen entitled to having full and equal rights to vote for their government representatives. Through the course of US history, past generations have fought, died and killed to preserve our democracy, freedom and equal rights under the US Constitution, such as in WW2 when Fascism and Nazism was flourishing, which is being rekindled once again as led by GOP racists, white supremacists, misogynists, xenophobes, nationalists/isolationists, anti-LGBTQers and anti-Semites.

What is very worrisome right now, is that there are 23 GOP controlled states, classified as “GOP Trifectas” which means in each of them the state legislature (both house & senate chambers) and governorship is under GOP control. There are also 20 states that are classified as “GOP Triplexes” which means in those states, the governor, state attorney general, and the secretary of state are all of the GOP party. And 19 of these states have dual classification of both GOP Trifecta and GOP Triplex (AL, AR, FL, GA, ID, IN, MS, MO, MT, NE, OH, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, WV & WY). Those that are GOP Trifecta only, include AZ, IA, NH & ND. The word “only” needs to be deemphasized, because a GOP Trifecta state can (and they have) pass a lot of Voting Rights Plundering state laws, which in turn, are (and have been) immediately signed by their state GOP governor. The only state that is GOP Triplex only is Alaska (AK), which is also very significant, because as we all know, the Secretary of State in each state has tremendous power over the administration of elections, including local, state and federal elections. And that power of that GOP Secretary of State is greatly amplified when they are working side by side with the full support of the GOP governor and GOP attorney general of the same state. 

The Voting Rights Plunder state laws that are being passed in these GOP controlled states are purposely making it especially troublesome and burdensome to exercise our right to vote, which is especially being strategically targeted towards the “minority turned majority” demographic group, consisting primarily of people of color (POC) and urbanites, which are the Democratic voters who voted in big numbers in 2020 giving the margin of victory that was needed for Biden & Harris (and other Democrats – e.g., GA senators) to win. The GOP and these GOP controlled states are ruthlessly in a very precise manner disenfranchising the voting rights of the “minority turned majority” (POC & urbanites) so they can control the outcome of the federal elections in 2022 and 2024.  They have already made it clear that they don’t intend to change their platform by broadening and diversifying their appeal to minorities and women, so they are taken the “dirty scoundrel” route of making it is difficult as possible for the Democratic opposition to vote. The Voting Rights Plundering laws in these states includes a lot of voting suppression/oppression tactics, like for example: having fewer polling places, having shorter or no early voting, having fewer or no ballot drop places, imposing unreasonable restrictions on who is allowed to vote my mail, imposing extensive requirements on requiring proof of voter ID and voter registration at the polling place or when registering to vote or as a requirement for vote by mail, making it more difficult on voter registration such as for college students who reside at campus locations, not allowing people to provide food or water to voters waiting in long voting lines often in extreme weather conditions for extremely long times, voter purging (including “voter caging”) whereby names are arbitrarily removed from the rolls or list of registered voters for invalid or insignificant reasons, etc.

Elected Democratic leaders in DC are trying to offset or overcome these Voting Rights Plunder laws that have been enacted in GOP controlled states, but so far have not been successful, and the outlook of achieving this looks rather grim. The effort to save the democracy and protect the right to vote so far has included H.R. 1, the US House For the People Act (passed in House without any GOP support) which is written to expand voting rights, change campaign finance laws to reduce the influence of money in politics, ban partisan gerrymandering, and create new ethics rules for federal officeholders. This Act has gotten nowhere in the Senate yet, because WV Democratic Senator Manchin opposes it, and even though there was a vote of 50 to 50 to allow debate on the bill, this was well shy of the 60 votes needed to overcome a GOP filibuster. Additionally, Senator Manchin also indicated that he would not vote to weaken or eliminate the filibuster; and therefore, the For the People Act to strengthen voting rights in the US is dead in the water. Democratic AZ Senator Sinema also opposes weakening or eliminating the filibuster. There is some talk that VP Harris might open up debate in the Senate on eliminating or modifying the filibuster on the basis that it is not a part of or protected in any way by the Constitution (constitutional argument), which really doesn’t have much promise of accomplishing anything, since this type of debate is likely more applicable to the US Supreme Court. Another voting rights act that may come before the Senate, which likely won’t fare much better than the For the People Act, is the John Lewis Voting Rights Act (H.R. 4), which is proposed legislation that would restore and strengthen parts of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, certain portions of which were struck down in 2013 SCOTUS court decision. Particularly, H.R. 4 would restore the Voting Rights Act of 1965’s requirement that certain [southern] states pre-clear certain changes to their state voting laws with the federal government (like for example, all these Voting Rights Plunder laws being passed recently in GOP controlled states). The chances of the John Lewis act getting passed really aren’t any better than chances of the For the People act getting passed or the filibuster being modified or eliminated. One thing you can be sure of is once the GOP regains control of the Senate, they most definitively will eliminate the filibuster so they can get on with all the GOP legislation they want and intend to pass.

So given that the strengthening of voting rights on a federal level has little chance of advancing in US Senate because of opposition by GOP Senators and Democratic Senators Machiavellian Manchin and Cinema Sinema, things look mighty grim for the Democrats in the coming 2022 and 2024 elections. What makes it even worse is that the GOP made gains in House seats from the 2020 census results. Census added one seat each to FL, CO, MT, NC & OR, and TX gained two seats. Losing one seat each from the Census were CA, IL, MI, NY, OH, PA & WV. Four of the six states picking up seats from the Census voted for DJT in 2020, and five of the seven states losing seats from the Census voted for Biden in 2020. The Dems majority in the US House presently stands at 218-212, with five vacancies. To make matters worse, the Dems did not have any new gains in control of any state legislatures in 2020, and now the GOP stands to redraw the district maps for 187 districts (that’s “ultra-gerrymandering” district redrawing), while the Dems just have 87 districts to redraw. Not sure how you get a half of a seat, but the GOP gained 3.5 seats from redistricting alone.

First of all, it must be understood politicians are politicians, which is a self-serving breed in themselves. Politics, however, is necessary part of our democracy and will always be there, but what we must bank on is that we elect public officials that have at least some level of human decency and morals & ethics, which the GOP does not. So if the GOP is now effectively eroding our Voting Rights in multiple GOP controlled states, we have a serious problem. Without “one man equals one vote” because there is deliberate and intended suppressing and oppressing of votes of the demographic group the GOP considers to be “inferior voters” who don’t deserve to have equal opportunity at casting their votes for our government representatives, there will be A NEW CIVIL WAR 2.0 as instigated by the GOP NRC (New Republican Confederates). And now the GOP controlled states are passing state legislation that cancels our First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech and the right to publicly assembly and protest (e.g., such as protesting Voting Rights Plunder state legislation), such as what was just passed in Florida and signed by Governor Desantis that enacts new state laws which says law enforcement officials can arrest protesters and put them in jail immediately with no bail allowed, and may subject those who are arrested to 15 years in prison.

The Republic Party knows exactly what it is doing, and they know that the trend lines are going against them, and will only get worse as time goes on – i.e., that “minority turned majority” is only going to grow in size. So their answer is the GOP Advent of Autocracy, but first they have to get to a major victory in 2022 through the Voting Rights Plundering laws passed in the GOP controlled states. Regarding the GOP Trifecta and GOP Triplex states, it doesn’t take a genius to see what could happen in these GOP controlled states with or without these Voting Rights Plundering state laws:

Example one: TX (38 electoral votes) is turning bluer and bluer as years go by: President margin of victory in past elections: 15.8% R (2012), 9.00% R (2016) and 5.58% R (2020).

Example two: FL (29 electoral votes) once was blue, and has been slightly red lately: President margin of victory in past elections: 0.88% D (2012), 1.20% R (2016) and 3.36% R (2020).

Example three: OH (18 electoral votes) once was blue, and has been red lately: President margin of victory in past elections: 2.98% D (2012), 8.13% R (2016) and 8.03% R (2020).

Example four: IA (6 electoral votes) once was blue, and has been red lately: President margin of victory in past elections: 5.81% D (2012), 9.41% R (2016) and 8.20% R (2020).

Example five: GA (16 electoral votes) now blue, after trending away from red: President margin of victory in past elections: 7.82% R (2012), 5.13% R (2016) and 0.24% D (2020).

Example six: AZ (11 electoral votes) now blue, after trending away from red: President margin of victory in past elections: 9.03% R (2012), 3.55% R (2016) and 0.31% D (2020).

Example seven: NH (4 electoral votes) usually blue, but barely blue in 2016: President margin of victory in past elections: 5.58% D (2012), 0.37% D (2016) and 7.35% D (2020).

Biden beat DJT in electoral votes in 2020: 306-232 (adjustment after 2020 Census: 303-235)

NOTE: As you can see from this partial analysis, the Voting Rights Plundering laws in GOP controlled states could easily flip the win to GOP in those states narrowly won by Biden in 2020 (e.g., GA, AZ), and likewise, could make it ever more difficult to get a Dem win in states that could easily turn blue in 2022 & 2024 if GOP didn’t PLAY DIRTY (e.g., TX, FL).

So now in Florida, when it comes to federal elections in 2022 and 2024 (and the primaries that precede), you can expect to wait in long lines to vote, and if someone offers you water or food while you are waiting many hours, those good Samaritans will be subject to arrest, and if prior to these GOP rigged elections you protest, you will be thrown in jail, and could be sentenced to 15 years in prison. The Florida law also makes it within the law for others to run over protesters with their cars and trucks if they are blocking the road right of way. And also keep in mind, Florida has a “stand your ground” law, which allows a citizen to shoot and kill you if you are changing your tire on the side of the road on a rainy day wearing your rain coat with a hood, because that person is allowed to shoot and kill you if they feel threatened because you are wearing a hoodie and have a tire iron in your hand.

The DJT-GOP directed Strategy is crystal clear:
Henceforth, “by hook or by crook (BHBC)”, never again will GOP controlled states (with GOP Trifectas and/or Triplexes) be allowed to lose any GOP federal elections for Congress or President. The GOP is still working on this Hook or by Crook strategy, and has already accomplished most of what they intended in preparation for the 2022 election, including the passage of 22 Voting Rights Plundering laws in 14 GOP controlled states between January 1 and May 14, 2021, and more have been introduced or passed since. And for the GOP Triplex portion of the BHBC portion of the strategy, the GOP is making sure they have diehard BHBC GOP Secretaries of State in all the GOP states who will bend over backwards to force a GOP win by any means necessary, which means they don’t want another Secretary of State like GOP Brad Raffensperger of Georgia, who stood firm on principles/morals/ethics for the 2020 federal election results in his state, even though attempts were made to coerce him to reverse the results by President Donald Trump and SC Senator Lindsey Graham. In summary, the GOP BHBC Voting Rights Plundering Strategy is going as planned and is on schedule for the 2022 election to diminish voting rights of POC and urbanites in GOP controlled states by implementing the most effective voting suppression/oppression methods ever conceived in American politics.

So you can’t vote without major Voting Right Plundering being imposed on you (in those GOP controlled states), and you can’t protest the aforementioned because you will be thrown in jail without bail and may get 15 year prison sentence for doing so, if you aren’t first run over by vehicles operated by GOPers. SO WHAT DOES THAT LEAVE YOU?: CIVIL WAR 2.0! Do we want a Civil War 2.0? Hell no we don’t! But what’s our choice? People aren’t going to sit back and put up with this. People will fight/die/kill to maintain their right to vote and to preserve our democracy. So who can stop this from happening? The Republican Party sure as hell isn’t going to do anything to stop it, because they are the very ones promoting these major civil rights violations. So who needs to stop it are the public officials we elected to serve and protect US. Their priorities can’t just be their typical “politician self serving priority” of doing what is necessary to get reelected so they can continue to be on the gravy train conveyor belt of revolving GovtOfficials>Lobbyists>GovtProducts/ServicesProviders. They need to look past their own personal aspirations & wealth, and concentrate on SAVING AMERICA, & OUR DEMOCRACY, & OUR LIVES AND PREVENTING ANOTHER CIVIL WAR!

Do the Dems have the means and rights to do that? Hell yes they do! Our Constitution never intended for controlling political parties in individual states to have the right to manipulate federal elections to favor the dominant political party in their state, and states may have the right to administer their local and state elections, but they do NOT have the right to illegally administer the federal elections in their state in such a fashion that it arbitrarily thins out (oppressing/suppressing votes) the voting population to what they define as the “quality voters” who they believe are the voters (mostly WASPs) best qualified to vote for the most GOP suitable candidates (mostly older male WASPs) to represent the state’s dominant political party (GOP).

The Dem Party currently is in control in DC and can and must centrally take over the administering of the federal elections across the nation so all citizens have fair and equal rights to cast a vote for the federal public office candidates of their choosing with no outside oppressing or suppressing of their vote.

DEMAND that Biden stop GOPers from MANIPULATING elections in 2022 & 2024 by exercising his Emergency Executive power by instituting federal government administered elections for all federal elected positions on basis that Constitution forbids GOP controlled states from plundering voting rights of select/targeted (mostly POC, urbanites) demographics group. The other choice, is for the Biden Admin to WAIT UNTIL ALL HELL BREAKS OUT as US Citizens of a certain demographic group aren’t able to vote due to all the GOP suppression tactics, bogus voter ID tactics, or they get removed from the registration rolls for some arbitrary reason (e.g., ”caging” tactics etc.), or they aren’t allowed to register to vote like a college student on campus, etc. Okay, so Biden then patiently waits and observes as ALL HELL BREAKS OUT and FL Governor Desantis is arresting voting rights protesters, and then as the Commander in Chief, Biden declares federal emergency by POTUS Executive Order and declares Marshall Law and proceeds to have the US Military administer the federal elections for all the states for a period of time until proper federal voting rights acts are passed by the US Congress, and who knows how long that will take. But in the meantime, none of the bogus elections in the GOP controlled states with their Voting Rights Plundering laws should be honored, and thus, should be null and void, and voting responsibilities of the states to administer federal elections should not be returned to them until it is done according to newly established federal voting rights legislation.

What Dems presently have:

  • POTUS Emergency Executive Power
  • Military under Commander in Chief Joe Biden
  • DNI over multiple domestic and international intelligency agencies
  • Congress House control

If Voting Rights Plundering occurs in GOP controlled states in 2022/2024, regardless of SCOTUS GOP bias, a RED LINE will have been crossed and no transfer of federal offices for such elections should be considered valid or be allowed to occur.

This is not a threat, but if the Dems don’t plan accordingly well in advance to conduct federally administered federal elections for 2022 and 2024 elections, and allow the GOP controlled states to manipulate the administering of the federal election process in their states, CIVIL WAR 2.0 will more than likely break out. Even though the GOP will be the reason and cause for this new civil war for a whole host of reasons, if the Dems sit back and let it happen without doing anything, such as discussed above, both the Dems and GOPers will have blood on their hands (GOPers for causing it, Dems for not preventing it).

Our leaders Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer can’t be telling US the answer is that “We the People” have to bust our butts to overcome the massive illegal GOP Voting Rights Plundering going on with a massive voter turnout even greater than 2020. That’s a Bull Shit “It will all work out” Politician’s Answer and is NOT ACCEPTABLE! With all the GOP underhanded tactics (Voting Rights Plundering and making it illegal to publicly assemble and protest), it will take DRASTIC MEASURES like a Biden Emergency Executive Order to have federal work forces activated to administer federal elections exclusively, and have states (through their Secretary of State offices) conduct and administer local and state elections only (or at least until the US Congress fixes this problem). Implementing this idea of federally and centrally administering elections for federal positions only in not that complicated (centralization of other matters are already done, like Medicare, Social Security, IRS federal taxes, etc.), especially after having just done the federally administered COVID19 PANDEMIC RESPONSE AND VACCINATION PROGRAM, and it makes perfectly good logical sense to do it now and for the future to prevent this kind of political manipulation of the election process for federal positions to occur again.

PUBLIC OFFICIALS (elected/appointed) NEED TO PUT AN END TO 1/2 CENTURY LONG PROBLEM WITH LEAKY CRIMe PLANTS (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments)

PayPal Donation Link: https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=AHH32GGSRLEWJ

The problem with Leaky CRIMe plants (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments) has been prevalent for a half century or more, in virtually all the states across the USA even though we have enacted laws that forbid this leakage of toxic chemicals caused by manufacturers that do not have proper environmental safeguards in place. It’s an insidious accumulative problem that is polluting our land and water that has been ignored, concealed, denied and has consistently fallen on blind eyes/deaf ears of elected and appointed public officials who cater more to greed and power (for others and themselves) more than they do to their sworn duty to protect the environment and well being and health & safety of the public. This should absolutely not be a partisan issue. Public officials exist to protect the public from harm/damage, and they do not exist to allow manufacturers to get away with illegally polluting the environment and public domain. The argument that “the pollution already exists in urbanized and industrialized areas, so why worry about it?” is a warped and grossly negligent argument that is full of holes (leaks). The POLLUTION faucet/leaks at these CRIMe plants, which has been flowing steadily for half century or more, needs to be shut off. This is not a made up story. It’s a REAL problem that is causing a steady accumulative decline in the quality of the nation’s public drinking water supply sources. It is especially a problem in the Midwest and Great Lakes Region where the largest and most precious bodies of fresh water exist in the world. The segment of the population that is the most vulnerable to the toxic cancer causing chemicals are pregnant women, infants and toddlers.

NOTICE and DISCLOSURE of this problem has been made before, including in:

  • 2000 to Jennifer Granholm, Michigan AG, and MDEQ;
  • 2017 to Obama Admin & US EPA & US AG;
  • 2018 to Michigan Governor Whitmer and MI EGLE & MI AG; and now again in
  • 2021 to Biden Admin & US EPA & US AG and Michigan Governor Whitmer and MI EGLE & MI AG.

For the most recent 2021 NOTICE and DISCLOSURE referenced above, go to table of contents of this blog to see:

  1. Letter to President Biden;
  2. Letter to MI Governor Whitmer;
  3. Letter to local (W MI, Grand Rapids Metro), state (MI) and federal elected/appointed public officials;
  4. Letter to CRIMe plant affected property owners;
  5. Dear EPPers (enablers, protectors, etc.) letter; and
  6. FACTitious “One Red Ant” Leaky CRIMe plant story.

Now more than ever we need to advocate and adhere to “liberal democracy” principles

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For those who get confused about upper case “D” versus lower case “d” for American “Democratic Party” versus American “democratic system” of government, this is not about Democratic Party, or Right (e.g., conservative) leaning versus Left (liberal) leaning American political parties (i.e., Republicans versus Democrats, which both have moderate or independent leaning supporters in the middle), but it is about lower case “liberal democracy”, which is the system of government which we operate under that emphasizes the separation of powers, consisting of an independent judiciary and a system of checks and balances between branches of government (i.e., executive, legislative and judicial: e.g., President/Congress/Court). A liberal democracy, like the USA, ideally follows the principle of “rule of law”, which exists to control and regulate our society in a limited and important manner (e.g., businesses, other entities, individuals) for a variety of activities, including our free market based economy (capitalism), election or appointment of public government officials and a variety of other matters, such as protecting environment and wellbeing and health & safety (security) of the public. Presently, the USA democracy is teetering for a variety of reasons (lopsided US Supreme Court, numerous state voter suppression laws being passed, etc.), and since 2016 the USA has been reclassified and downgraded to the category of a “flawed democracy”. Without a doubt, the USA is at a critical point in its relatively short history.

Simple concepts presented here on CommonGoodUnited.org and its related web are nothing new, but now more than ever, they are absolutely and fundamentally  essential for the survival and advancement of democracies worldwide. We are Principled American Citizens & Allies (near & Afar) Together Orchestrating (PACATO.org) for:

Common Good of humanity & planet (www.CommonGoodUnited.org, CGU);

A government (not corporations) of the People, by the People and for the People (www.GoPP.global; to be changed soon to PlanetPeoplesParty.com, PPP); and

Protection of Environment and Wellbeing and Health And Safety Of Public (www.PEWHASOP.org).

Welcome to PEWHASOP.org, a division of CommonGoodUnited.org

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CONGRATULATIONS TO President-Elect Biden & Vice President-Elect Harris

RE: Cabinet Appt Nominees (Secretary of Energy? Granholm? Why her??)

December 17, 2020

Update on CommonGoodUnited and its Divisions and Discussion of Choice of former MI Gov./MI AG Jennifer Granholm for Secretary of Energy

Check out updated “One Red Ant” Story: https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:8230e11b-bab1-4875-86b3-8eed98c9baef

Which includes new appendices, such as “FACTitious Corporation and Plant-by-Plant Summary: https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:240fbad2-e5bc-478a-ac0e-b3e4c4455db0

And FACTitious Contacts (corporation, divisions, plants, vendors, etc.): https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:3de959de-df70-4b3a-8999-63869411c3b4

CommonGoodUnited.org (=CGU), and its divisions (youREAPwhatyousow.org, PEWHASOP.org, etc.) have not said much on its websites during the past year, but now that the Biden-Harris Democrat team has won, some things need to be said. The origins of CGU came from its first website, youREAPwhatyousow.org (=REAP), which was founded, some years after a Whistleblower (WB) disclosure was made to the Michigan AG against a corporation who was knowingly and illegally polluting the environment from two or more of its CRIMe plants (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments) located in West Michigan. The Michigan AG at the time was Jennifer Granholm, who subsequently became a two-term Michigan Governor. Despite all the personal and professional risk and damage endured by the WB, AG Granholm ignored and did not act upon this disclosure. Environmental laws and regulations (RCRA 1976) requiring that these plants have certain safeguards have been in existence for nearly a half century, but have been ignored due to lack of enforcement and loose and false interpretation of these rules by the CRIMe plants and their attorneys, who have not been brought into check by the regulators who answer to the lax state and federal environmental directors, as appointed by politically-driven elected officials working on their next election campaign. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and the hazardous waste (HW) regulations contained therein, govern how hazardous wastewater (HWW) is to be Treated, Stored and Disposed of (TSD) at these CRIMe plants. These HW rules are in effect for the regional EPA certified TSD facilities (TSDFs) that exist to take liquid and solid HW from industrial HW generators throughout the US. The standards that TSDFs must meet are very stringent, requiring doubled lined tanks and pipe (= secondary containment = tank inside of a tank, pipe inside of a pipe), continuous leak detection monitoring between secondary and primary tanks and pipes, continuous liquid level monitoring and pressure monitoring in tanks and pipes with automatic alarm systems and shutoffs that are triggered when critical liquid levels or pressures have been reached to prevent overflows/releases,  sampling and testing of monitor wells (and stormwater retention ponds) surrounding the site to give early detection if contaminants have been released from TSDF and are about to be spread to adjacent properties; plus extensive US EPA reporting requirements. What needs to be clearly recognized is that most of the regional TSD Facilities that take HW and HWW from thousands of industrial plants, DO NOT process as much HWW as many of these industrial CRIMe plants, who in a lot of cases, are leaking like sieves and are going unnoticed (unless they contaminate nearby domestic wells) because they are located in areas that have centralized municipal water systems, so nobody is monitoring them, and nobody knows the difference even though they are polluting, both near and afar, the surrounding soils, streams, lakes  and public water supply sources. Prime examples of CRIMe plants are metal finishers/electroplating facilities, leather tanneries, pulp/paper processing plants and stainless steel manufacturing. Toxic chemicals from these plants include hexavalent chromium and PFAS chemicals, which are very toxic at extremely low concentrations, especially to the most vulnerable population, like infants, toddlers and pregnant women. Hexavalent chromium is becoming more and more prevalent in water supply source intakes on the Great Lakes near urbanized and industrialized areas, which is becoming a major concern. The insidious water pollution that has been occurring to our water supply sources for a half a century or more due to unchecked pollution from these CRIMe plants can be compared to the insidious air pollution that is occurring to our atmosphere from fossil fuels which has brought about climate change. The contaminants from the CRIMe plants are slowly and gradually traveling through the soils, groundwater, ditches, streams and lakes and accumulating in our freshwater public water supply sources, and if left unheeded, it will continually degrade the quality of our drinking water.

Those CRIMe plants that have been loosely interpreting the RCRA HW regulations so they can freely pollute the environment have been falsely and illegally doing so by misinterpreting the domestic sewage exclusion as given in CFR 261.4(a)(1)(ii). This exclusion states that any mixture of domestic sewage and other wastes that passes through a sewer system to a publicly-owned treatment works (POTW) is excluded from RCRA HW rules. There is a fairly recent footnote now for this exclusion that states: “This exclusion applies only to the actual point source discharge [i.e., discharge to the POTW sewage collection system]. It does not exclude industrial wastewaters while they are being collected, stored or treated before discharge, nor does it exclude sludges that are generated by industrial wastewater treatment.” The main reasons for this exclusion, was so that POTWs could accept this industrial wastewater from industrial plants after it was treated and combined with the industry’s sanitary wastewater to meet their pretreatment standards in compliance with the CWA (Clean Water Act) through the POTW’s NPDES Permit (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System); and so the POTW did not have to meet special RCRA HW requirements. The CRIMe plants have been illegally using this RCRA domestic sewage exclusion, by falsely stating that they were mixing the sanitary and HWW together at the plant through the treatment process, which is never done, because putting urine and feces in your industrial wastewater treatment process is totally absurd, a big LIE, and doesn’t happen.

 As a result of this loose interpretation of the RCRA HW rules over the last half century, essentially any given CRIMe plant “LACKS” what is considered adequate environmental safeguards as previously mentioned (secondary containment, containment system leak detection monitoring, continuous and automatic HWW tank liquid level and pipe pressure monitoring with automatic shutoff to prevent spill overflows/pipe leaks, onsite monitoring of groundwater and stormwater for early detection of site contamination before it migrates on adjacent properties, special regulatory reporting, etc.).

So my point here is that it is about time we solved this problem with the leaky CRIMe plants, and make them comply with the strict RCRA HW rules? California has, but most, if not all, of the other states have not. This needs to be a federal enforcement initiative to get all the states to comply, and begin cracking down on leaky CRIMe plants. And if former MI AG/MI Governor Granholm was willing and able to ignore this disclosure made twenty years ago, do we really want her to be the Secretary of Energy?

PACATO.org (Principled American Citizens and Allies Together Orchestrating) began to form alliances that could collectively take initiatives to orchestrate sampling and testing around these CRIMe plants (because the government has not yet, and likely will never do it on their own) to obtain the needed data to go to government officials and demand that they do something to stop this illegal pollution; and if they didn’t act, then go to the courts and demand that these publicly elected and appointed officials be held accountable to live up to their oath of protecting the wellbeing and health & safety of the public. The latter is the premise for PEWHASOP.org (Protect Environment, Wellbeing, and Health And Safety Of Public). If the courts don’t hold the public officials accountable, of course, We the People should vote them out. The other divisions of CGU besides those already mentioned are GoPP.global (People’s Party platform) and UGLY.network. As you can see, relying on politicians alone (i.e., our elected public officials), even though they are from the most viable (winnable) party that most closely represents your ideals in our US democracy, does not mean they will do what is right all the time, because oftentimes their main driver is the desire and MO (Modus Operandi) to get re-elected, and We the People, may oftentimes come up short in that contest.  And that is why we should always point out what is UGLY, so we have a gauge and a reference point, to call out those politicians when it comes election time on the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY. UGLY.network was formed originally in 2019, incorporating the presidential primary leading up to the 2016 election and the Trump Presidency in 2017-18. Since that time, there has been a real bonanza for more Trumpian UGLY material yet to be incorporated. The Trump era was a prime time for defining UGLY. If a politician consistently does the opposite of Trump, that politician won’t be all that bad.


SWORN OATH OF ELECTED & APPOINTED PUBLIC OFFICIALS: “TO PROTECT THE OVERALL GENERAL WELFARE AND HEALTH & SAFETY OF THE PUBLIC (THAT INCLUDES PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT)”. TO DO LESS IS UNLAWFUL AND A BREACH OF PUBLIC DUTY. THIS SAME OATH IS A PART OF THE CODE OF ETHICS FOR ATTORNEYS, DOCTORS, ENGINEERS, etc. – if a professional engineer scrimps on the design of a bridge and it collapses and kills people, that engineer will be prosecuted for a criminal act – analogous to that is a governmental attorney general or chief executive that turns a blind eye and deaf ear to a whistle blower’s disclosure that an industrial plant is leaking carcinogenic toxic chemicals to the environment; and therefore, that AG and/or chief executive/Mayor/Governor/President (including cabinet members, EPA Administrators, etc.) should be prosecuted for the criminal act of BREACH OF PUBLIC DUTY (Plain & Simple: A government of, by and for the PEOPLE according to the Constitution which is to be upheld and enforced by the branches of government (legislature and department of justice).

PEWHASOP (PEWHASOP.org) concentrates on making sure our government(s) and its representatives are always acting in our best interests in such a manner ACCORDING THEIR PUBLIC OATH in a fashion that is protective of the environment along with the general welfare & health and safety of the public.

PEWHASOP is a division of the CGU organization (CommonGoodUnited.org), along with “youREAPwhatyousow.org” (REAP, or Reality Environmental Action Proponents), “PACATO.org” (Principled American Citizens and Allies Together to Orchestrate), “GoPP.global” (People’s Party), and UGLY.network (Usurped, Greedy, Lackluster and Yearning for attn 24/7). See Web Page Header item “PEWHASOP: Division of CGU” for a summary and further description of CGU and its divisions.

The parent organization, COMMONGOODUNITED INC (CommonGoodUnited.org), otherwise known as CGU, is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization and a 509(a)(2) Public Charity, exclusively formed for charitably and education purposes to provide information, education, sampling & testing to increase knowledge on environmental, health & safety issues so public may make informed decisions on related public policy.

All of the CGU Org divisions are founded on the primary principle of having a society and governing body that acts for the “Common Good” of humanity and the planet. Another common principle of CGU Org is that of informing and educating the public on is the U.S. Constitution, which calls for a “people’s government that is of, by and for the people”, (Primary basis for People’s Party) and not “of, by and for the corporations and their loyal partners of elected and appointed public officials and high paid lobbyists” (lobbyists typically were previously public officials or owners/operators of the corporations; therefore, IT IS PRESENTLY, and has been for a long time, A POWERFUL CIRCLE WITH NO WEAK LINKS).

REAP’s current, and primary “seed” cause, is to identify and hold accountable leaky CRIMe plants located across the nation (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments), and in particular, in the Midwest/Rust Belt/Great Lakes Region where chemical contamination is the worst and the stakes are the highest – i.e., continued toxic carcinogenic chemical contamination of the greatest and most treasured freshwater body on the entire planet. For multiple decades, and a half a century or more, CRIMe plants have been continuously contaminating our natural water resources (each and every one of these plants lacks proper environmental safeguards), including our public drinking water supply sources. Sadly, and pathetically, because these leaky CRIMe plants have not been held accountable by government public officials (elected and appointed) and agencies, REAP is informing and educating people that it is their right and civic duty to take matters into their own hands (join with their neighbors and allies per the primary emphasis of PACATO.org) and sample and test around these leaky CRIMe plants themselves.  REAP will then give further instructions to the aggrieved public to proceed with presenting their contamination investigation report to public officials and demand that act in accordance with their OATH of PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT AND GENERAL WELFARE AND HEALTH & SAFETY OF THE PUBLIC (primary emphasis of PEWHASOP.org) or otherwise be held accountable themselves for the ILLEGAL ACT OF BREACH OF PUBLIC DUTY (rarely occurs, but must be done or otherwise these officials will continue as they have in the past of giving a blind eye and deaf ear to this problem). Professionals, like doctors, attorneys, engineers, etc., are required to abide by this PUBLIC PROTECTIVE OATH, and certainly elected and appointed public officials are also, and the public needs to hold them accountable to the oath.

Through the People’s Party PIE Platform (Public Informational and Educational), CGU and PPP (People’s Party Platform) plans to inform and educate the public on how they can achieve the above in lieu of waiting another half of century or more for the government or plaintiff attorneys to come to their rescue. For various reasons, the plaintiff attorneys rarely come running to take these  cases because: (a) the leaky CRIMe plants are often in areas served by centralized public water, so there aren’t enough citizens directly ingesting chemically contaminated water; (b) many times the leaky CRIMe plants are either not located in a residential area, or if they are, it usually is in a low income demographic area where devaluation of these properties due to chemical contamination of the associated land is only pocket change to these high paid attorneys; (c) the plaintiff attorneys often reside and practice law in the same jurisdictional area (local, State, Region), and they don’t want to do battle with a company (and general industry) that is closely allied with many of the attorney’s allies (government officials, lobbyists, chamber of commerce, etc.); and (d) nobody has figured out yet, or is willing to admit, that the environmental pollution coming from the leaky CRIMe plants is actually insidiously and gradually polluting our public drinking water supply sources in an industry-wide, watershed-wide, collective manner.  There are laws on the books with civil and criminal penalties that will hold these negligent government officials (who turn a blind eye and deaf ear to obvious problem) and owners/operators of CRIMe plants accountable in a court of law.

There are many more public policy issues that the people need to become more informed, educated and active on, such as the advancing of the private sector taking over (privatization) public infrastructure systems and public lands, including the giving up of mineral rights to the private sector on public lands for little or no costs with few or no restrictions on private sector activities on these lands (they abuse Native American lands, sucking groundwater aquifers dry making bottled water, etc.). Another topic that PPP intends to inform, educate and encourage action on relates to public policy action requiring that government protect the general welfare and civil rights of the public, including the duty of government to fulfill its obligation to protect the basic human rights (equality, etc.) and needs of its citizens (providing: habitable places to live, shelter, food, clean & safe water and air, etc.). Besides informing and educating on what is good and what is right for the common good of humanity and the planet, CGU Org also has a platform (UGLY.network) to describe what is bad and just plain UGLY for society, and contrary to the fundamental foundation of the USA and its Constitution and many other principles that good respectful people with morals, ethics and character live by, such as being respectful of your fellow human beings and the planet (flora, fauna, natural resources, etc.), living by the Golden Rule (treat others as you would want them to treat you), etc.

Introduction to Collusion Puppet Dance and Chanting

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Pg 2: HOW IT ALL BEGAN WITH THE “gol darn” Leaky CRIMe Plants


Pg 5: FOCUS ON Grand Rapids Metro, W MI, Michigan and Midwest/Great Lakes Region

Pg 6: “REAP” LEAKY CRIMe PLANT: “POSTER Community, State and U.S. Region”







Pg 14: PEWHASOP: Protecting Environment & general Welfare & Health And Safety Of Public

Pg 14: PEOPLE’S PARTY (GoPP.global)












Pg 23: DON’T QUIBBLE/MINCE WORDS: CALL a lie a LIE, and a liar a LIER








First a DAILY AFIRMATION (just missing mirror & Sen. Franken, SNL) from yours truly, GBF: (a) As hard as it is today with “It” [explained later], keep a stiff upper lip, and get smart and don’t get even; (b) Make fun of it all in a humorous and constructive manner; (c) and Above all, join with your family, friends and allies, and shout praise, sing, and rejoice to the heavens, and join hands and dance the Puppet Dance! (Commemorative T-shirts, Caps, Video demo coming soon). Of course, we have to be realistic about this, because most of us have family members, relatives, friends, classmates, coworkers, colleagues, etc. that are a part of the POTUS “It” followers/supporters (and in some cases, part of the extreme alt-right/nationalist/white supremacist fringe); so recognize that when you are out there at the City Square or dance hall wearing your “Puppet Dance” T-shirts and Caps, that latter group may pay you a visit so they can see attire and the dance first hand; which is a great opportunity for many of us to see what fellow church members, etc. make up this POTUS “It” RNC/GOP group (read further and see what exactly RNC/GOP means to some of us who were playing a spirited game of scrabble.



Not to be presumptuous, but if any publication wishes to publish any part of this written document (please promise to be careful not to destroy the context) or all of it, you have my permission to do so if your organization considers it worthy and of general interest to your readership.

GBF (Giacomo B Fischiatore, bgiacomobf@gmail.com, 317-438-9742).


I have many well intentioned causes, which you will hear about in short order, but my primary, initial, and “seed” cause that started all of this is:

HOW IT ALL BEGAN WITH THE “gol darn” Leaky CRIMe Plants

Plain and simple, thousands of leaky CRIMe plants (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments) are out there across the nation (and world), that exist because nobody has held them accountable over years, decades and certainly a half of century, and going on a century. In essence, no one has made them install appropriate environmental safeguards, and because of this, almost each and every one of these CRIMe plants lacks these fundamental and necessary (environmental and public health & safety) safeguards. And because of the latter, these leaky CRIMe plants are insidiously degrading the quality of our natural water resources, and in particular, our treasured public water supply sources, like Lake Michigan and the rest of the Great Lakes. This insidious, gradual, accumulative and “ticking time bomb” degradation that is occurring needs to be addressed, because the presence of these toxic carcinogenic chemicals in the raw fresh water supplies feeding our public waterworks facilities for “safe drinking water” is becoming more and more of a public health concern and risk, especially for the more vulnerable, like pregnant women, infants and toddlers.  I mean ask yourself: “Have you or one of your family members or close friends been afflicted with some form of cancer?” You might say that is “scare tactics”, but what else can I say to draw your attention? Do you think anyone gets afflicted with cancer from ingesting toxic (carcinogenic) laden/tainted water that they were drinking that was qualified by the public waterworks agency as being “safe drinking water”? SURE THEY DO! The latter is true, because these waterworks use outdated health standards for carcinogenic toxic chemicals like hexavalent chromium that are recklessly published by the U.S. EPA or the State for their water quality standards that are not updated to current scientific studies (e.g., study conducted in CA by a renowned panel of medical and public health experts). So in the meantime, since states like Michigan and the U.S. Midwest in general are using outdated water quality standards, such as for Cr+6, people in this State and Region are subjected themselves, their unborn, their infants and toddlers to excessive exposure of Cr+6, based on EPA’s antiquated and inadequate water quality standards, which more than likely is overexposing this specific vulnerable demographic, which could very well result in cancer afflictions for these individuals later in life. And the deniers for the latter situation are never satisfied with date provided in legitimate and reliable scientific studies, but instead, they are waiting for absolute proof of the origin and fate of every single toxic chemical molecule that leaks from these highly corrosive and cancer causing plants. The deniers on climate change are virtually asking for the same kind of proof, except in that case, they want you to chemically finger print the chemicals and plot their path from here to the heavens and report back to them on how exactly it got there (actual path), and what incremental kind of climate changes occurred during these course of events? So I am being preposterous in explaining all this, but suffice to say, no matter what kind of sound scientific evidence you derived in a peer reviewed consensus building method among 98% of thousands of the best scientific experts in the world, they will still come up with some cockamamie argument, that the data is flawed, which of course all scientific data and empirical/mathematical and scientific theories and postulations are never 100% exact; but that is not the point, because that is the nature of science. For example, we could predict exactly what is going to happen to Rush’s head and body if he takes a swan dive off an 18-story building in Southeast Florida, but more than likely are predictions won’t hold true 100%, due to variables and assumptions that may have slightly deviated when he was flying past the 10th floor. And that’s the point! He still went splat! But the angle he hit the ground was not exactly as we expected, and for some reason or other he didn’t hit head first, so what we expected with the flying couple ounces of grey matter was not even close to what we anticipated. I guess you see the point, which in this case was not the top of his head. So now he can tell that story to his children and his grandchildren and great grandchildren, and some day when those youngsters look back when they are living somewhere else besides Florida because that State became kind of a dangerous and unlivable place over the decades because of the high sea levels and Category 5+ Hurricanes (new rating system to be developed soon), and they will ask grandpa Rush if he has any more scientific predictions from his denier buddies? Well, when Rush was asked that he just scratched his head and other body parts, and told these youngsters now that they were older that soon we will be able to put little GPS gadgets on every single chemical molecule so we can plot exactly where all these molecules came from, and follow the erratic and wild path they take over time, and document in detail how these molecules may have physically and chemically changed along the way, and determine exactly what they caused or did not cause in terms of meteorological changes or other changes in our global system of ocean currents, land and sea ice, etc. Those kids are so lucky to have Rush, and so are we. Just to conclude this topic, here is something we do know scientifically, and there isn’t much argument about it: The IQ ranges for a moron, imbecile and an idiot are 51 to 70, 26 to 50 and 0 to 25, respectively.

So getting back to the leaky CRIMe plants – Unlike chemicals associated with climate change, the nasty chemicals leaked from these plants can be easily identified and tracked just by sampling and testing soil, groundwater and surface water around these plants. And there is essentially a chemical finger print associated with these plants, because the chemicals they use in their manufacturing processes are something that is known. Okay, that was simple wasn’t it? Regardless, Rush and his FOX and other talking head buddies will come up with another cockamamie way to deny this simple fact. This is not to say, that hydrogeological modeling of chemical transport in the groundwater is a simpleton process, but it is pretty well established and reliable, but you still have to deal with the CRIMe plant’s denial or concealing or deceiving about what chemicals they use in their processes, but lies like this don’t carry much water nowadays (no pun intended) in today’s information world, because all their processes are out there on the internet in black and white, and usually their past employees are eager to give out information on their polluter employer.

So if this leaky CRIMe problem is so straight forward as described here, then why isn’t this problem out in the open and being addressed, corrected and remediated (and prosecuted) already? Well your first thoughts on this are probably that our elected and appointed public officials certainly must be on top of this in the interest of the “general welfare and health & safety of the public” right? Well, my answer to that would be “don’t look to the government officials/politicians on this because they, for the most part, are in cahoots with Big Business and their very successful lobbyists who all chant in unison that “it just ain’t so [=LIES!]”. If they have their way, as they have so successfully done in the past, they will just let this continue on for several more decades, and tell us it would be best if government just stayed out of corporate business and just let those corporate business geniuses/leaders do their own ISO14001 self-regulating and environmental pollution control “as they see fit” based on their superior ability to control the bottom line capital expenditures and operating costs in a manner that maximizes profits for the good of all (= themselves = 1%) while at the same time protecting the environment and public health in a reasonable fashion (= inadequate and “BS”; the latter term to be defined later). ISO14001 is an International Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Standard often used as a guise/façade by CRIMe plants, especially now that some states have sanctioned these EMS’s as a substitute for regular regulatory inspections, and more or less have agreed to a “hands off approach” by state environmental regulatory agencies (= MI), who are delighted and accepting of this approach because they are constantly cutting staff and their overall budgets for environmental regulatory functions per the wishes and desires of the corporate community who preach “less government” and “privatization of everything” in favor of corporate “self regulation”, which is absolutely preposterous and another “bamboozling of the public” once again.


REAP (Reality Environmental Action Proponents) under “youREAPwhatyousow.org” is pursuing the crackdown on the CRIMe plants relentlessly, and plans to facilitate, and hopefully eventually help fund, the formation of community watchdog groups under “PACATO.org” (Principled American Citizens and Allies

[from near and afar]

Together to Orchestrate) to sample and test soils and groundwater around these plants to identify contamination in their community and demand that these companies be held accountable.   

FOCUS ON Grand Rapids Metro, W MI, Michigan and Midwest/Great Lakes Region

Having greatest familiarity with West Michigan, Grand Rapids Metro Area, U.S. Midwest/Great Lakes Region, REAP has chosen to focus on that area of the country as it relates to the leaky CRIMe plant issue (Call them the CRIMe plant “Poster” community, state and region). Fortunately, California has demonstrated environmental leadership and stewardship and is on the right track on addressing this problem in their state to stop, control and remediate the chemical releases from CRIMe plants. For example, they have required that these plants first of all have no buried tanks or pipes on the industrial site (common problem with the older plants, especially in the Rust Belt region) carrying hazardous wastewater (HWW). The requirements, further demand that all the tanks and plumbing must be clearly visible by operators, and inspected hourly 24/7, with all leaks and spillage reported and addressed immediately to state regulatory authorities. Besides requiring that they have secondary containment for HWW conveyance, storage and treatment systems (tank in a tank, pipe in a pipe), they require these plants to have monitor wells around the perimeter of the site also, to serve as an early alert/notification system to promptly identify if chemical contamination has occurred and is about to migrate to adjacent properties. In lieu of the hourly inspections previously mentioned, these facilities may instead have automated leak detection systems, and automated pipe pressure and liquid level monitoring systems, coupled with automated alarms and shutoff systems for the purpose of preventing chemical overflows/spills and tank/pipe leaks (inordinate drops in pressure or liquid levels = leak). By requiring that all the CRIMe plants do the aforementioned, CA has drastically reduced what is called RCRA Class I Hazardous Waste environmental releases (as defined in the 1986 Resource Conservation & Recovery Act).  

“REAP” LEAKY CRIMe PLANT: “POSTER Community, State and U.S. Region”

REAP has chosen the Grand Rapids Metro area of  MI, the State of Michigan and the U.S. Midwest/Great Lakes Region as the “Poster Community”, “Poster State” and “Poster U.S. Region” to take the lead to address this issue, and to once and for all forbid CRIMe plants to operate in these areas in a negligent manner by carelessly and recklessly interpreting the RCRA CWA (Clean Water Act) domestic sewage exclusion/exemption (often per environmental attorneys’ interpretation/recommendations) incorrectly as a legitimate excuse for these leaky CRIMe plants not having the appropriate environmental safeguards as just discussed. As discussed earlier, REAP and its followers, have no intention of waiting around any longer for government (local, state and federal) and the three branches of government (executive, legislative, and judicial) to come to the rescue to citizens in harm’s way (“REALITY” has finally set in), but rather through PACATO and their formed alliances of neighborhoods and homeowners associations, etc., they will be pursuing this matter on their own by gathering the appropriate information (sampling & testing: YES, they can do that!) that will then be brought forward to the governmental bodies having jurisdiction in their area, and demand that they address the problem in accordance with environmental and public health & safety laws, or otherwise be held liable themselves and be prosecuted for clear “breach of public duty” (= CRIME) as they have sworn to uphold. REAP’s and PACATO’s goal and desire is to first of all identity these numerous suspected leaky CRIMe plants, and then secondly, to have regulatory agencies proceed with enforcement and demand that these CRIMe plants take corrective action, such as retrofitting/upgrading their HWW systems to have proper environmental safeguards, coupled with remediating the pollution they have caused for so many years. 

To let these plants continue as they have for more decades and perhaps another half century, is a pure travesty and “environmental injustice” (= “civil law suit”) to the surrounding environment and community; and even if there is centralized public water in these neighborhoods surrounding these CRIMe plants, that is simply no excuse for what they have been doing, nor a reason not to correct it. Even with a public potable water system, the CRIMe plants are still causing environmental harm and are putting the community, and for that matter, the State and the Region at public risk associated with the health & safety impacts these leaking carcinogenic chemicals pose to children playing in the neighborhood in contaminated soils, creeks, ditches and ponds, or perhaps even contacting these often poisonous and cancerous chemicals in their home basements and foundations as these toxins are oozing through cracks in the concrete, etc., and entering their domiciles that they have always viewed (unfortunately in this case, incorrectly) as a safe and protective haven for their loved ones. The public health & safety and environmental harm associated with these leaky CRIMe plants goes on and on; contaminating the creeks, rivers and lakes where people fish and eat the fish they catch; and as mentioned earlier, those toxic chemicals, even though they move ever so surely and slowly via the soils/groundwater below, they have been doing so for a half a century or more, and it involves many leaky CRIMe plants in an area working in unison over an expansive area, with the  end result being that these toxic chemicals eventually find their way hydrogeologically (through soils, groundwater, streams and lakes) and into those precious public water supply sources, we call the Great Lakes. If this is not a problem, why do these communities and their public waterworks agencies keep putting their public water supply intake structures further and further upstream/up-lake, and far away from urbanized/industrialized areas?


Grand Rapids Metro area (CRIMe plants located in Grand Rapids and Kentwood and elsewhere) is a prime candidate for the REAP “Poster Community” because a whistleblower disclosure was made there in the spring of the year 2000 (MI Governor Engler, MI AG Grandholm & MDEQ Director Harding) that was totally ignored (meet & greet meeting held, and that’s all!); and the community is planning a river restoration/recreational/commercial economic development project that will be removing several dams on the Grand River that have been there for over a hundred years, that unbeknownst to the poor “soon to be impacted” folks downstream, will surely result in a BIG SLUG of toxic carcinogenic chemicals being released from this industrial sludge and sediment that has laid dormant on the river bottom for over a century, in a town that has always had a heavy concentration of CRIMe plants, especially electroplaters/metal finishers, but also leather tanneries, and other CRIMe type plants. And incidentally, the Grand River empties out a mere 35 miles west from the City Grand Rapids at the mouth of the river on the east shoreline of highly treasured Lake Michigan where there are multiple (at least four) public water supply intake structures close to shore and the river’s mouth where there is a highly visible dark cloudy colored pollution plume.  These intakes operated by three different public waterworks agencies, serve a huge population center that includes several West Michigan cities and counties.


So far we have just been talking mostly about the detrimental environmental and public health & safety risks to humans (including men/women/the unborn/infants/children, etc.), but this also has detrimental effects on our earthly animal (land and aquatic) and plant friends/species. For your information, examples of CRIMe plants include trivalent chromium plating, chromium anodizing, decorative chromium plating, hard chromium plating, various other kinds of metal finishing/electroplating (besides chromium, like zinc, nickel, copper, etc.), leather tanneries, paper/pulp mills, stainless steel manufacturing, etc. It should be noted, that the Grand Rapids Metro Area, West Michigan, the State of Michigan and many parts of the Midwest/Great Lakes Region have had some real serious problems in the last few years with identified toxic chemical contamination from leather tanneries and chromium electroplaters, especially as it relates to a highly carcinogenic chemical (at very low parts per trillion concentration levels), called “PFAS” (poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances). There hasn’t been much indication in the news yet about the presence of hexavalent (Cr+6) in these contaminated areas caused by chromium electroplating and leather tannery operations (both these industries use PFAS and Cr+6), but levels of Cr+6 are present in Lake Michigan as evidenced by a EWG (Environmental Work Group) Tap Water Study published in recent years. Like PFAS, hexavalent chromium is also highly toxic and carcinogenic at very low concentrations – e.g., for the W MI water supply intakes on the east shore of Lake Michigan, the Cr+6 concentrations are 10 to 15 times a health risk advisory standard developed in the State of CA by a panel of medical and public health experts, which was established at a level that would be protective of the most vulnerable population, such as pregnant women, infants and toddlers.  


Again, getting back to our DAILY AFIRMATION (per our beloved former Senator Al Franken, SNL), first and foremost, this about the announcement and introduction to the “Puppet Dance” as so named and celebrated in honor of our 45th U.S. President, hereinafter called “It” (be sure to “capitalize”) because the writer herein cannot get himself to say out loud or write the POTUS’s name; and, by all indications, writer is not obligated to do so by law. After all, this is not a monarchy (although it is already authoritarian and may soon be a dictatorship), and we are not “Its” subjects. And on the dictatorship matter, “It” is certainly an aspiring dictator as we all well know, as “It” has proclaimed his proclivity towards such a title/position numerous times, which is exactly what “It” is hoping for so “It” will have all the power to squash out all “Its” adversaries, even for such minor infractions such as making a funny or dirty look at “It”, or accidentally putting a U.S. Flag Forever USPS postage stamp upside down on an envelope.


As mentioned, by all indications, day in and day out, “It” already considers “Itself” an authoritarian figure and we already know he is “card carrying” member of the “dictator/authoritarian club” that includes “Its” close allied buddies in:

Russia (Under their presidential leadership, Russia has been poisoning their adversaries and former government employees all over the place, especially there in Russia, but now also including Great Britain, where a woman and a man were poisoned by a nerve agent, and the woman, in her early 40s, and a mother of three children, died – the health of the surviving man, also in his early 40s, is questionable, and certainly degraded now and for the remainder of that human being’s life);

Saudi Arabia (Under Saudi Arabia’s governmental leadership, they sent out a strongman message to the world by torturing/bone sawing a highly respected, decent human being and USA patriot and Washington Post journalist);

Philippines (Under their presidential leadership, the Philippines has slaughtered several thousand of individuals in a so called “drug crackdown”, including individuals struggling with drug addiction problems, and certainly many innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire, perhaps even those who innocently may have just uttered the word “drug”):

Turkey (Turkey has been pleading to the USA to deport a former Turkey political leader who is currently residing in PA to be deported back to their authoritarian leader where he almost certainly is expected to be imprisoned for the remainder of his life, and punished harshly like the Turkey President has done with all his other rivals in one fashion or another);

North Korea (“It”, in a Reality TV celebrity fashion, acted (emphasis on “act”) real tough around this leader at first shortly after “Its” highly overfunded [what happened to all that $$ and where did it come from??] inauguration [most highly attended/NOT event of its kind in U.S. history]. Now all “It” does is praise this leader for his authoritarian prowess, as he does of the China leader [saying at the same time, that “It” looks forward to the day that the U.S. puts POTUS at this same authoritarian level someday soon]. And then “It” defends NK leader, and takes his word over the family’s word who are suing NK for the death of their college aged son who was imprisoned in the NK for 17 months in a gulag style prison reminiscent of the Nazi imprisonment/death camps, and later dies in the U.S. in recent weeks due to health effects suffered during his imprisonment. “It” defended the Russia leader for the poisoning of the Brits, by saying that if the country’s leader said this wasn’t so [i.e., they had nothing to do with these deaths/poisonings] and he nor his country had anything to do with this person’s death, and therefore “It” took these respectful and honorable/adored leaders at their WORD (what a joke!) because “It” just cannot understand why these honest and sincere gentlemen would lie [puke, puke, puke…]. To top it off, this “It” admired NK leader recently announced that they intended to kill the NK Olympic team by a firing squad sometime soon. Recent evidence of “It” chumming up to this dictator was the pulling back of economic sanctions by “It” just as the U.S. Treasury Department was about to impose planned and scheduled economic sanctions against this country for its nuclear proliferation activities. This was reminiscent of the same kind of “buddying up” or advocating for other authoritarian leaders like the Russian leader, as evident by It” lobbying for the backing off of planned U.S. economic sanctions against Russia for their strategic land grab of Crimea and other aggressive actions they have been taking against Ukraine for a number of years. 

Egypt and China (plenty can be said about the latter two, but I dare not; and I have already said enough to get some bone sawing myself – hopefully not, either by “It” if “It” can arrange it, or by one of “Its” dictator/authoritarian buddies).

Nationalists, White Supremacists, Ku Klux Klan, and neo Nazis (And this is a very sensitive issue in the U.S. due to the present and past day raciest tendencies of a significant part of the population, and it really shouldn’t be ignored presently because what POTUS “It” says is almost always very inflammatory, and is consistently, and repeatedly is stoking the racial divide in the U.S. and world, at a time in history with the information age and the global economy more and more struggling to move towards greater openness to diversity (race, gender, religion, etc.) as nations (esp. democratic ones/emerging) recognize the colossal challenges we face as a planet due to climate change and many other gigantic issues, like reducing and holding accountable leaky CRIMe plants, etc. As Special U.S. Prosecutor Mueller gets closer to issuing a report on possible Russian Collusion by the Trump presidential campaign and other nefarious activities by POTUS “It”, including obstruction of justice, etc., POTUS “It” just sent out a warning he plans to issue a call to arms (perhaps just fists, not guns) for this hard core Alt-Right buddies, including bikers, KKK, Neo-Nazi’s, Nationalists and White Supremacists, to get ready to more or less take to the streets and make their presence known in favor of POTUS “It’. Going back earlier in time during POTUS “Its” term, “It” showed “Its” true colors, first by declaring a broad international Muslim ban impacting several countries followed by “Its” whipsawing type reaction to deadly street riots that occurred in Virginia. The latter mentioned riots occurred in the streets in Charlottesville, VA where there was deadly violence (one women dies after being run over by an avowed White Supremacist) in August, 2017, involving an organized protest by a group made up of Ku Klux Klan, neo Nazis, Nationalists and White Supremacists, who were protesting the tearing down of the Confederate, Robert E Lee statue at the City Square. At first, POTUS “It” condemned those latter mentioned groups, and then shortly thereafter, POTUS “It” reversed “Its” decision as “It” drew upon what was termed the “moral equivalency” of the “Alt-Right” extremists (Breitbart News editorial opinion), the group of organizations previously mentioned. And those citizens that were just gathering in a public space as the City government was in the midst of shortly implementing the decision of the municipal commission to exercise the right of the local government consisting of elected officials (serving their constituents) to implement the removal of the Robert Lee statue that is very offensive to many citizens whose ancestry suffered the cruelty and ravages of legalized slavery, and the U.S. Civil War that ensued as the Confederates refused to give up their self-declared rights to own, sell and use and abuse slaves as they saw fit. “It” amazingly, criticized what “It” called the “Alt-Left”/innocent citizens in the City Square, describing them as “very, very violent” “alt-left” who “It” said sought to confront the white nationalists, and neo-Nazi’s groups that had gathered in Charlottesville; which is one of over a 100,000 BIG “It” LIES, because these groups clearly charged into the City Square with torches, sticks and clubs and screaming racists’ chants as they came full steam at the citizens in the City Square like it was a battle between the Confederates and the Union soldiers. And this isn’t the only incident where “It” defended the indefensible hate groups – he just made comments in recent days (March 2019) after some 50+ individuals (and 30+ injured) were gunned down at a Mosque in New Zeeland, by a nationalist extremist type  – Amazingly, instead of immediately offering some conciliatory condolences for the grieving families of the murdered and injured, “It” finds a need to mention that “It” doesn’t think this kind of nationalist extremist behavior is a problem in the U.S. or the world – in other words, this was just a fluke occurrence, which is contrary to what “hate” crime studies are showing).  

Dictators/Strongmen from the Past (And “It” also praises past dictators/strongmen on how they massacred and obliterated their adversaries, such as Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, and Kaddafi (he hasn’t mentioned Hitler yet, but I feel certain that is coming soon); and he casually makes pronouncements that we should think about invading Venezuela because “they have all that oil and they are right in our backyard” [“easy pickings” you might say]; and “It” criticizes the past GOP administrations for not going in and taking over all the oil fields as a primary objective in Iraq as soon as the U.S. invaded them under the George W Bush Administration; and said more of less, the same thing about the prior Iraqi war orchestrated by his father, the late George H.W. Bush.


Getting back to how GoPP.global, REAP, PEWHASOP, and in particular, how PACATO plans to bring alliances together to rejoice, sing, shout and dance the “Puppet Dance” as we celebrate our purpose and unity to work diligently as a diverse conglomerate of many people, all working in concert (orchestrating) for the Common Good of Humanity and the Planet, and the general welfare, and health & safety of the public. Public officials/politicians, who refuse to go after CRIMe plants, surely cannot care much about the latter; so I doubt they will be celebrating with us. And remember, and keep telling yourself, by doing all the aforementioned, which is certainly not against the law – not ever a scintilla; you are exercising your civil rights, or for that matter, your basis human rights, which are virtually honored in all decent civilized societies across the globe, which is merely expressing yourself and your strong emotional feelings – IT IS TOTALLY HARMLESS, and it is a good release of the stress and frustration many of you are having, just like me, with “this, that and especially with ‘It’”.

We at REAP, PACATO, People’s Party, and PEWHASOP will always be peaceful and law abiding regardless of what we face, and considerate of our fellow human beings across the nation and the world, especially with our current democratic allies and the emerging democratic societies. We will not be UGLY, like that described in UGLY.network. Hopefully, individuals and groups will learn from the latter that being as described in UGLY.network just “ain’t too pretty [whatever ‘pretty’ happens to be? – as so defined by ‘It’]”.

The initial idea of the Puppet Dance came out of PACATO because this organization emphasizes the “the joining and coming together with our allies from near and afar” for the principled purpose of working for the “Common Good” (CG). The latter includes allied neighborhoods and groups, and allied local, state/provincial, national and international governmental and nongovernmental organizations – NGOs. So the dance, which is performed by two dancers joining their hands over their heads to dance in whatever fashion or style they so choose (rock, country, jazz, rap, bluegrass, etc.), is to represent unified principled people showing love, kindness and compassion towards one another, regardless of their fellow man’s origin, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, income/financial assets, education, etc., etc. Generally speaking, to honor “It”, one of the two dancing partners is supposed to be “bully-like” and dominant (the “puppeteer”), and take control over the other the dancer (the “puppet”), more or less, over the other dance partner in a playful manner (even though “It” probably wouldn’t be that playful). So in essence, one dancing partner is “loosie-goosie” and lets the other dance partner who is in control, kind of flop them around (at least their hands, arms and the whole upper appendages, including shoulders), in rhythm to whatever music is being played – when you first do it, I guarantee you will be chuckling with delight! It truly is fun and hilarious! You now know everything you need to know to do the Puppet Dance; and think about “It” when you are doing it, because, after all, this dance was named in “Its” honor.


There are many societies from the past, and still plenty today (e.g., Native Americans of various tribal nations across the U.S. and the Americas and elsewhere) that gather in a circle with their kinship and friends and chant together as they are individually and jointly thinking of vastness of the universe, and praising the Creator of the blessed earthlings of many persuasions and the blessed earth for its magnificence and many wonders and all its creatures and species, both flora and fauna, and the heavenly skies of the expansive universe with its enumerable planets, stars, and galaxies as we all reside here together on one tiny little spot as a microscopic particle of the vast Godly whole. The substance of the chant varies with the seasons, and more broadly with Earth’s orbital changes, which have influenced climate and life forms for more than 200 million years. This is a complicated field of study left to the Astrophysicists, but archeologists have shown many times over how civilizations have been so heavily influenced by these cycles. But for now, with all that is going on in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world, we can simplify our songs and dances (i.e., the Puppet Dance) and chanting to something that resonates deep within us based on current events and the circumstances and situation we find ourselves in during these very troublesome and disturbing times. So here are some chants you can try as you sit in a circle with your kinship and friends (longtime friends as well as new friends – it is a time when we especially need kinship and friendship in our communities to comfort and sooth one another):

















NOTE: Of course you don’t have to be a Native American to come up with these chants, but rather it is something you can create on your own, just by reaching down deep into your inner feelings as each passes during POTUS “Its” term in office (check out the RNC/GOP scrabble game to get some more ideas).

PEWHASOP: Protecting Environment & general Welfare & Health And Safety Of Public

Now getting back to the purpose-driven serious stuff. In addition to, and in conjunction with working for the “Common Good (CG)”, we (all of us) are a multi-purpose organization (remember, we are multi-taskers too) further principled in “PEWHASOP.org”, which puts the code of ethics right “out in the open” that many professionals (including government officials by the way, who are mostly attorneys) solemnly vow that they will always abide by (engineers, attorneys, doctors, architects, etc.) the sacred principle of working “to Protect the Environment and general Welfare & Health And Safety Of the Public” (= PEWHASOP). We like to say PEWHASOP, because it reminds us that an organization called PEW Research Center which is a nonpartisan fact tank (not like those so called “GOP/RNC Contortionists’ Think Tanks) that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world – it oftentimes can be a good resource for politicians and political parties to get a sense of the public’s current concerns about government and its leaders, and the everyday issues concerning citizens over a period of time. PEW collects a lot of data on current public sentiment regarding the government, including POTUS. The “has” in PEWHASOP, reminds us what “has” been the fundamental basis for the centralized governmental structure of the United States since it first declared our it in the U.S. Constitution.  The short version of the latter is:



Which leads me to now to further introduce the recently formed “People’s Party” (GoPP.global), which is an organization that intends to put all of the aforementioned agenda, and more (let’s just say, “a lot of ideas”), altogether under one umbrella and go forth and expect to be heard/listened to by those out there who may be interested in what we think and say, like the various matters that have been presented thus far on CRIMe plant, etc.; similar to what is regularly given in the PEW Research data, except “PP” can formulate some of their own questions to pose to its subscribers/readers.


So why am I telling you all of this? Partly I am doing so you will understand the relationship of the newly established websites being introduced here and how they evolved with one spawning the growth/development of the other. The order that they evolved was:

youREAPwhatyousow.org, PACATO.org, GoPP.global, PEWHASOP.org, and lastly, although not discussed yet, UGLY.network.

The latter all started during a Scrabble game I was participating in. We all agreed to put out on the table as a starting point: Game #1 (GOP), followed by Game #2: (RNC). It was tricky, because then you had to associate all the words that popped into your head, which generally speaking for the participants in the game, was very difficult. Just like I told you about “It”, it was painfully impossible for any of us to spell out or say what these acronyms commonly stood for, which I cannot even say here. So what follows are the words that sprung forth, in a highly spirited game of Scrabble:

GOP: “Greedy Olde Partisans” – that was the general consensus, followed by a close second to

GOP = “Greedy Oligarchy Proponents”.

RNC: “Russian Nefarious Collusion” (that latter was unanimous – no question about “It”).

In addition to “Russian”, which was overwhelmingly the number one choice for “R”, besides “Reckless” and “Ruthless”, other alternatives included (some words we cannot include because they are slang/swear words, which we just can’t do right here and now):

Repulsive Narcissistic Contortion
Repugnant Neanderthal Collusion
Righteous Nemesis Conniving
Rowdy Nobility Crooked
Rascal Nefarious Conspiracy
Redneck Nazis Conflicted
Reprehensible Negative Connection
Restricted Nincompoop Conflagration
Ridiculous Neurotic Confederates
Ruthless Negligent Crazy
Russians Narrow Cruel
Revulsive Numb Conspiring
Rancor Nuts Corruption
Reckless Nasty Careless
Racist Nonsensical Cantankerous
Ruble-RUB Naysayers Chimpanzee
Ruffian Noxious Conceited
Roughneck Nationalists ConArtists
Riotous Naughty Collusion
Gangsters Orangutan Predator
Grandstander Ostrich Predictable
Goad Octopus Pernicious
Glib Ominous Pathological
Goon Obsessive Parasites
Gangbanger Opinionated Pillagers
Gull Obstinate Prejudice
Gamers Onerous Pontificators
Ghastly Odorous Preposterous
Gruesome Obstacles Punitive
Gluttonous Obsolete Past
Gorillas Oligarchs Pariah
GREED Ogres Pitiful
GladHandlers Ornery Polluter
Grisly Oppressor Pollution
Grievous Odious Pompous
Guileful Obnoxious Puffed-up
Grifter Obdurate Persecutor
Gross Orange Perilous


Ever watch the movie (or maybe it was an episode of a TV series?) “The Day the Earth Stood Still”? In this movie, a group of individuals step outside their home to discover that everything is “still” or fixed and not moving and they hear very little sound if any. The question is asked among themselves: “What has happened?”; “What’s going on?”; “How did this happen and when will this nightmare end?” I don’t know about you, but those are the exact questions I ask myself every day when I hear preposterous hourly news about what “It” is up or down (or sideways) to, and what is going on at the not so white, White House/helm of the nation and the world? I am sorry, but I can’t call POTUS anything except “It” because it is such an anomaly and should never have happened, if it were not for the GOP and RNC (“Greedy Olde Partisans” and “Russian Nefarious Collusion”). Maybe this is catching you off guard and you are asking yourself how could anyone (such as PACATO, REAP, People’s Party and PEWHASOP) question “It” such as I am doing here, and why don’t I show more respect to POTUS? Granted, the office of the U.S. Presidency alone is due respect, and that I will give; but I am sorry, “It” does not deserve the same; not one scintilla.


That is why I started UGLY.network so people like you and I can voice our opinions in a collective way on what we think is truly “UGLY” in our communities, states, nation and the world. And why shouldn’t we express these feelings? After all, why shouldn’t those in charge of communities (cities, counties, and neighborhoods), states/provinces, and nations hear what we both like and dislike; but also, in some cases, hear what we despise and consider downright despicable and pure UGLY. This of course is not a physical UGLY I am talking about, which there should be no such thing! Whether someone is considered UGLY physically, which is highly important to some individuals (like “It” who calls people dogs and horses, and makes fun of the disabled, etc.) is unimportant to most human beings, including me and most likely you also, because we recognize that the true definition of UGLY goes much deeper that that – you might say, UGLY, in the sense being discussed here, which is really the only one that counts, goes “right down to the bone”. Sadly, and ironically, those human beings who think they are so “pretty and beautiful” in everyone else’s eyes, use that expression which says that “beauty is only skin deep and UGLY is right down to the bone”. Do you think “It” has said that expression many times in the past?? I would guess yes! And he will probably call me UGLY as a “something or other”, and a moron, like “It” has been called by some of his now fired appointees (although, at least one of them called “It” an idiot, which actually is the lowest end of the IQ scale for moron, imbecile, idiot, buffoon, etc.). And after all of this, which I hope gets published a zillion times over across the globe (and by the way, YOU ALL HAVE MY FULL APPROVAL TO DO SO), “It” will probably send “Its” goons after me (i.e., such as the justice department that he has taken over from the nation), or “It” will recruit some of his buddies in the “dictator/authoritarian club” to come after me and do some bone sawing or something ghastly, which by the way, is one of the “G” choices in the GOP/RNC Scrabble game I mentioned earlier.

Think of it this way: was Elephant Man (go see the movie) UGLY? He sure looked different than most of us, but he was truly a beautiful man for his short life. One example of the true UGLY in the sense that I am referring to, would be “taking children away from their parents” as part of a pronounced and announced (by US AG) national policy and strategy to discourage suffering asylum seekers from seeking asylum in the U.S. due to the hardships and persecution they are experiencing in their native country. Let me ask you this, if you have children do you want your children to use “It” as a role model to follow and pattern their lives after through their developmental years? There are churches and institutions that offer character school classes (Character 101), and you would be far better off if you sent your child to that class rather than have them look to “It” as their role model.


FOX sure portrays him as great role model and someone we should all adore and admire, but then on the other hand, if you believe that FOX is an honest & legitimate news media source and not the “right arm propaganda machine” for the factual-lacking POTUS and the GOP/RNC and “Its” “alt-right” followers, you are sadly mistaken. Some of you I am sure are saying “why do you have to associate the GOP/RNC with ‘It’, alt-right, and FOX/propaganda?” Well I am sorry to say, it was your party and your process that nominated “It” and all the baggage that goes along with “It”. So you own “It” and you are identified now and forever with “It” and everything about “It”. And why not just admit it: nominating and electing “It” was just the naturally evolution of the GOP/RNC, and it is still deeply rooted in what you are all about. Look at it this way, you got your big tax reduction package and everything else he is throwing at the feet of BIG BUSINESS and all of you, and I am sure there will be more. So don’t tell us you are going to convert, and you are going to admit yourself in a treatment center to undo your brainwashing, because once a GOP/RNC, always a GOP/RNC; and those of us who oppose the latter and everything they stand for, need to keep telling ourselves, if someone is tainted with GOP/RNC, stay away from them, and keep them out of your organizations and political party, because over time they will infiltrate and corrupt it because it is in their blood. It would be nice if we could inject them with a microchip so we can detect when they are around us (although we, being decent human beings, wouldn’t ever do something like that, which is exactly the kind of tactics they would use against us if they were able to and get away with it).

And if you believe it is best to rely on Facebook, Twitter and FOX (FTF) to educate and inform yourself before you cast your ballots on election day, you are sadly doing yourself, your family and your community a disservice, because those sources are propaganda infected. Unfortunately, you all need to go to a treatment center to undo the brainwashing of the latter. You have a little more hope than the GOP/RNC (who has none), but for most of you, especially for those who still rely on this garbage for news, especially those queens and kings of Facebook, who everyone (friends and relatives) flaunt over, are probably a lost cause because you have been engulfed by the propaganda machine and you don’t even know it. Think about it hard because you and your children and your children’s children, etc., will have to live with the consequences of the choices you make for reliable news media coverage and ultimately on the choice you make at the ballot box. Even the main stream media is a lot better than FTF (Facebook, Twitter & FOX), although there are others out there that are better and more factual in my opinion, for the primary reason that they are independent/nonprofit orgs/NGOs that aren’t fed by Big Business advertising dollars (colossal OEM and entertainment companies, etc.) and are not paired up with the entertainment industry (entertainment = news, and vice versa, “just ain’t a good thing for society!!”).


I am not expecting you or someone else to take over for the mammoth project I have decided to spearhead (not too many want this job, but someone has to do it), but I am expecting you to be a participant in the process and offer ideas/suggestions, and pray, rejoice, shout, sing, dance (Puppet Dance) and celebrate PACATO with your allies to show your support and our unity in purpose to end “the Day the Earth Stood Crazy”! And, believe it or not, the nation (as the world leader) and world, was and is, on the brink of disaster; as evidenced by “It” continually condoning and advancing isolationism and supporting and advocating for authoritarian oligarchic dictatorships and the military and financial takeover of the world by “It” and the “dictator/authoritarian club”. Could this happen? Sure it could. Do you think “It” would like to see this happen? Sure “It” would. On the path we are going on right now, we will soon be led by “It” as an authoritarian/dictator who now has the justice department and military in “Its” pocket, and you can start seeing signs that “It” recognizes that, and “It” is such a skilled “It” at conning people, organizations, legislative bodies, states, nations, corporations, employees, appointees, etc., that all indications by “Its” mannerisms, is that “It” knows and feels strongly that “It” “has got it in the bag”, and is ready for blastoff soon. I guess I should be capitalizing the U.S. justice department and military, secretary of state, and all that now, but now that “It” has all that in the bag now, it is all “It”, “It”, “It”, etc. This is very serious stuff, as we all know that “It” has huge executive powers, and “It” is the commander in chief of the military by statute, which is a very, very scary thought, which relies on the slim hope and happenstance that the generals will not go along with “Its” crazy orders to attack some country, etc., following a tantrum or misunderstanding, etc. by “It” because of something someone said to “It” or maybe just gave “It” a funny look that sent “It” into a tirade, and a Twitter attack, followed by some serious military aerial attacks with real dangerous bombs and large size ammo, like what the second amendment rights group would love to get their grimy mitts on, or at least have their almighty leader “It” do it for them.


You may wonder why I (Giacomo) am starting all these websites and eventually, probably one or more 501c3 or a c4 of some other kind of organizations or whatever? And why not just have one rather than four of five? Well here is my answer:

I started out with REAP, Reality Environmental Action Proponents, under the website “youREAPwhatyousow.org”. As I told you earlier, I did this because I know that these thousands of leaky CRIMe plants out there need to be dealt with, we all have to take it on our own because those in government, including elected and appointed officials, just aren’t doing their job to protect the environment and the general welfare and health & safety of the public. Because of the latter and other things that are going on that affect us all and those and what (e.g., earth) we cherish and love now and in the future, we have this real and broad and expansive need for coordination and organizing to deal with all of this. For example, REAP plans to coordinate with neighborhood watchdog groups in contracting with consulting engineers and analytic laboratories to sample and test around the CRIMe plants, and may eventually even help these watchdog groups with the funding of these chemical contamination investigations studies.

Fortunately, I have the advantage of helping the aforementioned process along because I have done that kind of work during my career as a professional civil/environmental engineer (P.E., BS & MS degrees). Let it be known, that at one time in my career, I worked for several of these leaky CRIMe (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments) plants and I was a Whistle Blower because I recognized that these plants were leaking like sieves. It is a long story, and if you want to know more about it, just go to youREAPwhatyousow.org. In short, nothing was done about this disclosure when I reported it back in the year 2000 to the Michigan Attorney General’s office, the Michigan Governor and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ); and nothing has been done since. It is not just a problem at these plants I worked at (was and is), but it is a problem with thousands of these CRIMe plants across the nation and worldwide. As mentioned previously, there are environmental regulatory loopholes (exclusions/exemptions) that surprisingly let these CRIMe plants operate without having the proper environmental safeguards; but regardless, they were and are responsible for any chemical releases they cause now or in the past, and this exclusion I mentioned did not give them a “license to pollute”. Nobody pays much attention to this (government, news media, etc.) because the leaky CRIMe plants are connected to the world largest corporations/OEMs (original equipment manufacturers – automotive, etc.), who have this massive supply chain of CRIMe plants, that if discovered and held accountable would create substantial disruption in the supply chain and financial demands on the companies to remediate the pollution they caused and retrofit their manufacturing plants so they wouldn’t be leaking like sieves anymore.  And there is simply no reason why they shouldn’t be operating these plants in a sustainable manner as described. Look at it this way: If they have the technical expertise and sophistication to reliably and consistently make “world class, top quality finished parts”, then why can’t they have that same type of corporate ability as it applies to the protection and preservation (and restoration as needed) of the environment and the general welfare and health & safety of the public? The answer to the question is YES THEY CAN! REAP, PACATO, PP and PEWHASOP as a group do not want to see these CRIMe plants go out of business because of the economic hardship that would be caused to workers, the community, etc.; but rather, we want these plants to reform and get their act together (if they haven’t already) and do it right not only in terms of QA/QC for the products and services they provide to their customers, but also for the CG and PEWHASOP (Common Good of Humanity and the Planet, in a manner Protective of the Environment and the general Welfare & Health And Safety Of the Public).


So besides what the CRIMe plants have to do, other states (esp. MI), regions (esp. Midwest/Great Lakes) and nations need to follow California’s lead (CA is probably not perfect either, and quite possibly they need to do more on this issue also) and go after these CRIMe plants and hold them accountable and make them do what is right, including incorporating needed environmental safeguards into their operations (means they need to include capital and operational expenditures in their budgets for this essential need).


Getting back to the OEMs: they are so treasured and adored by all in the news media, especially the mainstream news/entertainment industry (entertainment = news, and news = entertainment, and Reality Star =”It”) who depend on them heavily for advertising revenues, and even the nonprofits news media sources (e.g., PBS) depend on their large philanthropists/foundations, representing some of the wealthiest dynasties in the world (Ford Foundation, etc.). The mainstream news media organizations depend on the OEMs for a big share of their advertising revenue (for the most part, the entertainment industry owns the news now), so surely they don’t want to offend them by telling them to get after those leaky CRIMe plants to correct their problems for the overall “common good” of humanity and the planet. So who is left to pursue this? Even the independent news media sources depend on foundations to a certain extent, which creates conflicts for them to really go out and report the hard truth about these CRIMe plants. Sadly, even environmental nonprofit organizations are following the nonprofit approach of being a friendly participant/partner in the community with local businesses, and do not act as they should, as they use to do three or four decades back – i.e., as a “watch dog” over these CRIMe plants, rather than taking the middle ground approach of being chummy to these CRIMe plants because they want to be able to go the Chamber of Commerce meetings and seek a broad support of the community’s wealthy individuals’ and businesses’ (e.g., OEM suppliers, etc.) donations, instead of concentrating on their real mission, which is to protect/preserve/restore the environment and do the same for the general welfare and health & safety of the public. If I was them, I would rather see my 501c3 organization sink rather than partnering with these CRIMers. Even Ralph Nader is taking the middle ground now, as evidenced by one of his recent books – OMG! What is the world coming to? Don’t get me wrong, I admire Ralph Nader so strongly for all he has done over the decade for consumers, the environment, and the health & safety of the public, etc., but this backing off from the watchdog approach scares me and makes me think that we are all getting brainwashed by the GOP/RNC as previously defined herein.


What I often now hear from various people (a lot of them, W Michiganders who voted Democrat) I associated with over the years in various circles, professional and otherwise is: “let’s just give ‘It’ a chance; ‘It’ seems to be doing so much for the economy and ‘It’ is sealing our borders so well and helping to keep our jobs here in the USA by putting tariffs on goods from China and other nations, and ‘It’ passed that big tax break for all of us, and ‘It’ is getting tough on our allied democratic nations in NATO so they know we mean business and we could drop out of that  group at a drop of a hat and do just fine on our own without them; and besides all of that, ‘It’ is just a swell and overall honest, sincere  and dedicated guy whose only care during ’Its’ presidency is to do what is best for the American public”. Honestly, I actually hear all that BS (bellicose/sly & slippery: chosen to avoid saying “poop” word) recanted from those individuals who get all their news from FTF (Facebook, Twitter, Fox), and they actually believe all that garbage, and think that the agenda by “It” is so great for us all and the global world we operate in. I am not going to dissect all that BS here because it would take up too much wasted space, but suffice to say, some of these people that are being bamboozled I actually thought at one time were sensible people; but unfortunately that got sucked into FTF and thought it was all real and a fair & balanced view on the country’s state of affairs. Of course, they don’t like to even hear the word global, and they’re looking for a pure world someday under “It” that will suit them and their pure little children and grandchildren, who all attend their pure little schools and their pure little church, in their pure little neighborhood, in their pure little community, where everyone has their desired and preferred beliefs, ethnic background, etc. They also don’t understand why everybody doesn’t like Putin and the rest of the “dictators/authoritarians club”, who together have the combined power to jointly fixed this messed up world so it would be a planet that would better suit us, after some of the herd (“actual talk”) gets thinned out due to natural events, such as droughts, floods, food/water shortages, etc.; coupled with a few unnatural events offered and supported by “It” and the military/industrial complex that is waiting in the wings to crank out the war machine to get the economy humming.


We have seen plenty of “It” now to know what “It” is all about. So everyone now is just plain and simple going to have to decide whether you are with “It” or against “It”. Being against “It” of course means you are never going to vote for “It” even if “It” runs for the “County dog catcher” position. And above all, it means that you and “like thinkers” are going to join together and gather at a million different places in your neighborhood, local community, county, state/province, nation, etc., and start shouting and singing “Oh Happy Day” or something like that, and play some great music and listen to some great bands across the State, the Region, the Nation and everywhere across the globe and put on your best or most liked clothes, hats, makeup, hairdos, haircuts, etc;


You can be assured that “It” will like it, because, after all, “It” yearns for an awful lot of attention. By the way, UGLY.network stands for Usurp, Greedy, Lackluster and Yearning. What a coincidence!


We know “It” a lot better now, but let’s admit it, we and the GOP/RNC knew a lot about “It” before the primaries occurred leading up to the 2016 presidential election, and then we got a heavy dose of “It” during the primaries, and a whole huge heaping pile of “It” awareness after “It” was sworn into office (if you looked close, you would have seen that “It” had “Its” fingers crossed at the inauguration). So now we have seen a whole colossal landfill pile of information on the “UGLY” side  of “It” (“It” only has one side); and “It” certainly has outdone “Itself”, far exceeding our worst predictions and nightmares, and we fear much, much more is to come. Eventually “It” is going to peak, and that could be REAL BAD FOR ALL OF US, or it could mean that “It” hopefully is going to come to a peaceful end, as “It” and family are politely escorted out of the tainted White House that is in need of a good thorough scrubbing and a fresh coat of paint ASAP.

So every day, you have to wake up and call “It” for what “It” is. And don’t ever “sugar coat it!” And if you catch anyone doing that, such as a friend, colleague or loved one, call them on it. And give them some milk toast and tell them to think about their foolish “sugar coating” of “It” that day, while they are eating that soggy toast. And if they don’t wise up by the time they finish that milk toast or they just won’t concede and admit they made a serious mistake about “sugar coating” “It” that day, then give them a cup of cold “coffee to go with some curdled lumpy milk” and show them the door.


Why quibble about what to call all these mistruths, exaggerations, trickery, etc. – plain and simple, they are all just LIES. Call it for what it is. And why not call lies “LIES”, and call those who tell these lies repeatedly and in great numbers to the public, “LIARS”.   Enough about this business of whether it is fully accurate or not, or that it is a misrepresentation of the truth. Just call it simply and plainly flat out “LIES”. “It” has been on a steady roll/run ever since that expensive inauguration for which the finances just don’t add up, increasing “Its”: LIES/DAY to the public from about four when “It” started “Its” term to at least twice that now, and approaching double digits now (10+).  Sadly, I sincerely believe that little children in kindergarten or first or second grade know we got a LIAR for a President “It” is lacking basic good principles, empathy, compassion and respect for the common good of all humanity and the planet as a whole. If “It” gives little respect to humans and the planet, why should “It” expect to get any respect or admiration back? Without “sugar coating it”, just say: “‘It’ is just plainly and simply a pathetic, and a sad representation of humanity. Furthermore, we want an ‘It’ [that we don’t have to call ‘It’] that works hard for the betterment of the common good of humanity and the planet, and not for the betterment of ‘Itself’ and ‘Its’ family, friends and close business associates and dictator/authoritarian buddies”.


I am not, and we are not as a group obligated to “sugar coat” when we talk about “It”, and we should call “It” as we see it in plain English as he often unjustifiably does about everything and everybody ALL THE TIME. “It” is not going to change, in fact, “It” is only going to get worse, and worse, as we have already observed over the last couple of years, just like “Its” DAILY LIE count spiraling upward week after week. Politicians have always tended to hedge, and even though they know full well what “It” is up to and that “It” is a disgrace and embarrassment to our beloved nation, and a huge liability, they pretend that “It” is doing what is right for the country and the common good, which is drastically in conflict with reality. Well, as I said, I am not a politician, and most of you aren’t either, so we the “People’s Party” (just a website or a yet to be formally organized educational group) at this point will tell it like it is, and we won’t hesitate to tell exactly what we think about “It”. We are not a political party, but rather, we are just a group of like minded principled humanitarians and environmentalists who like to party (that’s the “party” part of it) and have fun while we are working for the common good of humanity and the planet, and taking time, of course, to join hands with our fellow compatriots and DO THE “PUPPET DANCE!!

And please dear God, speaking to our loyal readership, DO NOT LET THE GOP/RNC con you into thinking that “It” is just fine, and “It” is just going through some bumpy sections of the road right now, things will smooth out soon and “It” will get back on track and begin once again doing all sorts of wonderful things for mankind (NOT) and the planet (NOT) start concentrating on achieving everything under the sun, and may even reopen “Its” exclusive university for the UP AND COMERS.  “Its” great programs, already declared around the world to be the best ever in the total history of the republic, will serve the American Public’s best interest (= BS today, tomorrow, and forever). And don’t ever think a GOP person is going to change their ways – they are like Florida alligators with excellent stealth and just waiting in the weeds to pounce on you as soon as you have a kind, caring or weak moment and begin to waiver and start talking to GOPers as they creep or slither up to you, saying things like “let’s just give them and ‘It’ a chance, and recognize that they, the high and mighty GOP/RNC, are really all good patriots and sincerely care about providing what is best for all U.S. citizens, and don’t believe all this malarkey you are hearing such as people accusing GOP of voter suppression, extreme gerrymandering, or the recently reported concealing and/or walking off and/or destroying large quantities of 2018 absentee ballots in NC, which undoubtedly swung the vote their way, which is fair, because they didn’t do it intentionally on purpose, but rather inadvertently put these ballots in the back room with all the archived files to be retrieved at later date, once someone recognized that they were missing, perhaps during the next election when they start re-evaluating the latest in voter suppression strategies and how to properly store and archive absentee ballots for selective districts who have a preference for archiving ballots in a safe place for slumbering.


Just remember, there is no limit on what the GOP/RNC will do to gain complete control of the government so they can deregulate, allow self-regulation of CRIMe plants that degrade the environment while imposing additional health & safety risks to the public so they can further increase their vast wealth and continue to increase income inequality and look the other way on those individuals and families deprived of their basic needs, like adequate healthcare, shelter, food and safe water. The GOP sees the day coming soon where their ilk will become the minority, and the current minorities will become the majority, and more women will be in high office, which believe me, they don’t particularly like and they are getting quite jittery about this happening in the near future and they fear their macho style leadership may be fading quickly. The whole scenario just described is more than likely exactly what we need right now, and the sooner it happens, the better off we will all be.

What we don’t need is our nation to continue on the path it is currently going (in at least 2nd or 3rd gear now) which is leading our nation and the world down a rocky cataclysmic cliff towards the abyss and its ultimate destruction and annihilation. Recognize that all “It” cares about is the aggrandizement and increase in “Its” personal wealth for “Itself” and “Its” like minded family and associates. The GOP is about to become obsolete, and you can see they are getting more and more desperate and using a strategy of hate, isolationism and nationalism as they teeter on the edge and cater to those who fear their privileged life style and existence is possibly in jeopardy, which is making them feel intimidated and vulnerable in our ever increasing global/mobile and diverse society. The day they fizzle out, which is hopefully soon, will be the best thing that could happen to the USA and the world.

We are not saying here who exactly we favor (i.e., political candidates, etc.), but we unquestionably want to see “It” gone ASAP, which realistically, probably won’t be until 2020, providing, hopefully, there is a candidate who can defeat “It”. But regardless, “It” = GOP/RNC, and GOP/RNC = “It”, and we want that whole nefarious “pile” gone forever as a political entity, by losing at the ballot box, or possibly impeachment as it relates to “It”, and I don’t imagine those expressed wishes surprise anyone after all the aforementioned.


If you have ever been confronted by a “bully” there is only one way to contend with them, and that is to stand up to them. If “It” has “Its” army around “It”, “It” will be very bold, brave (false brave) and confident, but if “It” is alone, “It” will cower and whimper in the corner, and not give any resistance and likely will not be aggressive towards you. Just remember, that deep down inside a bully is a coward, and if “It” is one on one, “It” will almost always back down because “It” is a hollow, empty shell of a human being. So don’t be afraid of the bully, “It”, even if you heard “Its” recent “bully/yellow” talk by pronouncing that “It” has the support of the police, military and the “Bikers for ‘It’”, and warned that “it could be very bad” if they have to get tough on “Its” opponents. The latter is another example of the same kind of “stoking” that “It” has been doing repeatedly, starting in the early days of “Its” primary run for the POTUS position when “It” was encouraging “Its” supporters at rallies to attack the press, and praising “Its” supporters for sucking punching “Its” opponents, and continuing to the present day with GOP/RNC turning a blind eye and deaf ear to it all! (And they consider themselves the Law & Order party?? – WHAT A SAD, SAD, PATHETIC excuse for an American political party! – they truly need to become extinct just like the large endangered wild game they hunt down in the jungles and kill! After this happens, maybe we could mount some of the worst of their lot on a Wall of Shame!).


Question: When are we going to end having so darn many public officials elected or appointed to governmental positions that are attorneys? Attorneys have their place and it is a respected profession that serves the public good to uphold our justice system and laws, and provide for equal justice due process for all U.S. citizens. But the questions still is? Why are there so many of them running communities, states/provinces, our nation and the world? And why have Big business owners elected to high office if they have obvious conflicts of interest because of their financial holdings and business ownership, including ownership and management/development of such businesses by family members:?

Why not have more governmental elected and appointed officials who are educated/trained individuals such as construction managers, engineers, scientists, geologists, architects, social workers, and more representation from women, minorities, LGBTQ, ADEA (older workers and professionals), nurses, doctors, IT tech people, building trades, etc.; who as a “whole” would be more apt to do what is right for the betterment of humanity and the planet, including fulfilling basic human rights and basic sustenance needs, such as having programs that will lead to individuals and families having what is needed such as food, water and shelter and healthcare, as well as providing aid and assistance for the mentally ill, homeless, etc., and being knowledgeable in critical areas, such as practical aspects of public infrastructure, environment, ecology, space exploration, healthcare, meteorology, hydro-geology, hydrology, climate change, geology, etc.



The parent company, CommonGoodUnited Org (CommonGoodUnited.org), a nonprofit organization, hereinafter called CGU Org, exclusively charitably provides tax exempt information & education and assists with sampling and testing to increase knowledge on environmental, health & safety issues so public may make informed decisions on related public policy.


  1. REAP, or Reality Environmental Action Proponents (under “youREAPwhatyousow.org”), among other goals aimed at protecting, preserving and restoring (where needed) the environment, especially concentrates on identifying/publicizing and holding accountable (first through sampling & testing, and second, through public officials and agencies) leaky CRIMe plants (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments).
  2. PACATO (PACATO.org) concentrates on forming alliances near and afar to address circumstances and situations affecting the public in an orchestrated manner to arrive at desired outcomes that contribute to the betterment of humanity and the planet. 
  3. PEWHASOP (PEWHASOP.org) concentrates on making sure our government and its representatives are always acting in our best interests in such a manner that is protective of the environment along with the general welfare & health and safety of the public.
  4. People’s Party (GoPP.global) is first and foremost a PIE (public informational/educational) organization devoted to helping educate and inform the public on critical issues at a local, state, national and international level, so the public can better actively participate and interact with government in a constructive way, and be able to better understand the “public sphere” issues so citizens are more knowledgeable on important issues (referendums, amendments, public financing, etc.) when they go to the poles to vote for public official candidates and various proposals on the ballot, especially as it relates to public infrastructure and regulatory control of activities that impact the environment and the general welfare and health & safety of the public.
  5. UGLY.network is an organization to compile all that we, CGU Inc, as strong advocates of programs that activities that contribute to the common good and better of humanity and the planet, view as UGLY/MEAN and contrary to this “Common Good” principle and contrarily is focused primarily on continual lavish self aggrandizement and increasing individual wealth for themselves and a small percentage of the human population (e.g., 1%) in a highly disproportionate and generally detrimental manner in relation to the common good of humanity and the planet.



“You got to believe Bolie!!”; “The Big Tall Wish” episode, 1960, CBS, Twilight Zone, Rod Serling. Commentary and script lines: About young boy (son of boxer’s lady friend) encouraging his older boxer friend near the end of his boxing career to believe he can win that one big last fight that came in the twilight of his career. “If you don’t believe that ONE BIG WISH it likely will not come true!”.  “I guess the trouble is …. There’s not enough people around to believe….”; “You got to believe Bolie….”.

“The Day the Earth Stood Still”; 1951, 20th Century Fox, Harry Bates.  “Commentary and script lines: About humanoid alien visitors, Klaatu and his side kick robot, Gort, who came to earth to give the President a message during the peak years of nuclear arsenal proliferation that would affect all of humanity. The gift they gave POTUS was a message that simply said “to study life on the other planets”.  The earthlings were not that receptive to these aliens, who eventually packed up and got ready to depart back to their home planet, at which time they told POTUS just before departing as they were closing the spaceship’s hatches: “Join us and LIVE IN PEACE, or pursue your present course and FACE OBLITERATION”.

And then…. “The Day the Earth Stood Crazy“; 2016, FTF (Facebook-Twitter-FOX); GOP/RNC.  “Commentary and script lines: About Real Estate magnate, “It”, who had become a Reality TV “It”, and thereafter got nominated by the GOP/RNC as the party’s presidential nominee, which was then followed by foreign (Russian) manipulation of the USA election process through sophisticated high tech means, which was very conducive and effective means to convey to large swaths of the voting public through the Facebook platform via a lot of propaganda. “It” was the preferred candidate, and the RNC/GOP pronounced that “Its” competitor was a criminal and should be locked up; which was quickly received and reinforced by the “Fair and Balanced” FOX TV Network, which was quickly assigned as the number one advocate and surrogate for “It” up to and during the primary and general election, and thereafter to the present day, as “It” now serves gleefully as the Reality TV POTUS while dealing with gigantic national and international matters far exceeding “Its” limited capacity/capabilities. The aliens have now arrived again and gave POTUS “It” a message stating “You are not going to get elevated to King or dictator, and instead, you will be impeached and disgraced the world over, and the GOP/RNC will become extinct as minorities and women rise in power and influence in U.S. and the world as they work with allies from near and afar to create a more peaceful and sustainable world for the betterment of humanity and our Dear Earth”

…Next will come the REAL life “Stepford Wives” sequel, to bring all these women and minorities rising to power under control (through brainwashing or something?) by the dying breed of the RNC/GOP good ole boys, who don’t like seeing the women and minority percentages going up in public representation of government on a local, state and federal level. And POTUS “Its” followers keep getting scarier and scarier as they are being stirred up and prompted by “It” to arm up as the confederates are getting ready to re-litigate the civil war all over again as they try to stop the diversification and globalization of society and expansion of civil rights. And some of them who live among the white lily fields in their Christian neighborhoods, actually think that thinning of the herds naturally or unnaturally is actually a viable solution to purify society to fit the mold that aligns with narrow and self-centered desires and beliefs. Of course, those who are on the opposite end of this type of thinking, aren’t going to go out and arm themselves, because they mostly are peace loving individuals who just want to have a peaceful and orderly society that respects human and civil rights and advocate for more openness in society by being more receptive of all people regardless of their religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, origin, etc. So if the New Confederates come for a fight against the population that is not supportive of POTUS “It” and all the craziness that surrounds “It”, including the RNC/GOP, they aren’t going to get a fight, and it probably wouldn’t be wise for the New Confederates to mow the masses down with their trucks and guns, etc., because more than likely the U.S. military and the police forces will probably come to their senses, and arrest all these uncivilized citizens and make them attend lessons on the U.S. Constitution and the Nation’s history, to refresh their minds what we actually fought for in past wars, such as abolishing slavery, stopping nationalist/Nazis/dictators who were aggressively trying to take over and/or annihilate other societies, religions and nations.  And of course the GOPers are now saying that those of us who are advocating for income equality and the “common cause” and betterment of humanity and the planet are a bunch of socialists. It is the same ole BS, as they continue their practice of bamboozling  the masses into thinking they (the one percenters) know what is best for society and of course they want you to believe they have our best interest in mind as they capture more and more of the world’s wealth and resources and now are starting to reach for greater takeover of public lands, including mineral and agricultural rights, and the further privatization of public infrastructure so they can further shift the public expense (taxes, fees, etc.) side away from the corporate owners and the multi-millionaires/billionaires, while at the same time reaping profits from these takeovers from the public, as the 1%  fraction of the population steadily increases their share of global assets and income, as the lower half of society continues a downward spiral into poverty as their meager financial assets and income, drops below basic human subsistence levels for shelter, food and water, and far removed from any semblance of enjoyment in their daily lives.

… And then remember the quote from the 1976 film: “We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore!”  Network; 1976; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; United Artists; Paddy Chayefsky. Remember that movie?  This fictional story is about a major TV network news anchorman, Howard Beale, who comes unhinged when he finds out that he is slated to be fired in a couple of weeks. After Beale finds out he is a “short timer” at the network, he goes on a tirade during a live broadcast and tells the audience that he will be committing suicide live on TV the next week. Not surprisingly, after that episode, Beale’s boss, the president of the network news was going to fire Beale, but before he could, the network news ratings skyrocketed after Beale’s outburst and the upper echelon brass of the network then chose to exploit Beale’s antics rather than pulling him off the air. While the latter is going on, some internal politicking and staff envy begins to percolate, and then Beale’s boss gets approached by one of Beale’s highly ambitious competitors who wants to see less attention given to Beale’s nightly news program so the top brass (with Beale’s boss’s urging) could devote more time reviewing and hopefully approving the special program she had in the making. In the meantime Beale’s new broadcasts are getting more and more outrageous, and Beale’s boss starts having an affair with Beale’s network co-worker who is aspiring to take over the limelight from Beale with her new program. Things continue to get more complicated and convoluted, as Beale’s boss and his envious competitor get married, and Beale gets moved from the evening news hour over to a special news commentary program, where his rants escalate to the point that Beale is leading a live audience in a chant during the program shouting out “We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore!”  Beale then finds out that the network board of directors decided to sell the network to a Saudi Arabian conglomerate, after which he goes on air during his program shouting his opposition to the deal. The network corporate brass then start getting nervous that Beale’s ranting on the program is going to kill the deal, which they desperately needed because they were in financial straits. Matters even get worse for the network when Beale’s boss convinces him to end his populist messages and switch over to an “evangel” which included preaching sermons on dehumanization of society, which his television audience found depressing and so they stop watching him, and the network ratings then began to plummet.  At this point the network decides that the only solution to escape the dilemma they were in and pending financial doom was to hire a band of terrorists who were featured in an earlier docudrama series to shoot and kill Beale during one of his live broadcasts, which is what they did. After Beale’s live assassination broadcast on the network as viewed by tens of millions of people, the earlier docudrama series about the terrorists began airing again, and as the network was broadcasting the story of Beale’s untimely death, a voiceover during the program proclaims the film to be “the story of Howard Beale, the first known instance of a man who was killed because he had lousy ratings”. SO WHAT’S THE LESSON TO LEARN FROM THIS STORY AS WE ARE SHOUTING OUT OUR WINDOWS THAT “WE’RE AS MAD AS HELL, AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!”??  LET’S JUST HOPE THAT POTUS “It” IS NOT SUCCESSFUL AT ENDING “Its” DILEMMA AND LOUSY POLL RATINGS BY SENDING THE TROOPS (military, police and Bikers for POTUS  “It”) IN AN AGGRESSIVE FASHION AFTER US PATRIOTIC PEACEFUL CITIZENS WHO ARE MERELY WALKING, SINGING, CHANTING AND DOING THE PUPPET DANCE WHILE WEARING OUR “RUSSIAN NEFARIOUS COLLUSION” T-SHIRTS AND CAPS.

FINAL NOTE ON THE real RNC/GOP: They chose POTUS “It” through their nomination process and it was inevitable that eventually this poor excuse for a USA political party was going to choose an authoritarian oligarch.  The RNC/GOP HAS LITTLE TO DO WITH THE UNDERLYING PRINCIPLE OF HAVING A GOVERNMENT OF, BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE. The RNC/GOP has repeatedly demonstrated to us over many decades that they want a government that is of, by and for the corporations and the one percenters, which is an UGLY self centered/self serving network of corporate owners and their loyal allies of elected and appointed public officials and hard working/highly compensated lobbyist, who interchange between these three positions on a regular basis. The RNC/GOP owns POTUS “It” who exemplifies the primary principle driving the RNC/GOP: “THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS”.  You could say that the choosing of POTUS “It” by the RNC/GOP who nominated “It” and the eventual corrupt, manipulated and Russian colluded process that got “It” elected was the MEANS; and you can also say “It’s” the END, BECAUSE THIS WILL SURELY BE THE END OF THE RNC/GOP (get them micro-chipped), and what this party and the 30 to 35% of supporters of POTUS “It” will call themselves in the future is anyone’s guess, but likely it will be the NEW CONFEDERATES, which will surely be fine with Sen. Graham.



Leaky CRIMe Plants Polluting Our Public Drinking Water Supplies

PayPal Donation Link: https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=AHH32GGSRLEWJ


CRIMe plants cause decades- and century-long REAL insidious and steady contamination of natural water resources, such as freshwater, private and public groundwater (wells) and surface water (lakes) drinking water supply sources, including Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes system as a whole.  Thus another reason for calling them CRIME plants, is simply because what they have been, and are still doing at many locations under many laws REALLY constitutes multiple violations of local, state and federal laws as covered by local ordinances and state and federal statutes, of which there are many that deal with these type of crimes. What these leaky CRIME PLANTS are, and have been doing, is causing REAL negative impacts, not only to the environment, but also to the general welfare (property devaluations, etc.) and the health & safety of the public locally (e.g., Grand Rapids Metro*) and in the State (e.g., MI) and Region (e.g., Midwest/Great Lakes) – the latter highlighted here as the “POSTER” community, state and region where the CRIMe plant issue is prevalent. The criminals/perpetrators associated with the violations occurring at these leaky CRIMe plants are the OWNERS/OPERATORS of these plants, including those in their employ or contracted with this plants related to this misdeeds (esp. the licensed professionals who have sworn to the PUBLIC OATH – engineers, attorneys, etc.), and the elected and appointed public officials who have sworn to this same PUBLIC OATH of “protecting the general welfare and health & safety of the PUBLIC” as they are turning a blind eye and deaf ear to it all.

Citizens just have to accept these cold hard facts, and stop waiting around for the local, state and federal public officials and their agencies or the big powerful plaintiff attorneys to come to your rescue, because this JUST AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN!! The plaintiff attorneys aren’t coming soon to take your case on a contingency basis (only paid if they win) because the potential damages that might be awarded in court just don’t add up to enough to satisfy their wallets because you live in a neighborhood that is served by pubic water so you haven’t been drinking enough of the CRIMe plant’s nasty chemicals over the years, or been poisoned enough by some other means like excessive air toxics through the air (air permit violations) or from contaminated groundwater oozing into your basement or into the soils, ditches, creeks, etc. where your children play. And then proving that you or your loved ones have been afflicted with the onset of cancer some ten years later is always hard to predict and prove. And since you live in a low to medium income neighborhood, any devaluation in your property values will only amount to a day’s worth of pocket change for the rich/fancy plaintiff attorney who doesn’t work cheap.

SO YOUR ONLY HOPE IS THIS: YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS get together, and get involved with “REAP” (youREAPwhatyousow.org) and PACATO.org (Principled American Citizens and Allies Together to Orchestrate) and get out there and sample and test around these CRIMe plants and bring that incriminating evidence,  (while at the same time publicizing the issue) that I am sure you will find (fingerprint chemicals associated with plant), to the public elected and appointed officials/agencies, and tell them you want to see that the violating CRIMe plant be held accountable and that the plant ceases polluting the environment and the public and that they initiate corrective action immediately, including environmental remediation and upgrading their plant with appropriate environmental safeguards, and to cease operations until they do so. And if duly elected and appointed public officials and their agencies respond as they have so many times in the past with a deaf ear and a blind eye and they don’t pursue enforcement (e.g., Year 2000, MI AG and Governor and his DEQ: see attachments in youREAPwhatyousow.org) then you have no other choice, other than going the next step higher to the state and federal court system and file legal action against these public officials for CLEAR, UNDENIABLE AND ILLEGAL “BREACH OF PUBLIC DUTY”. You simply have to recognize that you and “we as a whole”, have so much stacked against us; i.e., we have a political system that funds, caters and works to elect these public officials that is flush with high paying, and highly networked lobbyists, who are typically former public elected or appointed officials, who work 24/7 for the wealthy CRIMe plant owners and their manufacturing/trade associations, and OEMs, etc. – original equipment manufacturers – GM, Ford, etc.).  So until we can truly get good public representation (i.e., “a government of, by and for the people” – perhaps with a few less hundred thousand connected self-serving attorneys and multi-millionaires/billionaires interwoven into these positions), all we can do is “take these matters into our own hands” in a law abiding manner according to our legal rights as `just described.

*Home of Secretary DeVos, the Amagram, Amdroids (multi-level pyramid marketing), self-righteous CRC and POTUS “Its” Midwest Headquarters (POTUS “It” has been there repeatedly, and was there on election night 2016, when “It” won/stole the election, and is due there again any day following “Its” sidekick AG’s Barr’s announcement after a quick review of Mueller report that “It” was exonerated on Russian collusion  but not on obstruction of justice, although “It” said “It” was exonerated on both (LIE), which certainly Special Prosecutor Mueller fully intended that Congress would look into further).              

*Also home of many CRIMe plants that have been there polluting the area and the public for going on a century, including chromium electroplaters, leather tanneries, paper/pulp mills (Muskegon) and a heavy concentration of other metal and surface finishers, including a whole assortment of electroplating plants plating various heavy metals, such as copper, nickel, zinc, etc. Great place to walk through a field of white lilies on your way with the flock to your favorite Christian church; but not so great if you’re among the dandelions and don’t follow the ways of the flock and congregate among the non CRC, non Christians, agnostics or atheists. 

Inter-Relationship: PACATO, PEWHASOP, UGLY & REAP (youREAPwhatyousow.org)

PayPal Donation Link: https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=AHH32GGSRLEWJ

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly



Pg 1: UGLY (Usurp, Greedy, Lackluster and Yearning for attention 24/7)



Pg 2: PEWHASOP.org: Protect Environment & general Welfare & Health And Safety Of Public

Pg 4: GoPP.global: People’s Party and PIE (Public Informational/Educational) Platform





You can decide for yourself, but as portrayed herein and elsewhere on affiliated web sites, The Good, the Bad and Ugly are PACATO, CRIMe plants and UGLY (Usurp, Greedy, Lackluster and Yearning for attn 24/7), respectively. PACATO is representing several affiliated web sites under CommonGoodUnited.org, including PEWHASOP.org (discussed herein), youREAPwhatVFGBVTMJVFRCDX yousow.org (REAP, Reality Environmental Action Proponents), People’s Party Platform (GoPP.global: also discussed herein) and UGLY.network.

PACATO (PACATO.org) are the good principled people who believe character (minimum Character 101) is important, and they seek out allies to collaborate with for the betterment of Humanity and the Planet.

The CRIMe plants (youREAPwhatyousow.org) are the “leaky” Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments who freely and illegally pollute the planet and it citizens for the maximization of profits at the expense and detriment to the health & safety and welfare of the public.

UGLY (Usurp, Greedy, Lackluster and Yearning for attention 24/7)

What the UGLY acronym stands for as previously given was unanimously agreed upon based on POTUS “It”.  More on this:

  1. The “U” is self explanatory, and pertains to how “It” got to be POTUS in the first place (Usurping via Russian collusion, etc.), and our only hope of getting rid of “It” is for a candidate to beat “It” in 2020, or for the U.S. Congress to perform its duty to the U.S. citizens by impeaching and convicting “it” for his many misdeeds. For “It”, “U” also stands for Ubiquitous, Uninspiring and just plain “UGLY right down to the bone” for this empty shell of a human being.
  2. Besides “Greed”, the “G” also stands for Glorified, which “It” fully expects now and is accustomed to before he stole the presidency as a “Reality TV” celebrity, while living a life then (and now) devoid of reality and human feelings. In “Its” Glibness, “It” continually insults:
    1. whole races, nations/nationals and religions (e.g., broad international U.S. Muslim ban; calling sovereign nations “sh_thole countries” related to U.S. policy on immigration );
    1. those with disabilities and other abnormalities;
    1. those with a physical appearance that does not meet UGLY.org’s limited unqualified qualifications criteria;
    1. those with an intelligence that does meet UGLY.org’s limited unqualified qualifications criteria;
    1. foreign nationals fleeing severe homeland persecution and deprivation by separating families as a part of policy strategy to discourage those desperate individuals and their families from seeking asylum;
    1. denigrating and downgrading war heroes, when alive and after death (Sen. McCain); etc.
  3. The “L” is self explanatory as evidenced by the many basic human qualities “It” Lacks as displayed constantly in a Loud and Ludicrous manner as displayed by the “U”, “G”, “L” and “Y”.
  4. The “Y” is for constantly Yearning for 24/7 attention and Glorification, which “It” expected during “Its” Reality TV years, which hasn’t changed much since “It” became POTUS.
  5. “Y” for the color Yellow, associated with cowards and a typical bully, and also the color of the UGLY.org logo which is translucent, with little substance.                                                                              

MOURNING FOR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS: We mourn and grieve for the tens of millions people migrating all over the globe, some dying by drowning or starvation, and getting separated from or losing their family members, as they strive just to survive and perhaps have a better life. We mourn the Chinese people engulfed in manmade pollution, making their air unbreathable and the water resources they depend on for drinking water laden with cancerous chemicals, which is a foretelling of what is to come here in the U.S. if leaky CRIMe plants are not held accountable and allowed to continue operating without needed environmental safeguards; which in effect, is continuously and insidiously degrading the quality of our natural water resources, and in particular the quality of our public water supply sources, like Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes, that together with Grand Rapids-MI-Metro/W MI, State of Michigan, U.S. Midwest/ Great Lakes Region, represent the REAP designated “Poster Community”, “Poster State”, “Poster U.S. Region” and “Poster World Nation” for an all out effort by concerned citizens to uncover, prosecute, demand corrective action/remediation of a century-long world/U.S. problem with leaky CRIMe plants.

MOURNING FOR ENVIRONMENT, ANIMALS AND FELLOW MAMMALS: We mourn the flora and fauna being stripped from the earth or dying or becoming extinct in the path of feeding the large appetite of the greedy and just for basic human subsistence for world population, especially all the fellow FL mammals and aquatic life passing in the blue/green and red tides of the after year – the breach was prevented by the government officials/breachers at Lake Okeechobee, and the deluge and drowning did not occur, but a zillion deaths of God’s creatures did. W MI fears the day the century old dams in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, will be torn down to unleash river toxins to the Big Lake/Lake Michigan.

PEWHASOP.org: Protect Environment & general Welfare & Health And Safety Of Public

GoPP.global, or the People’s Party and its associated Public Information/Educational (PIE) Platform was originally conceived as the PEWHASOP (“pew has op”), but was changed to GoPP (“Go People’s Party” for simplification and ease of memory purposes, and also because the People’s Party name was more appropriate. Nonetheless, it is still worth going over the aspects of the original name because of the very pertinent points that were made. Incidentally, the applicable website is called PEWHASOP.org.

People often associate “pew” with the Pew Research Center which is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world – it oftentimes can be a good resource for politicians and political parties to get a sense of the public’s current concerns about government and its leaders, and the everyday issues concerning citizens over a period of time. Without taking policy positions, Pew Research Center conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, content analysis and other data-driven social science research. Besides the latter, others commonly associate the word “pew” with church. With all that is going today, many get comfort in going to their  place of worship wherever and whatever it happens to be, where they sit in that pew if provided, or kneel, stand or sit on the ground; whatever is customary or suitable for the individual. Being at a place of worship gives citizens an opportunity to join their body, mind, and spirit along with their fellow human compatriots and seek out that which is “good for the betterment of humanity and the planet”

The “has” in PEWHASOP, reminds us what “has” been the fundamental basis for the centralized governmental structure of the United States since it first declared its fundamental foundation, the U.S. Constitution. It makes us long for what has been our roots in the USA, and a majority of us want to see it made whole again. Therefore, we shall all resolve as “has” been done in the past, that those who have perished in the past defending his/her country, shall not have died in vain, and we stand together and vow that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom once again going back to its core values as framed under the constitution, of having a government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE, which forever shall be our motto and our commitment forthwith so that we shall not perish from our blessed earth.”

So going back to PEWHASOP, we shall “operate” (abbreviated as “Op” or “Ops”) by this basic and simple core constitutional principle, and in conjunction with this guiding principle, we, the men and women of this nation shall join WITH OUR ALLIES FROM NEAR AND AFAR (primary mission of PACATO) to “operate” foremost in a fashion fiscally and advantageous to our citizens in a manner that PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT AND THE GENERAL WELFARE AND HEALTH & SAFETY OF THE PUBLIC. This is a high moral and ethical standard obligated by many professionals, such as engineers, attorneys, doctors and others (including PUBLIC OFFICIALS) who swear to an oath to comply with this basic principle, and those who lead and operate the government shall do no less, as they are obligated by law to do so.

Our citizens should be able to conduct their daily routines wherever they happen to be knowing that the environment around them is being protected, preserved and restored as needed, and that their surroundings in the public sphere and work place are such that their general welfare and health & safety has the needed safeguards to allow them to live in peace and harmony with their environment and their fellow men and women, and that their health & safety and general subsistence is there (including shelter) to allow them to survive and enjoy a reasonable amount of happiness and pleasure in their lives while minimizing any avoidable pain and suffering. These are all simple and basic principles based on the MUTUAL “RESPECT” AND LOVE OF OUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS AND THE ONE AND ONLY PLANET THAT WE PRESENTLY OCCUPY.  We are a People’s Party, and we are not a party devoted to the aggrandizement and maximization of the wealth of a small percentage (1 %) of our population at the detriment of the overall general welfare and health & safety of the public. We do not oppose the entrepreneurial spirit, which is a necessary fabric of our economy, but we simply advocate AGAINST THE CORPORATE STRATEGY OF MINIMIZING AND INADEQUATELY FUNDING BOTTOM-LINE CAPITAL AND OPERATING COSTS associated with PROTECTING the environment and WORKER HEALTH & SAFETY and the general welfare and health & safety of the public at the detriment to the workers and public to maximize profits and personal/individual/corporate wealth of the few. WE ARE DEVOTED TO THE PEOPLE and not the corporate mentality to minimize operating and capital costs while letting the environment and the internal pride,  respect, comfort and survival of the human race to be cast out to fend on their own against the forces of the capitalistic society and modernization and technical advancement of society moving rapidly towards an abundance of artificial intelligence and a consequential world of impoverished and depressed human beings suffering physically and mentally as the number of multi-millionaires and billionaires continues to grow. 

GoPP.global: People’s Party and PIE (Public Informational/Educational) Platform

So going back to GoPP and the People’s Party and PIE (Public Informational/Educational) Platform, recognize that clearly things are definitely “out of whack” to the extreme as never before seen in modern society. Priorities have to change in favor of the “common good of humanity and the planet”, with all its flora and fauna or we are all doomed – or at least our children and children’s children will be destined for pain and suffering and possible extinction.  And do not count on Mars or the outer space exploration to save us all (at best, it will be saving a small group of billionaires), and for God’s sake have some empathy for the most desperate and vulnerable members of society who do not know from day to day whether they will have food or water and shelter to survive.

Animals and plant life on land and in the sea are in severe stress in many places and in many ways (from global warming, pollution from chemicals, plastics, etc.), and species extinction rates are on the uptick. Animal habitats are dwindling and are becoming more and more inhabitable by many of our highly stress fellow mammals and on down the chain to coral reefs, etc.  Seeking sole isolation and preservation in disregard to the “whole” is not the answer, and totally disregards the common good of humanity and the planet, and is a solution that a soulless, shallow and hollow “It”/”excuse for a human being” would selfishly devise for the sole purpose of sole survival and living an extravagant and gluttonous life style. So, please join your friends, family, neighbors and others and start taking an active stance and role participating in the process in a civil and law abiding manner by taking measures that will have a “real” and lasting impact on reversing this terrible human life and planet destruction path we are presently on as we keep sliding towards the edge of the abyss.

Check out  and look at the goals and objectives of REAP (Reality Environmental Action Proponents) and do as it suggests. REAP will help you through the process if needed of coming up with a plan of action and hiring the environmental consultants and testing & sampling firms you will need to complete necessary sampling and testing of soils and groundwater surrounding a CRIMe (Chemically Real Intensive Mfg establishment) plant if you suspect they may be polluting the area. You need to do this if you think your neighborhood and community and environment is going unnoticed because you are in a neighborhood served by centralized public water, and consequently almost always receives little or no attention by public environmental and public health officials because your area has low priority because private individual domestic wells are not being polluted because the area does not depend on this type of water supply. So please, get with other neighbors in community (in a PACATO fashion) and organize and implement a contamination investigation involving sampling and testing of suspected contaminated soils, groundwater and surface water (open ditches and creeks, etc.) for your own sake and also for the “community as a whole” because the steady pollution from these CRIMe plants is degrading the quality of our natural water resources, including our public water supply sources, like Lake Michigan, and the whole Great Lakes system.

Also check out PACATO.org, and do as suggested, and form alliances with other individuals, neighborhood associations, nonprofit/nongovernmental advocacy organizations (NGOs), etc., to take more control of the destiny of yourself and your loved ones, rather than simply waiting for local, state and federal government officials to guard over you and come running to the rescue. You simply have to recognize that publicly elected officials have a lot on their plate, including their re-election (generally #1 priority and is often “all” consuming), and priorities may not always be directed at the general welfare and health & safety of your particular neighborhood and community. You, as a local citizen in your area, know your needs better than any outsider or public official who is assigned to numerous communities; and if you shove data in front of them that clearly demonstrates that those CRIMe plants near you have caused chemical contamination and are leaking like sieves, that cannot just walk away from it and ignore it, because that would be a clear UNLAWFUL BREACH OF PUBLIC DUTY if they did (= CRIME).

Also look at GoPP.global (People’s Party and Public Informational/educational Platform as related public concerns in general and the 2020 and other elections), which is a new public educational/informational organization whose primary purpose is to work for the betterment and common good of humanity and the planet. That’s the underlying principle of PP. Everything else related to PP stems from that. Let’s face it, if you have a lousy or declining environment, than life is not all that good for humans or the critters, and plant life; and which for the latter, we humans and many of the critters depend on for a food source. So therefore, a high priority should be given to make sure the environment does not go to hell, and then concentrate on what we humans need to live a reasonably safe, healthy and content life; which just is not possible if your environment is continually degrading.

So besides advocating and fulfilling the goal of protecting/preserving and restoring (as needed) the environment, recognize that there is another underlying principle of PP, which is the protection and preservation (and restoration as needed) of the general welfare and health & safety of the public. Unfortunately, profiteers are not going to do this for us on their own without a little prodding or encouragement. Who is being referred to here are, for example, BIG PHARMA, BIG AG, BIG PETROCHEMICAL, BIG OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers, like automotive, etc.) and hundreds of thousands of other different manufacturing sectors and businesses, which are all fine and good and are needed to advance society in some respects, including the modernization of technologies and new products, etc., that primarily occurs due to the demand of fulfilling human creature comforts, including cures of major diseases and building safer and more efficient products, etc. But we do not need, nor do we desire an aristocrat to achieve the latter, but rather we desire to have a centralized control center to manage and assist all these pieces to this worldly puzzle so the parts fit together with as few disfigured/sharp edges as possible (i.e., as applicable to humans just as much or more than for the inanimate parts – wouldn’t you think??).


So to the crux of the matter, PP advocates for achieving harmony and protection over society by taking measures to assure that the general welfare and health & safety of the public is watched out for by achieving, for example, the following in an overall effort to fulfill this end objective (this is part of a draft initial PIE platform- Public Informational/Educational – which is evolving and will be modified and expanded as comments and suggestions from PP members/supporters come in on GoPP.global). Through the PIE Platform, PP will elaborate and define in detail what exactly these following items consist of in terms of areas and demographics affected, and what problems exist and what are the potential solutions to address these problems/situations and challenges :

1.  Subsistence and shelter is a basic human right – i.e., all people have a basic right to daily food, water and shelter.

2.  All people have a basic right to health (physical and mental), medical, dental and vision care as needed, and perhaps this may be best achieved by a single payer system subsidized on an individual and as needed basis for all.

3.  We should all have the basic right to have daily safe drinking water and sanitary wastewater and solid waste disposal services wherever we are, whether at home, work, or elsewhere. The latter need should be obvious to everyone, because if you don’t do garbage, etc. virtually everywhere (esp. densely populated areas) you will have piles of waste, etc. all over the place, which makes for very unhealthy and unpleasant living conditions.

4.  We should all have the basic right to general public safety and security, which means having government provided public safety/police services and fire and emergency protection services should be available to everyone, which means that there has to be adequate staffing and facilities/equipment to achieve this in an equal and effective manner, including having adequate community public security lighting, neighborhood police patrols, etc.

5.  Social Security (SS) and Medicare (MC) for older citizens and the disabled should be funded forever in this nation (don’t kid yourself in thinking that there are not too many conservative politicians out there that would take all that away from you without public notice at a drop of a hat).


Our public infrastructure needs to be adequately upgraded and expanded in states and communities across the nation using the recommendations and guidance put forth annually by a comprehensive nationwide evaluation/report published by the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers).  PP will outline and discuss the pros and cons not only of SS and MC, but also privatization of various public infrastructure, and fully explain to the public what the potential impacts may be of the private sector taking over these systems in their ownership or operation because of the predictability of what profiteers will do under these circumstances, which is often scalp off bottom-line expenses related to public health & safety to increase profits at the detriment to the public, while at the same time jacking up the consumer/citizen fees for a less adequate and less safe service. In the past few decades, government funding has been more for the very visible infrastructure improvements, such as capital funding for highway projects (new and expanded highways, etc.), which is all good and needed in most cases; but the selection of these more visible capital public projects is often politically motivated, and at the same time, these same politicians advocating for transportation funding, have neglected the invisible public capital improvement projects that are needed, such as potable drinking water systems, wastewater systems and stormwater drainage systems buried below the ground that have become severely deteriorated, and have even collapsed in some communities requiring that major roads be shut down for emergency repairs. Examples of some of these infrastructure improvements needed are as follows (If all these projects are done and funded, many citizens will have opportunities to work):

1.  Public transportation systems, including airports, roadway and highway systems (including replacement of many unsafe bridges), pedestrian sidewalks/trails, bike lanes/trails, high speed and light rail systems for intra- and inter-community public transportation systems (big metro areas), and bus depots, bus lanes, etc. for other communities.

2.  Wastewater collection, transmission, treatment/reclamation/water reuse systems for all communities based on population density and suitability and availability of land space to achieve individual on-site treatment and disposal (septic tank systems); however, PP discourages the latter in favor of having land use planning requirements that better lends itself to having centralized public utility services in new developments (i.e., water, wastewater and stormwater) because septic tank systems have proven to be unreliable due to property owner maintenance neglect, etc., and consequently, these systems typically contribute to pollution of natural water resources no matter where they are. PP advocates that the government provide funding to replace failing septic tank systems located in neighborhoods across the nation that are multiple decades old, and typically have site conditions unsuitable for onsite disposal, and are causing unchecked major pollution to natural water resources.

3.  Public drinking water supply, treatment, storage and distribution systems in communities needed to supply safe drinking water to its citizens for all communities across the nation based on population density and the need for such systems due to the inadequacy or contamination of individual private domestic well systems; such systems to be used to fulfill multiple water demands in communities, such as that of residential, commercial and industrial development, and fire protection, lawn irrigation systems, process and cooling water, etc. PP will advocate for communities to have “integrated water systems” to the extent technologically feasible, and that there be government funding for such systems, whereby communities reuse treated stormwater and wastewater for non-potable/nondrinking water purposes, such as landscape irrigation, industrial/commercial process and cooling water, flushing of toilets, etc.; and whereby there shall be funding for  water capture and conservation measures to be employed by communities, such as collecting rainwater to be used for multiple purposes, such as landscape irrigation, and the design and construction of green technology/infrastructure systems, to be installed and utilized to store and treat rainfall runoff, such as rain gardens, pervious pavement, etc.

4.  Stormwater conveyance, storage and treatment systems, including the aforementioned items, as well as building major infrastructure systems for the purpose of separating combined stormwater and sanitary wastewater systems where they exist, which cause tremendous pollution to natural water resources due to combined system overflows which occur regularly during periods of heavy precipitation. And the repair/replacement/refurbishment of all the public water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure systems where so badly needed across the nation, especially in older, large metropolitan areas.

5.  Judicial correctional systems – updating, expansions, modifications and replacements where needed of facilities, with heavy emphasis on rehabilitation and decreasing recidivism.

NOTE: As said earlier, due to the obvious conflict of interests, and the likelihood that there would be mismanagement due to operation and maintenance cost shaving and increases in citizen service fees to maximize profits, the prior mentioned public infrastructure systems should not be privatized, but should remain publicly owned, managed and operated; and where they have been privatized, it should be reversed. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency needs to be restored to a truly environmental (not a corporate) protective agency and the U.S. needs to recommit to the Paris Global Climate Change Initiative.

6.  National energy grid system  – Expand, modify and improve in all aspects, with special emphasis on the decreased use of fossil fuels, and the increased use of renewable energy sources (wind, solar, etc.).

7.  Public lands and parks, including government owned national forests, coastal and riverine areas, and parks and monuments, should remain public, and the ownership and rights (mineral rights, etc.) should not be transferred or given to profiteers to exploit these lands for the purpose of individual or corporate financial gain at the expense and detriment to the public; and where this has been done in the past, it should be reversed back to public rights, ownership, management and operation. Additional public lands shall be purchased in the general  public interest and for the preservation of the nation’s natural features, and for the protection and preservation of animal and plant species habitats, including forests, historical monuments, and animal wildlife refuge areas. Government funding shall be given to interconnecting these public habitats across the nation, so animal wildlife may freely and naturally migrate. The government should severely limit and restrict the giving away of mineral rights to private corporate operators on publicly owned and protected lands, such as the petrochemical industry building such infrastructure on these lands, and allowing such corporations to install facilities across, under and over Native American Reservations in disregard to their well being and native historical customs (burial grounds, etc.) and general nationwide significance.

The U.S. Diplomatic agency needs to be restored and brought back to its full staffing capacity to allow diplomatic relations and communications to occur with nations across the globe; especially with our closest democratic allies in NATO, etc.  We understand we cannot serve all nations and people across the globe as we serve our own nation and citizens, but nevertheless, we should always attempt to be good global neighbors/partners. Which highlights again, that we have to fulfill the basic human needs and rights of our nation’s citizens as previously set forth. If American corporations are outsourcing all labor and supply contracts abroad, and all they are doing here is transferring money back and forth and counting their profits, they have to understand that the human able bodied population sitting here in the USA have to be taken care of, and they cannot sit back as well-to-do (wealthy = 1%) citizens and/or corporations and allow other citizens to be deprived of their basic human needs and rights (food, water, shelter, etc.) because these citizens are unable to find work, and thus, a means to support themselves and their loved ones. If our nation can help facilitate philanthropy in other nations in need, we should do so; and in some cases, we should also give direct foreign financial aid if it is in our nation’s overall best interest. And on the other extreme, we should not assist aristocratic, authoritarian/oligarchy type nations, and when they commit acts against humanity or against the sovereignty of our nation or others, we should retaliate as a minimum by imposing significant economic sanctions against them and strictly implement and enforce them until there is long-term demonstration of reform.

This is not the final PP PIE (Public Informational/Educational) Platform, but it is a beginning. There is much more to add, and certainly it will need revisions as more members of the PP participate in this process. The platform needs to spell out in detail how we are strong advocates of equal rights for all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs, etc.; and we should act on taking real steps to resolve the migration issue, especially for the Dreamers; yet on the other hand, we also need to recognize the need to protect our borders and allow foreign migration and the granting of asylum on a limited and controlled basis. And we are strong advocates of women’s reproductive rights; and strong advocates for gun control and safety and the limiting and control of assault type weapons.  So please join in and help the People’s Party and the People’s Party PIE Platform. And please pass the word about GoPP.global so public awareness and knowledge spreads on these many vitally important issues, and so there is maximum public participation in the process, so the public can go forward and be highly informed when speaking to publicly elected and appointed officials whether directly or in a public forum, and most importantly when casting votes on candidates and public proposals, amendments, etc.



“You got to believe Bolie!!”; “The Big Tall Wish” episode, 1960, CBS, Twilight Zone, Rod Serling. Commentary and script lines: About young boy (son of boxer’s lady friend) encouraging his older boxer friend near the end of his boxing career to believe he can win that one big last fight that came in the twilight of his career. “If you don’t believe that ONE BIG WISH it likely will not come true!”.  “I guess the trouble is …. There’s not enough people around to believe….”; “You got to believe Bolie….”.

“The Day the Earth Stood Still”; 1951, 20th Century Fox, Harry Bates.  “Commentary and script lines: About humanoid alien visitors, Klaatu and his side kick robot, Gort, who came to earth to give the President a message during the peak years of nuclear arsenal proliferation that would affect all of humanity. The gift they gave POTUS was a message that simply said “to study life on the other planets”.  The earthlings were not that receptive to these aliens, who eventually packed up and got ready to depart back to their home planet, at which time they told POTUS just before departing as they were closing the spaceship’s hatches: “Join us and LIVE IN PEACE, or pursue your present course and FACE OBLITERATION”.

And then…. “The Day the Earth Stood Crazy“; 2016, FTF (Facebook-Twitter-FOX); GOP/RNC.  “Commentary and script lines: About Real Estate magnate, “It”, who had become a Reality TV “It”, and thereafter got nominated by the GOP/RNC as the party’s presidential nominee, which was then followed by foreign (Russian) manipulation of the USA election process through sophisticated high tech means, which was very conducive and effective means to convey to large swaths of the voting public through the Facebook platform via a lot of propaganda. “It” was the preferred candidate, and the RNC/GOP pronounced that “Its” competitor was a criminal and should be locked up; which was quickly received and reinforced by the “Fair and Balanced” FOX TV Network, which was quickly assigned as the number one advocate and surrogate for “It” up to and during the primary and general election, and thereafter to the present day, as “It” now serves gleefully as the Reality TV POTUS while dealing with gigantic national and international matters far exceeding “Its” limited capacity/capabilities. The aliens have now arrived again and gave POTUS “It” a message stating “You are not going to get elevated to King or dictator, and instead, you will be impeached and disgraced the world over, and the GOP/RNC will become extinct as minorities and women rise in power and influence in U.S. and the world as they work with allies from near and afar to create a more peaceful and sustainable world for the betterment of humanity and our Dear Earth”

… And then remember the quote from the 1976 film: “We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore!”  Network; 1976; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; United Artists; Paddy Chayefsky. Remember that movie?  This fictional story is about a major TV network news anchorman, Howard Beale, who comes unhinged when he finds out that he is slated to be fired in a couple of weeks. After Beale finds out he is a “short timer” at the network, he goes on a tirade during a live broadcast and tells the audience that he will be committing suicide live on TV the next week. Not surprisingly, after that episode, Beale’s boss, the president of the network news was going to fire Beale, but before he could, the network news ratings skyrocketed after Beale’s outburst and the upper echelon brass of the network then chose to exploit Beale’s antics rather than pulling him off the air. While the latter is going on, some internal politicking and staff envy begins to percolate, and then Beale’s boss gets approached by one of Beale’s highly ambitious competitors who wants to see less attention given to Beale’s nightly news program so the top brass (with Beale’s boss’s urging) could devote more time reviewing and hopefully approving the special program she had in the making. In the meantime Beale’s new broadcasts are getting more and more outrageous, and Beale’s boss starts having an affair with Beale’s network co-worker who is aspiring to take over the limelight from Beale with her new program. Things continue to get more complicated and convoluted, as Beale’s boss and his envious competitor get married, and Beale gets moved from the evening news hour over to a special news commentary program, where his rants escalate to the point that Beale is leading a live audience in a chant during the program shouting out “We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore!”  Beale then finds out that the network board of directors decided to sell the network to a Saudi Arabian conglomerate, after which he goes on air during his program shouting his opposition to the deal. The network corporate brass then start getting nervous that Beale’s ranting on the program is going to kill the deal, which they desperately needed because they were in financial straits. Matters even get worse for the network when Beale’s boss convinces him to end his populist messages and switch over to an “evangel” which included preaching sermons on dehumanization of society, which his television audience found depressing and so they stop watching him, and the network ratings then began to plummet.  At this point the network decides that the only solution to escape the dilemma they were in and pending financial doom was to hire a band of terrorists who were featured in an earlier docudrama series to shoot and kill Beale during one of his live broadcasts, which is what they did. After Beale’s live assassination broadcast on the network as viewed by tens of millions of people, the earlier docudrama series about the terrorists began airing again, and as the network was broadcasting the story of Beale’s untimely death, a voiceover during the program proclaims the film to be “the story of Howard Beale, the first known instance of a man who was killed because he had lousy ratings”. SO WHAT’S THE LESSON TO LEARN FROM THIS STORY AS WE ARE SHOUTING OUT OUR WINDOWS THAT “WE’RE AS MAD AS HELL, AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!”??  LET’S JUST HOPE THAT POTUS “It” IS NOT SUCCESSFUL AT ENDING “Its” DILEMMA AND LOUSY POLL RATINGS BY SENDING THE TROOPS (military, police and Bikers for POTUS  “It”) IN AN AGGRESSIVE FASHION AFTER US PATRIOTIC PEACEFUL CITIZENS WHO ARE MERELY WALKING, SINGING, CHANTING AND DOING THE PUPPET DANCE WHILE WEARING OUR “RUSSIAN NEFARIOUS COLLUSION” T-SHIRTS AND CAPS.

FINAL NOTE ON THE real RNC/GOP: They chose POTUS “It” through their nomination process and it was inevitable that eventually this poor excuse for a USA political party was going to choose an authoritarian oligarch.  The RNC/GOP HAS LITTLE TO DO WITH THE UNDERLYING PRINCIPLE OF HAVING A GOVERNMENT OF, BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE. The RNC/GOP has repeatedly demonstrated to us over many decades that they want a government that is of, by and for the corporations and the one percenters, which is an UGLY self centered/self serving network of corporate owners and their loyal allies of elected and appointed public officials and hard working/highly compensated lobbyist, who interchange between these three positions on a regular basis. The RNC/GOP owns POTUS “It” who exemplifies the primary principle driving the RNC/GOP: “THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS”.  You could say that the choosing of POTUS “It” by the RNC/GOP who nominated “It” and the eventual corrupt, manipulated and Russian colluded process that got “It” elected was the MEANS; and you can also say “It’s” the END, BECAUSE THIS WILL SURELY BE THE END OF THE RNC/GOP (get them micro-chipped), and what this party and the 30 to 35% of supporters of POTUS “It” will call themselves in the future is anyone’s guess, but likely it will be the NEW CONFEDERATES, which will surely be fine with Sen. Graham.


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