Biden Must Prepare for 2024 “democracy saving” Emergency Executive Order

The likely 2024 US November general election scenario is becoming clearer by the day: In all likelihood there will be a close race for the US Presidency between Biden and Trump. Biden cannot, and must not, let the decision on who won the race be determined by MAGA GOP leaning and dominated SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) or the US Congress.  Just like in the 2000 election and the SCOTUS Bush v Gore decision that gave George W. Bush the Presidency over Al Gore in a disputed presidential race focused on the Florida election results, the same thing could happen again in 2024 if Biden wins a close election over Trump.

We all know based on the 2020 election (Big Steal/Big Lie), that if a close win occurs by Biden, Trump and the MAGA GOP will not concede in a democratic and civil manner. Ask yourself the question: If chaos and bedlam were to break out, as Trump has steadily promoted during his lunatic and demonic political career, don’t you think President Biden would be justified as the Commander in Chief (CiC) in declaring Martial Law in the form of an Emergency Executive Order (EO) in an attempt to restore order during an expected tumultuous time in our history rather than passively sitting back and hoping everything will get sorted out by the MAGA GOP controlled Congress and SCOTUS? For certain, the Democrats aren’t going to sit passively by if the election results favor Biden, and once again MAGA GOP shenanigans start up again, including by SCOTUS and Congress to somehow maliciously and falsely tip the race over to Trump. Simply put, the current President of the United States (POTUS), Joe Biden and his Department of Defense (DoD) have to be prepared for this likely chaotic event well in advance. That in itself is a good reason why Biden needs to run for a second term in order to keep POTUS continuity into 2025 while this Trump/MAGA GOP created mess gets sorted out. And certainly the reins of the Presidency cannot be turned over to Trump, the wannabe dictator, during these chaotic times while attempting to restore order and adherence to law and order and the US Constitution.

The big unknown in all of this, is how much did Trump infiltrate and contaminate the command of the DoD with MAGA GOP appointments to the US Military during his term of office? The other concern is how would the US Armed Forces of 1.4 million personnel handle an all out rebellion by the Trump MAGA GOP who far surpass that number, and are heavily armed because of the lax US gun laws, but certainly do not have the arsenal extent and technical level that could be deployed by the DoD? It should be noted, that the current US Armed Forces are down by about 40% compared to 1987, which is a good reason for the DoD to up their recruiting program ASAP. Regardless, if a significant armed MAGA GOP resisistance force was met by the US Armed Forces, things would get ugly, and civil war type death and destruction could occur in our streets and cities, impacting businesses, homes and many innocent bystanders, including families and children.

You could say this is all farfetched and this could never happen in the US, but think again what happened in pre-WW2 in Germany and Italy for example (Japan too). During that era, these countries had two extremist demagogues like Trump, including Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini who were promoting autocratic rule coupled with Nazism and Fascism. Both of these wannabe dictators at the time were skilled at propaganda, as they were espousing at rallies that all the ills and misfortunes of their societies were caused by designated scapegoats who they denigrated, such as the Jews for example, or any immigrants who they said were “poisoning the blood” of their superior race. Once these two demagogues came into government power, they attacked and even murdered their political opponents. Just like Trump has the MAGA GOP movement (Make America Great Again), Hitler had a “make Germany great again” program, after they suffered defeat in WW1 and had to give up prior conquered land areas and make other concessions as part of the war settlement imposed on them by the WW1 victors, called The Treaty of Versailles.

When political pundits say that the US is facing an existential threat in the name of Donald Trump and the MAGA GOP, it really is not an overstatement, but is real, and if Trump wins or steals a second presidential term in 2024, the US democracy could easily change to an autocracy in 2025, which is something that will be very difficult to reverse. It is well known that Trump is an extreme narcissist and is mostly out for his own personal gain in wealth and power. Based on some of the actions he has taken since his entry into the political arena (Jan 6, etc.), it is fair to say he is a psychopath who poses great danger to the US and world if he becomes the US President again.

If anyone stole the election, it was Trump in 2016 with the help of his Puppeteer, Putin of Russia. The Mueller Investigation and Report explained how that occurred, and then Trump appointed US AG Bill Barr downplayed/discredited and did not act on the Report, and neither did the US Congress. And don’t forget later Congress impeached Trump twice: first for attempting to Bribe the Ukraine President with US Military aid, and then a second time when Trump incited and orchestrated the Jan 6 Capitol Riot and Insurrection/Coup attempt. Of course for both of these historical and justified impeachments, the MAGA GOP US Senators acquitted Trump and did not remove him from office as they should have.

It is well known that Trump has a fraudulent history (e.g., Trump University), and he gravitates to and admires autocrats/dictators, such as Russia’s Putin, China’s Xi and N Korea’s Kim Jong-Un and others of their ilk. He has been indicted now on 91 felony criminal counts, including illegal hoarding of US classified documents, attempted US [and Georgia] election fraud/subversion/racketeering, inciting US Insurrection and attempted coup, and payment of bribery hush money to cover up two affairs during the 2016 election. Additionally, he has had numerous major civil lawsuits filed against him involving his NY nonprofit organization and Trump University (both forced to shut down), loan/taxes fraud on NY real estate, and sexual assault/character defamation. On the felony charges, it is difficult to say whether the trials will be completed before the Nov 2024 election, and if he is found guilty and gets a prison sentence, there is nothing in the Constitution that says a convicted felon cannot run for and hold the office of US President, which likely would be perfectly acceptable to the MAGA GOP.

Trump never holds back on what he says publicly, and makes it clear what his beliefs and intentions are, as for example:

  • Plans to be a “dictator” on day one of his second term.
  • Calls deceased Veterans, many who were injured or killed in past wars, “suckers and losers”.
  • Says he “could shoot someone on 5th Ave” and wouldn’t lose any voters.
  • Nazi Hitler talk: says “Immigrants poison our blood” and calls political opponents “vermin”.
  • Praises dictators, calling them “brilliant”, such as Putin, Xi, Kim Jong-Un, etc.
  • Calls for release of Jan 6th convicted criminals and calls them “hostages”, and promises to pardon them.
  • Says USA has the worst laws and wants to terminate the US Constitution.
  • Says Lincoln should have negotiated slavery to avoid Civil War.
  • Plans to “deconstruct” the federal government and go after all his opponents for retribution.
  • After Charlottesville, VA riot, said that white supremacists were “good people”.
  • Inflames and encourages violent acts by telling rally attendees to knock the hell out of political opponents, threatens election poll workers, and tells state and federal DOJ officials and their staff and judges, that if you go after him, later he/we (MAGA GOP) will go after you.

Come this fall 2024, there likely could be sound reasons for President Biden as CiC to issue and declare an Emergency Executive Order to save our US democracy. Whether he will plan for, and issue an EO if the need arises, remains to be seen. Just like our planet may be nearing a tipping point in a matter of years or decades related to Climate Change, our US democracy may be nearing a tipping point in a matter of months, which will require drastic and timely action by the leader of the free world, President Joe Biden. Such action by Biden is not something he needs to negotiate with the MAGA GOP extremists, just like Abe Lincoln who refused to negotiate with the Confederates on Constitutional violating acts of slavery that existed in southern states and was about to be expanded to other regions in US. We are at a time when drastic action needs to be taken in response to the drastic actions the Trump MAGA GOP have taken so far and in the near future to undermine our democracy, which we know will only get worse over time. Is this worth fighting for? Yes, absolutely it is. Just like the Civil War, we now have those (MAGA GOP) who want to violate the US Constitution and laws of the land to achieve their selfish aims and lust for more wealth and power, without any regard for the law and our Constitution or the common good of society.  There has been a reemergence of the Confederate way of thinking by the Trump MAGA GOP which needs to be dealt with accordingly in a protective manner to save the US democracy and Constitution just as Abe Lincoln chose to do back in the 1860S due to slavery and the attack on Fort Sumter by the Confederates that triggered the start of the Civil War, which was not even close to being as bad as the 2021 Jan 6 attack on the US Capitol perpetrated by the MAGA GOP as summarized below:

Casualties of Jan 6 2021 MAGA GOP US Capitol Attack versus Casualties of 1861 Confederate Attack of Ft Sumter in South Carolina that began the US Civil War:

  • 2021 Jan 6 Capitol Riot: 5 DIED, 138 INJURED
  • 1861 Ft Sumter Attack: Nobody injured or killed*

*Except days later after attack, 1 died and 3 were injured for US Union soldiers after cannon salute backfired when the Union was signaling they were evacuating the fort.

We all need to hope and pray that our federal government of, by and for the PEOPLE, according to the Constitution, and under the direction of our duly elected President, Joe Biden, will have the fortitude and courage to step forth and act swiftly when needed to preserve our democracy, freedom and Constitution, while at the same time protecting our nation and its citizens from potential harm by the MAGA GOP Insurrectionists/Confederates.  Americans should keep in mind, that US Citizens who favor a progressive (not radical) democracy that adheres to the Constitution and the rights and freedom given therein to all Americans, makes up a majority (60%) of the US population and economy (60% GNP), that far exceeds the population (40%) and economy (40% GNP) of the MAGA GOP supporters, who have been on a steady course to tear down the Constitution and our rights by extreme gerrymandering of congressional districts, voter suppression and voter purging targeting Democratic urban areas, and other repressive means. The original intent of our representative form of government as laid out by our founders, was to have a government of, by and for [a majority of] the PEOPLE, and not of, by and for the corporations or Constitutional/law breaking minority, MAGA GOP.

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